Music, hey, guys, welcome to road a ride today, we're gon na see if a drone can chase an arrow how'd. You miss the barn it's, huge Applause. Firefighters, pull eight foot boa constrictor from claremont residents. There are not only venomous snakes out here. They'Re also boa constrictors, you're freaking out yeah you'll be fine he's from texas. I can't believe he's scared of a little rattler, never not in the everglades to be fair but like we are in the boonies one bite from rattlesnakes enough venom to kill 20 grown men. 20 men one bite: yes, how many alex's you think you could kill like 40, then you have tpv yeah. This is kind of a good spot to fly. Do you like rip it out here, yeah it's? Actually, the best are you hanging out or you just yeah yeah yeah i'm, going to okay cool cool, hey one of them's, trying to scare the rattlesnakes rattlesnakes yeah. Should he be worried, yeah tell them to be terrified. Yeah. Have you ever seen one that i've never seen you know? Could you tell them that you've only lost one friend sure just one Music, all right so i'm setting up everything on the osmo action, it's, actually capable of up to 240 frames per second? I think that would make for the most killer shot if we had it filming in slow motion, but before we jump straight to that, i think we're gon na go with a 4k at 60 frames per second.

The other thing we're going to do is pop on an nd filter, because it is a super bright day with the md filter. We'Ve got a nice blurry background, so we're able to see the arrow crisply. So the fpv setup i'm running in here is the dji system, with the kx vista, if it's in a really tight narrow frame so we're, starting to see the hd systems get even smaller, now, we're being able to put it in these compact machines, which go even Faster perform even better for coming from racing. Everything happens very, very fast or moving through five by five foot gates at 85 90 miles an hour. So this is a moving object in open air. How hard can it be right, there's, no one! I trust more to do the most difficult of shots. Do i think we'll chase it? Oh yeah, have you met the pilot once we can figure out how fast this arrow's going to be going? If we can get that timed right, it'd probably take about three four tries, although annoying us at rotor ride, it's gon na take us all day. So so we don't know exactly how fast these arrows are. Gon na be flying. We'Re gon na try and figure that out we've got a radar gun here. That'Ll tell us uh what kind of speeds we need to hit with the drones. If we actually want to be able to chase these things, it says 57 that's, pretty fast dude.

You can chase a 57 mile an hour target. Yes, i can Music 263's 261s and a 57 average is exactly 61.. So our five inch drones on for self assault and 6l go anywhere from about 60 to 80 miles per hour, sometimes a bit faster. That was good 80 miles an hour. That was not. I was half throttle. That was only half here. Let me do a full throttle. 103. got ta be at least three miles an hour off right because we're not supposed to go over 100 miles an hour, it's a thing: there's. Definitely a margin of error in this, so you're, probably only going like 99.5 miles an hour right. I think so. I think he's, probably 99.. This grass line is our threshold. You do not cross this threshold if someone else is holding the bow and you don't draw the bow if anyone is across this threshold. Basically, the idea is arrows should only fire that way, and there should never be anyone that way if there's any potential for an arrow to be fired, so just trying to keep everything as safe as possible. Do you know where the throttle is going to be to hold 60, because i mean we're pretty consistently 60 miles an hour on the arrow, but i think at about 40 power is where i'm going to need to be ready. I'Ll tell you when i'll just tell you when to go, go i can't even think i got ta release later yeah i can't.

Even can i set this on high quality mode? Maybe, and that will help me see better, okay. Well, you were way behind. I think i need to release it right when you get next to me, because i don't think you're going to catch that i'm in high quality mode. Please, oh i saw i saw it. I saw it yeah, you can't even see it i was. I was on it every single time i just between us. I don't think it's that cool, but let me try and go frame by frame let's see if we can even see this thing yeah, i don't see it at all. I saw the arrow in my goggles. I can't i mean that's the target i can't even see it. Do i just go to that grassy area. Instead, yeah we can try the grassy area. Go. Let'S go go for it all right, so we're still having trouble getting the arrow in frame. I think the biggest issue is timing. Alex is thinking that it's more like a speed issue, so he increased the camera angle even more so they can go faster. So if i was chasing a very slow moving object, you lower the camera angle, the faster you have to fly the more you have to tilt the drone forward, because that we don't want our camera looking straight down at the ground. So we have to angle it up like this in order to be able to chase the moving object Music, so he's got his higher camera angle and we're also going to try having me tell sean when to fire so that adding a third person to the equation Will somehow reduce error, fire i'm that's in frame for sure there we go see that's what i'm saying sooner.

I think the timing was good. I think that's it fire. Now there we go there, we go there, we go there, we go there, we go. That was a good one. Oh there now you can see it yep it's going up, see, i think more camera angles more camera angle, holy crap, because it's going on a frame that is an insane amount of angle, we're, definitely going to want that high frame rate too we're going to try Some high frame rate now, because it's just happening so fast we've raised the frame rate up to 240 that's limiting our resolution to 1080, but with that high frame rate it's going to allow us to slow down the shot and get more out of it, we did Have to compensate for the change in exposure, though, because with that higher frame rate, you can't run the same shutter speed. We were before so now. Our shutter speed i've locked it at 1, 500 of a second, and i did have to go to a lighter nd. So now we're just hit nd4 iso is locked at 100. It should be the most beautiful shot ever yeah we're, just gon na go crazy, it's kind of crazy while he's not looking that's a lot maddie that's the sharp angle right let's. Just do it more. Did you give it enough? No, you let's, just just try it all right: i'm, ready ready, i'm ready. Okay, did you hit record on the camera, alex yeah uh? No, no landing Music Applause, Music, it can't, it'll, it's, gon na be a juicy flake you're gon na you're gon na lose sight of it it's one of the top of it Applause.

That was awesome. Oh my god, the best shot, oh, my god there. It is there, it is. Oh my gosh you got ta do that again holy crap okay, because i want to see him fire like you got ta not lose it just. Can you fly the first time physics work? I said you're either going to a get the launch and miss the rest of it or you're, going to miss the launch and get the rest of it it's physically impossible, because the moment you roll you're gon na look at the ground that's. My point because i was with you yeah – oh my god, yeah good job. That was amazing. All right, i think that's about as good as it's going to get good job good job. That was sick. You know what that's i was probably a pessimist beforehand. I didn't think it looked cool. I think it looks cooler than i thought. I'Ll say after seeing alex do it. I don't think i could do it. I was thinking i could do it if i had to, but alex would have a better chance of pulling it off now. I'Ve actually seen it happen and how many tries it took. I don't, i don't, think there's too many people in the world that could even chase that that's intense it's like such a small target and it's moving so fast. I think we underestimated how difficult it would be and i'm glad we brought alex.