I havent been able to do much lately so im going to throw a video together. Today, for those people who are just getting in to flying drones and in particular, the sea fly faith 2, which is a fantastic drone, its a well priced its built well, its strong, its got lots of features and its a drone. I highly recommend so im going to show you how we set it up, how it comes, how we set it up and how we prepare it for flight and what we need to do so without waiting any further. My name is derek dont. Forget, if you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe, because that will really help me produce more of these videos. So thanks again, so so, Music, okay, so here it is. This – is the sea fly faith ii which i actually acquired through rc? Going which i highly recommend theyre, very, very good and competitively priced and their service is very good, and their delivery was extremely good, so i highly recommend them. So this is how it comes. It does have a cardboard box around it that you can keep keep it in and also a plastic case um. I store this in a different container, so at the moment its just in the polystyrene, but basically this is how it comes and we will take out the drone here and you can see very, very sized well and here we can see we have one battery two Batteries a battery charger, and in here we have the controller put down there and thats, really it youll have some cables as well, which i have stored in another location at the moment.

But the first thing to do with the controller is attach the joysticks. When you get it actually, the joysticks already attached, but ive actually attached a little bracket on the back. So it allows me to attach it to my mounting bike and that takes a little bit more space in the container so to get it in the container. I need to remove the joysticks, but there is a another advantage in these joysticks. Is that um? If they ever break, you can replace them, which is a really good thing. Ive had in the past, where ive broken one and had to get a whole new controller, which is an absolute pain, especially the time you have to wait to get one, so we screw them on and thats the controller, pretty much ready to go. So, first of all the batteries, this is how they come. They come with a charger so simply to charge. We have some connections there connections there. We slide that on to the charging base. We connect the charging base via the usb cable to your power point. It comes with the the product and then that will charge and when it charges it will show you a green light on the back, and you can see that particular battery, showing you the chart that theres only one green light left, so that battery is pretty much Well flat and as it charges up, the green lights will grow up until four green lights when its fully charged im not going to use this battery because its almost flat so lets have a look at the next one.

And we press that, and you can see there – weve got pretty much three and a half three and a half lights so that that that battery is is good to go. So all we need to do. Firstly before we do anything is install the battery. Its quite simple weve got a connection here. We just put the battery in push it closed until it clicks and thats the battery in ready to go, and that is the back of the drone. The front of the drone is quite easy to recognize is because it has the lights on the front, and the first thing you also have to do is you have to remove the gimbal cover? Okay, so its very important, we remember to move that gimbal cover once we remove that gimbal cover when we do start powering this on. For the first time, we need to leave it for at least 30 seconds so that that gimbal can calibrate itself all right. So we have the drone. What well do now is well open up the open up, the the arms, the control arms one, two, three four and theyre basically ready to go very simple, very easy, so the battery it does take about five hours to charge from dead flat. So it takes a long time, so i highly recommend having a second or third battery, but the benefit of this particular drone is that the battery will last a flight time of around 35 minutes, which is extraordinary for a drone of this price 35 minutes.

So with two batteries, which is what i have i get over an hours worth of flight time, which is generally pretty good, so so very good. I recommend two possibly three batteries but thats the drone on the controller side of things. This is the controller. You would also Music when you open up your antennas, like this youll see that there is a usb connection in here as well. Uh. You connect that to your powerpoint um. You will get lights that come on. You will see the lights there that show you the level of charge. Again, four lights is fully charged. One light is on its almost dead, so you can see that that is pretty fairly well charged up. Uh you plug that in and then you will see it as its charging. Those lights will turn on as it charges up further until you get full four solid, green lights and then you know its fully charged and ready to go so at the moment, this controller is ready to go right now, which is fantastic uh. Just looking at the controller, you have a little switch here, its called the gps switch. If you have it in the gps mode, which is off to the right side this side here, it will search for gps signals and acquire them. If you have it in the other mode, which really is the indoor mode, i would call it um, then it wont be looking for gps signals and when youre in the indoor mode, youll have a red light.

Come up over this side if youre in the gps mode youll have a green light, come up on this side im indoors at the moment, so ill probably use the indoor mode. So when i do turn it on, we should get the red light. We have our joysticks, which feel very nice, very easy to use very sensitive, which are really good. We have over here the power on off button over here we have the return to home button and then we on the back side. We have the button for taking photographs, and this side is the button for taking videos. So its a very simple controller, theres, not too much you can go wrong. The only other thing that you need to know about is the arms that open up. This is to hold either your iphone or your samsung or your smartphone, and you can put it in there and has arms over here that open up to hold it in in place. I use an android which ill be showing you in a minute, so thats really the controller, and that controller is ready to go. The um drone is ready to go and lets move on to the next stage. Okay, so the next point that we need to do is we need to download the c fly app. Now, with your documentation that you get with your new c fly, there will be a barcode that you can zoom in on and that will actually take you to the download site for the for the app um and then just go ahead and download it.

