AUTEL EVO LITE PLUS. Review a FONDO. El MAS completo en su categoría . 40 minutos, 6K y 12 Km

Por nosotros que est out el y ball. Little plus ya. Veis que aqu tenemos los tres completos de la gama out el out el y hbo2 out el pvot little y el out el ivo nano little plus nano plus ya, lo sabis el nano plus ya, lo habis visto en el canal, ya, […]

FPV Worry Free is Better Than KOTKING. FPV Drone waterproof coating – kotking vs worry free – Review

And so yeah i mean good job man, good job im, really pleased with that. I was going into this kind of expecting. This was just gon na, be like another knock off like you know, not really any better than coat king or any different, but this is definitely different from coat king and […]

BetaFPV Cetus Pro Micro Racing Drone Review

You get a really nice hard carry case and everything you need fits inside. You get the drone, a transmitter, usb charger, two batteries, some spare props, a charging, cable and an fpv headset. I was sent an additional four batteries for a total of six and i highly recommend buying extra batteries. So your […]

Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) – The Review – PART 1

This is my review of the autel evil light plus now i do have a lot of autel evos in front of me, because i want to tell you the lineage how we got up to this little evo light over here so way back in the year 2018. Remember this baby: this was the […]

Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) – The Review – PART 3

Next, let me show you how good the evil light plus can take videos at night, Music start recording Music. Now i do indeed love that landing assist light. It is super bright and it looks like aliens coming down alright. So here we are filming at night and this is filming in standard mode. […]

Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) – The Review – PART 2

Next, let me show you some photo examples, but first let me show you the camera settings. These are the current photo modes available, but more are on the way with a future firmware update, photo resolution is important and if you are a photographer youre going to use the 547.2 times 3648 3×2 resolution, […]

✅ Drones: Best Drones2022 (Buying Guide)

Amazingly, drones can tackle everything from disease control to vacuuming up ocean waste even to delivering pizza. Nowadays, drones are also widely used by both amateur and professional photographers because they can reach areas and shoot from angles that regular cameras, cant. That brings in a new perspective, to your photography and filmmaking. You can […]


I havent tried kakao at all: havent used them in draft either, so im actually quite excited to see how he is this year. Hes got 91 pace: 92 dribbling 86, shooting 88 passing with his 73 physicals as well. Hes a six foot, one player with high medial work, crates, five star skill moves […]

VA 1000 drone review👍👍💯💯

You know so, as always white light means is the front and the red means its back. Always you know so this is the controller it came with okay, so you can see its connecting to the drone and now its connected. So this one is you cant do it manually, so you actually have […]

Voyage Aeronautics VA 2080 micro foldable drone.

I got this at walmart and i got it for 20 bucks. I think it was like 19.99, but 20 um. I havent opened it yet ive had it for a while. I went through the holidays and uh just kept it closed so lets uh lets take a look at this thing and see […]

REVIEW POWERVISION S1 Gimbal Hape Smartphone – by Arya Dega

This gambarnya pakai iPhone mungkin kepada, Andre juga, ada wireless charger, sudah saya coba, where settingnya nih, ya teman teman wireless charging, kita coba, nih, tempel, aja, gitu, enggak, ada, harinya, lain dulu, kali, ya, sebentar, Hai, nah, tuh, lampunya, nyala, sekarang, ya, pasang, Dewa19, ini, bisa, untuk wireless Charging cuman Tidak ada magnetnya, mungkin […]


The house, lord will be doing, is going back this week and were going to film dave feeding with the pals and were also going to give it a review at the end of the video and get further phil and kind of what her thoughts are on. The machine, but we liked what we […]