We are hey everyone and welcome to another interesting episode of ask drone you thanks for joining us today, and thank you for joining us, as always as it is our goal at drone you to help you build confidence and build the skills to pay the bills because 107 is just the first stepping stone you got to do so much more to build a scalable and successful drone business and we like to help people do that because it is true freedom and independence. But anyway, as always, my name is paul and, as always, my name is rob hasnt changed glad that youre with us super happy to be hanging out with you and very grateful that youre hanging out with us ask droneyou.com for your questions. I know weve been limited on bombshells rob, but uh. One bombshell is that we just met a guy on the field named bob and the callers today. His name is rob and youre rob so im. Getting really confusing. Three bobs dont make a right what so anyway, but anyway, im very excited to be here, as always, were just gon na get right in todays question, which is all about flying in the rain and uh. What happens if you are flying, and then it starts to rain uh? What do you do to take care of your drone to make sure that you dont have further damage to that aircraft and also were going to go over some things to look for if it is kind of on the precipice of raining? There is a very important indicator that you should be aware of to ensure that youre gon na have a safe flight and no im not talking about the battery test or the third rule of takeoff im talking about something a little bit more advanced and frankly, when It comes to thinking about 107.

It blows my mind that uh we dont have more questions on this particular indicator, but it just goes to show 107. its your stepping stone right, its its just your first kind of heres, your business license congrats go make it happen right, so we are were trying To make it happen, for you guys absolutely hello, paul and rob my name is rob also from lafourche drone services. I got a question uh. This happened to me the other day and i dont remember hearing about this in any previous podcast weather was nice outside. I was flying, i was doing some mapping and all of a sudden it started to drizzle. So i immediately shut it down. Uh landed, but my unit, which was the phantom 4 pro. It did get a little wet and i basically brought it inside and – and i wasnt quite sure what to do turn it upside down. It wasnt it wasnt engulfed in the rain, or anything like that, because there was only a light drizzle but uh in a situation like that. What should you do appreciate the podcast really good information there thanks fellas appreciate you rob and uh yeah. Thank you for taking the time to go to astronomy.com and ask your question. As is often the case, i think uh certainly paul can answer that question or we can answer the question about what to do, but maybe go a little deeper on some of the issues surrounding rain and flying in the rain and predicting rain, and all that kind Of stuff, and so just to clarify the context here, this rob was at our most recent mapping class, which i actually forgot to mention to you.

We have another client who wants to book a private mapping class. I totally forgot about that and long story short. Is he was at our mapping class and we had some rain and he was asking me uh. What do you do when it rains – and i told him to flip the drone over and leave it out and let it dry off, but to add more context to that. I think its a really good idea to add like a microfiber cloth below the gimbal. Just so that if water does drip off of it, it doesnt drip into any parts of the aircraft itself or on one of those sensors, and so when it comes to, if you do end up flying in those conditions, you do want to bring the aircraft down. I recommend wiping it off. You got to be really careful, though, to not uh, you know, spread the water into areas that may cause further damage yeah, which is why we say you know turn the drone over and that way if water does come its falling out of the drone. But you know with the phantom in his particular case and that gimbal, i think its a good idea to add that microfiber cloth below the gimbal sure what about the air spray. So i, the air spray im not really sure, would help in this particular context. The blowing the air through the motors and the gimbal motors is really more for dust right uh in dirt, not really for water per se um.

I would be hesitant to recommend anyone do that for fear of blowing water further up into it or something yeah. Now that said, this brings up a very important issue: uh, if you are flying – and it looks like its the precipice of rain, one important indicator that you should be aware of. Is the temperature dew point spread? Is it within five degrees, and why does this matter? Well, if the temperature dew point spread is very close together. Well, obviously, youre going to get rain, but what youre also going to get is a buildup of moisture below the props and, as that happens well, the drone has to take more amperage and more power to spin that prop faster to acquire the same amount of lift And oftentimes, if you get a motor over spin warning its typically because the aircraft is having to work too hard to produce the same amount of lift. If you continue the flight well, you could have a catastrophic accident so its important to know that that also typically will cause an environment of fog, and i know a lot of pilots love flying in fog, but it is absolutely one of the most dangerous places to Fly if we havent learned that from manned aviation crashes, like what happened in the last few years, not to mention the three miles of visibility, right, bingo, so important, bingo rob yeah. I couldnt agree more with that particular sentiment that said uh when the aircraft you know does get uh you know, does get that wet.