And in here you will see ive got my youve got my uh c fly faith app just here which, if i click on it, takes you into this screen here, and this screen here basically says um df 808, not connected. It gives you some safety information here. Just go okay to that and down here it says: wi fi connection errors, because it has not yet connected to wi fi. So probably we should start powering things up in a moment so that we can connect to wi fi and then. But if you dont want to connect to wi fi – and you just want to have a look at the interface, you can go into interface overview and that will connect to it and allow you to have a look at some of the settings without actually being connected. But im actually going to go in and connect directly to the drone, which is just beneath us here and ill show you how that goes. So here we go okay, so the first thing we need to do is switch on the drone simply by pressing the button at the back here. It beeps and well get some lights flashing. The second thing we need to do is power. On the controller, just hold it down until the four lights go on, which is your your battery indication and over here the red lights come on to show you that were in indoor mode. At the moment, whats happening right now is youll.

Have a blue light flashing, which we can see there um that blue light is now trying to connect to the controller when it act is actually connected to the controller. It will start flashing, green okay. Now we can see that the light has turned green. It is flashing, green and if we were in the um outdoor mode in the gps mode by via the by the switch down here um, it would then try to be locking on to your gps. And you would have your blue lights flashing. Underneath the rear arms and then once it has connected to enough gps modes, it will turn solid green. In this instance. It will not turn solid green because we are in indoor mode. So we have connected. We are ready, ready to go um now, but before we do, we need to connect wirelessly and ill show you how we do that so im in my phone at the moment, ive gone into my wi fi settings um down here. What were looking for is a mode which is called ground dash, 2e8004 or similar to that that will then, if we click on that, we are now connecting to the controller via wi fi. It says its checking the quality and then it says connected without internet, which is absolutely exactly what we want. We can get back out of this now we can go back into our app and now we just wait for a second okay.

It says in here it says: uh flight equipment bound successfully. Im sorry were on an uh sideways here, but when we go into the actual app itll actually twist around the other way, this is just the the way it starts off at it says were connecting we go. Okay, it gives you some safety warnings. We go okay and we are now connected. It says here connected up in this corner here and over here it says, start flying so we hit start flying. We are now in the mode and we can see the vision we have from the drone camera. This is the picture from the drone in here were ready were ready to go um. Okay, so lets have a look at this um. We have over here the home button. We have the gps signal to tell us how many gpss we connect to, and in this case there is no gps. This goes to an indoor mode. It tells us the battery level of the drone in the green bar. It says ready to go in altitude mode, which is not gps mode. Altitude mode is indoor mode, so its basically happy to go with with everything it tells us our height, our distance. It tells us um down here we can go into. It tells us as a little map here a google map where its uh itll actually show you youre. Actually, gps gps coordinates and we have an automatic takeoff button here, which is automatic takeoff and automatic landing.

We press that, and it will fire up and automatically raise to about probably about two meters. I wont use that indoors and thats also for landing too, so you can press that and it will also land underneath. That is really the home button, which is this one here, the home button and thats return to home. So if youre flying out a large distance and you lose control or the battery goes flat or whatever happens, you hit that and it will automatically return to home and land pretty much close on to where it took off. From the only thing you need to be aware of is that this drone does not have obstacle avoidance, so you need to make sure there are no trees between you and the drone. This drone does have a flight distance of three to five kilometers. They quote five kilometers um im, pretty confident it can do three: three and a half kilometers ive, never taken it past three and a half but um its been very reliable and i havent lost connection at three kilometers, so its its its very, very good. In regards to its connectivity, both from the cameras perspective and from the controllers perspective, okay over here in this box, here we have some other settings we can go into. We can go into beginner mode, which basically puts height limits on it. It puts it. It means that you can only go within a 30 meter radius point and the speed of the aircraft will be slow.

