Music. Do i have something here for you? How do you like that intro huh, that was pretty cool huh its like the last shot of the drone like music wise? I went for the transformers choice mainly because im such a huge transformers fan, but also because this drone looks like your freaking transformers. It is like a stealth airplane transformer that comes swooping in Applause, Music, Applause, Music, one of the most awaited drones. Ever i think you know, i remember when i bought my first mavic pro and how exciting that drone was and then the mavic 2 pro was released and i was like you know, im probably gon na wait for three to be released so that i can get Some really nice upgrades and i waited and i waited and i waited, and now i can say that we do have some really nice upgrades. We also got to talk about this bag, because this is the bag that the drone comes with and the best part about this bag. Is that not only does it feel extremely premium, it looks premium as well, its not just a carrying bag, because you have a here, so you can turn this into a batch pack. That is genius, dji come on, and this thing is probably my favorite. The first thing that youll notice is that it has a bit of a new design. It doesnt really look the same as the old mavics in a way because you have a couple of air vents on the side and air vents up top theres one in front, and they have a couple of new cameras as well.

But when it comes to size and weight its actually a little bit lighter than the mavic 2 pro and about the same size, i wouldnt say that theres any huge difference. But you can definitely feel that it feels more premium and more well built and more solid than the mavic 2 pro the arms feel very like responsive, and it feels like theres, no small, tiny spot where the arm is like glue. How do you say that in english is we just say, theres a tiny little flap in between and the battery slides right in here in the back, compared to the other drones, where you put it on top and talking about the battery in this, you can get Up to like 45 minutes of flight time and uh during the one and a half month that i have flown this drone, i can say that it definitely lives up to the specs, its also equipped with sensors in the front and in the back and in the Bottom as well – and these were in a way so that you get 360 coverage of where your drone is flying, so you dont have to worry about lateral, stuff or downward stuff or upward stuff. The version that i got here is the cine version, and this is the most high end version that the drone will come in and its also going to provide you with the best quality of video that you could possibly get out of.

Mavic 3. and one of the things that ive liked with the latest couple of drones is that they have on board memory card or an on board ssd. But this bad boy has a one terabyte ssd on board, so you dont have to think about bringing in memory cards or anything like that. You can just set it up start flying recording something that i would have loved, though, is if you didnt, have to power on the actual aircraft to be able to transfer the files, and i will say that transferring around 100 to 200 gigabytes takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes so its not super fast, but its pretty quick. When the drone is flying, you can definitely see that there has been some improvements made to the propellers because they are slightly angled outwards. I dont know why, but i think it has something to do with stability, and it definitely makes the drone look more angry than the previous iterations. But the main thing is, of course, the new dual camera setup. The camera that theyre using is from sweden, or at least the brand, is and the real way to pronounce it is hasselblad, and the quality in this thing is insane. I was extremely surprised when i find this during a very early morning, because no previous drones that ive flown have been able to go above iso 800. But these shots that im showing you right now are shot at iso 3200 and a little bit of noise reduction thrown in there, but they are totally usable and looks extremely extremely good.

The sensor in this thing, together with apple prores format and 10 bit 422. You also do have a half inch sensor here up top, but i cant say that the image quality is anything to brag about. I think it looks okay, but nothing more, but you do get the like 27 times zoom, which is kind of cool. I guess, but its not something that i would use in any of my videos, because the image degradation is kind of hard when you go up that high one of the things that impresses me with the main camera unit, though, is how good it keeps the details Off your shots, because shooting straight down towards trees has been something that has always been a little bit mushy when it comes to drones. But with this it is gone like it keeps all the details super clean. Can you hear that the hum is way like lower than whats with r2s see that the new sticks are so incredibly responsive compared to the old ones? Wow Applause? This is the old smart controller and you can see that the sticks are a little bit thicker, but you can also see where it goes back into place. The new one, though, is much more responsive because its much more smooth and looking at the fpv drone, you can see that this controller has the same kind of responsiveness as the smart controller. So its definitely a step up from this to this and then now.

Ultimately, this you might ask yourself right now: well, what is the cena version going to cost me? Well, its going to be an expensive beast because its going to come in at 4999 us dollars, which is insane but then again, if you think about it, theres no drones out there with a micro, four third sensor: apple prores, codec format, together with a smart controller And three batteries: 45 minutes of flight time, a variable aperture nd filters in the box, together with a premium bag in the kit – and this is not a hobby drone. In my opinion, this is something that you buy if youre working with filmmaking and if you want to have the absolute best quality possible in a drone this size. If youre interested in a comparison between the air 2s and the mavic 3, then its going to be live on my vlog channel pretty soon, but im going to drop a link down below. If you want to check it out, dont forget to subscribe id love to know. What do you think about the mavic 3? Do you think its good? Do you think its bad? Do you think its cool? Do you think its uh ugly with the dual front camera? I dont know drop comment down below, so i can hear your opinion because its always the most fun part reading through the comments are like. Oh, i dont know, but thank you so much for watching. We hope that you enjoyed this video and, if you did, please do give it a thumbs up and dont forget to follow me on instagram and subscribe all that good stuff huh im.