This is the affordable and foldable rc quadrocopter safe life is too high. Speed make you feel, excited three axis: gimbal 4k, sony camera and five kilometer range. It looks pretty good night time flying wow it’s beautiful drown like a hellcat, the brushless motor, with more power and the double performance, and here we go. This is the size display of this c52rc drone high speed make you feel excited. This is the carrying bag of this drone phone, and this is the real camera result of this drone. This is faith 2, foldable rc quadcopter with 3 axis movable, gimbal, camera wow, it’s. Amazing drone 4k 30 fps video recording and iso and brightness up to 5 level. Wind resistance, gps positioning system, wow 3 axis brushless gimbal, the performance of gimbal is really nice. Maximum 5 kilometers fpv transmission distance and follow me function on this drone. The drone will automatically follows you, Music and sport mode on this drone. Also waypoint flight system. You can say the trajectory flight system, the maximum flight time of this drone is 35 minutes and it’s available in multiple colors in the market.