You can set the height limit, obviously, theres laws around height limit and the maximum height is 120 meters. When you first get this itll be set to 30. ive got mine, set to the highest at 120.. Down the bottom. Youve got speed mode. I have it in the normal mode, which is a good mode for pretty much everything. Youve got sport mode where the drone will fly a lot faster and you have cmo which is slow mode. So, if youre taking some slow, video footage, slow mode is pretty good as well. If youre in s mode, youll have trouble taking video images. So if you want to take good video and photographs, youre better off being in the end mode, here we go down a bit further. We have aircraft and app binding. You can see that its bound, the green light is on and if we need to do a calibration, theres, a horizontal calibration and a compass calibration. If i clicked on compass calibration, basically it will itll, do it straight away and when its done itll tell you its done with the horizontal calibration itll tell you to pick up the drone um turn it while its horizontal turn it a full 360 degrees. Itll tell you when its calibrated and then itll tell you to turn it on its end and do another 360 degrees in the vertical position, and it will tell you when its calibrated and then pretty much youre youre ready to start flying.

We also have battery, which tells us the the voltage and the percentage. We also have here a low power alarm which tells us that when your your battery is going low Music, it will give you a warning on your screen and youll know you need to bring it back. You can set that ive got it set at 10. At the moment, um whats happening there is because we havent done anything. The the draw is about to turn itself off so lets just have a look. Okay, this screen here is um. We go down, we go into version information and this will tell you the application of version. The flight control version, the relay version, remote control version, image version and firmware version. So you need to check all of those and you may need to update your firmware uh to get the very latest drivers and controls. So we hit return well get out of that now and we can go into our next setting, which is the item down here, and here we can adjust all of the settings. We can adjust the video resolution you can see at the moment in green. It says 4k 30 frames per second, as the default we do have. The choice of 2.7 1080 and 720 60 frames per minute exposure. We can set the exposure. I just have that set on the default values, but if were in a very very dark day, we can actually increase the exposure to get more light into the into the video.

We can adjust the white balance, but most times youll probably never need to adjust the white balance theres some other things you can put video water marks on. If you want a date and time stamp on the video which i dont use same with a photo watermark and down here rather than video, you can actually set the you can actually set the um. The the photo resolution. Ive got it set to 520 by 3840, which is uh 4k um, your iso again um the the speed you can set it to default, which i do or you can set it manually. If you need to you can set the the view you can either have it wide view, medium view or narrow view. You can actually change the scene mode if you want whether you its flash its night, whether its sports, whether its landscape, portrait or sunset, to make things a bit easier to get the best results, and you can even put effect modes on it, such as art, sepia, Negative black and white vivid 70s film theres a whole range of settings in there. So you can see all the camera settings are all highly adjustable back to the main screen. We have a little bar here that little bar is a zoom bar. You can see. I can zoom in or zoom out which works in flight um. This top one here is whether youre in video mode or photographic mode, to start whatever mode youre in you simply press the red button and off we go.

If you want to look at the photographs that youve actually taken, there is a button down there that will take you into the the screen that, where youve taken them so thats pretty much it so lets just i want to fire up the drone. I simply pull both arms back Music and, if i dont do anything, it will mentally turn itself off very safe thing. There you go Music there. It is. We just took off what i will do now is um move outside to give you some more visuals. Okay, so ive moved outside and ive just switched over to gps mode and im going to start the camera recording now. So we are actually now recording well fire up the drone. Oh well, weve got. We have five gps signals at the moment. Its actually still acquiring two cases we need, probably ten, so i might just leave it for a minute until weve got a little bit more gps, um coverage. Okay, so ive changed it to gps mode, youll notice on the drone. If you can see it there, the light has gotten solid green, which means i have enough satellite signals, apparently its seven, its a bit lower than what id like it to be, but it is what it is. Ive got the camera set um so now. Well simply, um well take off Music, my hey Music! It is very windy out here this afternoon, so theres a bit of movement but its not too bad, considering the amount of wind Music.

Now i can over the angle of the camera Music. This is a wheel on the left hand side here i can rotate the camera down or up Music Music Music. Here we are Music, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, ah Music, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, well, thats me playing around with all that movement, its not hovering, im, im, moving it backwards and forwards, and sideways Music, small courtyard lots of wind, but im still managing to Control it so well go in well land Music. Here we are well thats, it um. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you found it very useful again. Thank you for watching um. I will finish off now with just some some videos ive taken from the drone. Just in free flight um, i hope you enjoyed ill put a little bit of music with it and again thank you for visiting my channel. Thank you for thumbs up and thank you for subscribing. If you do – and i really appreciate your time looking at these and supporting me – and i look forward to the next time but in the meantime enjoy the footage – thank you again: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, my Music Laughter, so Music. So, Music Laughter, Music do Music.