Whether youre here to turn your passion into profit or you simply fly for fun, were a community of learners and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness. We are hey everyone and welcome to another. Informative episode of ask drone you my name is paul. My name is rob super glad that you are hanging with us today appreciate you spending a few minutes askdronu.com for your question, definitely throw in those questions at askdroneyou.com, very interesting question today, uh about firmwares and i got to say rob. I am so grateful to hear people who have listened to the show for as long as this guy has and followed direction and hes found it absolutely successful. Yeah thats cool, and that is awesome, but its also awesome, because in this particular case it takes dedication and habits and routines to actually be able to follow this particular advice, meaning his drones not connecting to the internet or his app doesnt isnt allowed to gather data From the internet whatsoever, so um im really excited about this particular one all right well dig in. We have a sponsor today, um. I would say that today our sponsor is robs bald head welcome to a world of efficiency. You know why, because you dont have to do your hair in the morning. Alright, i digress right on hey guys. This is sanford from illinois been a listener since the beginning, paul many moons ago, in the early days of the p4p version one you had taken the position that you would not recommend updating the firmware for many reasons, including security stability and feature removal.

So i have followed that advice and have had no issues except the database update reminder. My question is: has your position changed and should i leave my p4a version, one as is, or should i update it to the most current firmware thanks? Thank you. Sanford appreciate it very much, thank you for listening from the beginning, wow thats, really humbling and awesome and very appreciated, so hopefully youve gotten some nuggets over the years. Humble indeed, rob, if you remember our old indeed sayings right there well fitting, for this particular show in question fitting in indeed, anyway, Laughter uh, i have to say thank you uh for listening to the show, as long as you have as well. In addition, like i said, it takes a lot of perseverance to keep your drone on the original firmware and turn off data to your phone or to the app as a whole. So that way, it doesnt try to force a firmware upgrade, which has happened, um and so mad props to you, dude like seriously well done made it a long ways. I wonder if he uses an eye touch or a crystal sky or something yeah, because that makes it a whole lot easier to have that older firmware. Now i would recommend to him that he doesnt change the firmware. I think that the new firmwares have done nothing but play daddy, even more so by slowing down gains by removing certain features. If many of you remember uh, and this isnt on the phantom.

This is on the mavic 2 enterprise duel, but uh the but dji just broke supreme court law by removing a feature on the drone. What do they remove? Isotherms, its gonzo um and so uh? They are. They might be in serious trouble, although i believe its probably an infringement lawsuit from flear as to why they did that. But that said this is all speculation i dont know. Look, i dont know okay um, but with all that said, i would say: stick with your current firmware, because if you did want to hack your drone to remove no fly zones from dji djis geo zone 1.0 or 2.0 uh, it is the easiest to hack your Drone for increased features when youre on that original firmware, especially if you use drone hacks or any of the other likes because uh long and the short of it is, is that look that reminder to update the aircraft zone. That is no big deal. Just keep hitting ignore and youll be 100 and totally fine um, and i would say i dont think that theres really any benefit of updating the firmware. Now, for you, people who have already been updating your firmware, youre kind of screwed, because youre already in the firmware updating realm, and that means youre going to have to continue updating firmware by the way. Did you notice that he said he has a p4a? That was the best phantom ever made absolute best phantom ever made ivan another one.

We had the very last one dji made in the united states. If you remember that, because we got it from dji nyc and uh last one that was it it died. Is it at the bottom of a lake somewhere? No, no, no um its its actually right over there, its its one of those thats over to your right over his right shoulder. Can we at least fly it just with no camera? We can fly it with no camera yeah. If you remember, the gimbal went out on that drone yeah, so probably hanging right over there, maybe or something um that actually yep um but uh. Just so. You know too um. Thank you again for calling in. But if you ever do want to hack the aircraft, you have to go back to that original firmware to do it so youre kind of already in the best place possible. I dont really see value in updating the aircraft uh. I i really dont and im sure dji would be like, but dont you want them to have the most up to date, airspace maps and im, like your airspace maps, are not government mandated airspace maps. They are your interpretation of airspace and no thats. What i would say you can use an app for that anyways huh yeah by the way googles new uh. What is it called open sky, which i always struggle with the name, because i have a credit card? Name: open sky.

I think um yep its called open sky um. It is a killer app, it is the best damn flight app i have ever seen, and i am not surprised that google just like crushed it just like boom and its free and its free yeah. I know you a sidekick you might have to start paying for ads for us to keep promoting you anyway. That was just a joke. Uh, but long story short is uh yeah. I see no value in updating his drone. Maybe update your flight app uh to look at airspace, not through dji, to get a better uh understanding of exactly where you are in airspace, because huh droneyou and i believe that every pilot should be aware of how to safely access airspace. So indeed, all right, which is why you should take the trust program if youre, a recreational or hobby pilot this well, this show is brought to you by the faas trust program. Take your trust, exam at faa trust, thedronu.com and get your recreational certificate to fly right.