Let me spin the camera around and let you see there he hes, laying on the pumpkin blanket. Oh hes, a good baby, hes sleeping though anyway, there it is its a toy quadcopter and it has a couple of features on there like altitude, hold flips, headless mode, variable speed. You know the usual suspects so lets get it out of the box and check it out all right here. It is out of the box, and you see you got the transmitter here. Well, go with this first theres your take off land headless mode. What does that say on there flip yeah, flips, im sure the rates one of these will be the rates, maybe its this one. Who knows? Oh, no, there. It is right there, speed, plus minus, so its only two two speeds low and high, so yeah thats good theres, the batteries. It takes uh two aaa batteries, but you got to put that dang screw back in there, so thats. Why its in there, then you got the quadcopter itself. Now you get two batteries with it. Okay, so, and they go right in here right there like that now this is the non camera version. I didnt get the camera version. I got the non camera version right there. It is so i dont think this one has the no. I was looking for the little wi fi antenna sticking out of there, but no, they dont put it on there. I thought that maybe they would leave it in all the versions, but they dont anyway, so i prefer not to have the camera version, because you know the cameras on these things are usually terrible.

Right. Okay, so heres your extra battery and the batteries are 3.7 380s. So youre, probably looking at like six minutes or something, then you got a little bag of stuff here, which is the charger screwdriver prop guards and spare props and a manual so thats not going to be too too complicated. So what were going to do is were going to take it off in here, fly it around in the kitchen for a minute. Let you hear it and then well, take it out and fly it lets turn it on. There goes that so its bound up lets. Try the uh level calibration. Oh that just started saying i dont know: okay, so the lights stopped us. So maybe that did that because im not sure i did a the usual way and it didnt do it so well wing it. How about that rayne said beat it? Oh, let me back out the camera a little bit, so you can see it more all right so lets take off and try to figure it out. Thats. The flip button there um okay, so to take off on this thing. You just lift the stick up in the air. You just point the stick up. I was trying to get the motors to start and all that nothing would happen and i just pushed up on the stick and it just took off so thats what you do. Wow look how tight those flips are yeah, nice.

Let me turn the rate up on the speed here. Yeah that doesnt sound too good, though oh the cats range is gon na, go check it out now. Oh, my goodness. No big loss! Trust me! You know these toy quadcopters are basically indestructible. People do that crap all the time so lets see. If we can take off again believe me that that crash sounded a lot worse than it was okay, so thats it lets see. If this button works for the landing because it wouldnt take off when i hit it yeah it did. It works for the landing okay. So lets just charge it up and take it out and fly it around. All right guys were out here with the air drone one the cc e air drone one and there it is its a beauty, its a classic so were gon na fly. This thing around a little bit and see uh see how it works out. Oh thats, the one you push up on id forgotten that already now. This thing only has two rates. Wow look at it go. Wow flies great wow. It is raining a little bit so were out here in the rain. All right so lets do a flip. Flips are great. Lets do another one another one. I already started to lose the mind there. I felt it. You know that when you move the stick and nothing happens, okay, so you dont want to get too far away with this thing, but the rain its raining pretty good.

Actually, let me see if i can get this thing sitting still, because its wandering around a little bit here hold on Music. Okay, there it goes. I got the yeah, its nice and quiet too, so i got it in the height. The second rate. Theres the speeds are theyre high and low thats. All you get okay, you just get two, but it does fly real nice. This is great for the kids right here. The rain is picking picking up considerably so im not gon na be able to fly right now. Im gon na have to pack it in after this flight because i was going to fly the phoeni mini over to that building over there that i think theyre going to be tearing down yeah all right guys. This thing flies uh, spectacularly, okay, awesome, awesome, flyer, look! Wow, fantastic, fantastic, yes, the rain is definitely picking up a lot here, so were going to be heading out. Music. This thing is extremely Music, okay, so at least i got to find two really nice ones today, the air night, without a knight and yeah the air drone one wow does this thing: fly nice holy cow, Music, oh yeah! This thing is smooth Music, Music, smooth and glass. Look at that thing! Wow! You see raindrops all over it there, but you know its not its, not hurting nothing, its indestructible! Oh yeah! This is a fun little toy here, wow great stuff. Oh, i almost hit myself with that one, so im just riding out the battery guys.

I know the batterys gon na take a dump here, any second im counting on it, because this rains getting harder. I will put the flight time in for you like. I always do the air drone one Music, its like air force, one yeah, its real quiet, too. Okay, there goes the lights. The warning lights are flashing, that its gon na that the batterys cramping out here ill try a flip Music, nope, okay, so im gon na try to get maximum maximum flight time for you, but im sure itll be crapping out any second. Now you got to remember these toy quadcopters whenever youre in the low battery condition like we are now your best to keep them close to you, because if you start getting too far away, they will start acting weird when they, the batterys real low, sometimes theyll go Out of the range real, quick and stuff like that, and then you all for you dont want to just to land, because you know i dont know whats going to happen here. You know i dont know if its just going to slowly land if its just going to drop out of the sky. So then you dont know whats going to happen. Then youre best off just keeping it close like this until uh until that uh the battery craps out so but uh. The flight time on here was pretty good. I mean for a toy, i mean its still flying its just letting you know that the batterys going low so get it back to you close yeah air drone, one.

Ah there it goes all right, great great stuff, wow air drone, one very impressed very impressive toy.