Well, you got to dry it off now. One more tip i want to give you is, if its just drizzling and youre doing a mapping mission in a lot of the mapping applications, you can change the orientation of the aircraft as its doing the mapping mission so that you can fly in reverse to keep The camera lens free of debris and water interesting. One thing that came to mind i was wondering about – is, if youre specifically talking about a phantom, its got sort of that top lid right mm. Hmm and i think that comes off relatively easily a couple of two screens 16., i think its 16 lets see – i mean anyways. Is it worth taking that off uh? I know i dont think so. No, i do not think its necessary all right. No, if youve got a hot dry room, because hes in louisiana so thats hard to find dry right, it is yeah. I mean its gon na take a while for that yeah its its gon na get moldy before it dries out. Not careful ugh mold is such a very real problem. Anyways i do too. I do too um anyways its. I would say you know dry it out uh. If you do wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, i would say steer clear of the motors. Let those dry out on their own also be careful. You dont wipe water into any of your sensors, especially those ultrasonic sensors, and do let it dry out for at least a day 24 hours upside down, and i would put a cloth at the very top of that.

Gimbal well top of the gimbal. But when its upside down its on the bottom um but long story short, is, i think, thats the best course of action. But this brings up a really important point because, like the m200 m210, those are like all ip. I think 46. I dont know if thats correct ip46 rated for weather and i have to say ive seen phantoms perform way better in inclement weather, so its a bulletproof aircraft. You know dji built their entire brand on that thing, and you know people need to remember that as to why its so so successful so anyway, goes back to you know bob over here thered be a lot better photos on a nice large sensor. You know with adjustable aperture and 4k 60 video, but hey you. Do you right, thats, exactly right, thats us creatives. We are all different and you know what the more the merrier and honestly, the more unique we are. Fantastic everyones got a different style yeah. I like absolutely, and he seemed pretty uh, pretty confident in his perspective, which i think is awesome, yeah and obviously hes willing to learn hes out there learning every day, 100 and at the end of the day, if youre getting paid for your work – and you continue To get paid for your work, then your systems working at least through whatever iteration of that system that you have so yeah. It can always be better thats right, but nonetheless thats right.

Thank you again for joining us today on this a very short show and rob thanks again for joining us here at flight mastery and at mapping class quick reminder that we are going to have an experience training in november, the first two weeks of november, and if You want to spend some time hanging out with us and you want to learn, and you want to be well kind of thrown in the tank and complete a drone job and have to actually present those deliverables and materials before you leave be graded on it. I think its going to be one of those trainings that you absolutely do not want to miss so its going up on the website here shortly, but uh. This is kind of like our mini fly in a lot of people have asked me for this and were finally doing it. So yeah whats that well the the experience training does the mini fly in its yeah. I think i caught a lot more than that thats. Why i make that sound yeah, but its gon na be awesome? Well, for those of us for those people who know us im just trying to kind of give them a comparables, got it like a sense of what to expect from the week yeah its like a mini flying except you never leave the site because youre staying on Site and youre, going through multiple days of training before being tested and then youre being graded on your tests and then were having cara, teach her sales and autonomy class to easily scale your business in person uh for two days, and you can actually attend that class.

Separate of the experience, training, um and i have to say, ladies and gentlemen, she is so brilliant. She is unbelievably brilliant and this these systems are a game. Changer doesnt really illustrate its a paradigm shift in the convenience of running your company yeah im doing what shes teaching like im im doing it, because its so good im excited to sit through it yeah seriously. So you wont want to miss that check those out on our events page. They will be up shortly, but thats gon na do it for us today.