Today we are going to make a very important video here on the channel. Regarding the update of the c fly, Faith 2 Drone and they are firmware updates and they will make the improvements and corrections of problems that your Drone may possibly present. in all the information that is being given here do not skip and these videos, Because it is Important that you know every procedure that will be covered, ok and other details do this procedure at risk, because if by chance there is any problem, I cannot be responsible for this. But if you follow all the steps that are being shown here in this video, a great chance of a child works out. Ok, guys, we combine like this. Oh ok, right away. I ll ask you to separate two things. Ok, First of all, you have to separate a data box USB cable. Ok, it has to be a data cable, because the cable that comes in the Drone does not carry data.. Okay, then you you will need a data cable. Another thing you will need is a computer: ok, because this procedure can only be done by the computer, ok guys so without delay. I ask you to turn on the Drone and the radio. Ok, I left it turned on and lets now follow here. Some instructions on the Drone app screen So guys now lets follow here in the Drone app. I ask you to pair everything up, not just the Drone app the radio all right linked in and the app is this one that you are seeing c fly.

2. Ok notice that the application is giving some messages on the screen. Ok, the first message Here: it is saying that there is an update for this drone. Briefly, ok and there is a link – and this link is a download link for Firmware update files. Ok, so you will need to copy this link that is shown here in the application. Ok, if you cant copy the link that is here, take a look nothing in the description of this video that Ill leave the link there Ready for you to copy and paste later. Ok. So, looking at the screen Ill confirm here. Ok, its saying here that the equipment is all connected. Everything is ok, its giving you some information to be careful with Drone which propellers Im going to give here and its here again its saying that this link to be copied is copied and pasted to your computers. Browser well see it later Ill. Give. What here, ok – and I will click here on Start – Fly, Ok, but be careful not to click here on anything that will compromise your Drone to give automatic take off so as not to connect ideas is not to start the engines, and everything else is ok. I will go first, click on these three dots that you are seeing here: ok and look here guys and on the part here where I have this part of maintenance, part screwdriver and key this other key here I have version information, Ok, Im going to click here.

Just to check the version of it is already installed here on this Drone. Ok, I have this Viao here. Look at f808 version, 4.2. Ok after we update the Drone, we will compare with this information to see if everything has been changed.. Ok, So Ill check. The information here – ok, everythings right here regarding the Firmware, Ok guys this link – you saw here in the application, youll copy it and paste it in your browser. Ok, Firefox, internet explorer and Chrome anyway. Right use your preferred browser. So, look here on the screen: Ive prepared the link here, its all right. The link here is already in hand Im going to copy it. What am I going to do Im going to enter your browser here and Im going to paste this link here? Is the download link Okay Im going to copy paste Im going to enter? It already asks me to download the files here? Ok, as I did, .zip firmware, Okay, so Ill cancel it here, because Ive already done this download and saved it here in this folder. Okay. So since the file is already here, Im going to compress this file, Okay Ill, give it here, extract it here: okay, and it will extract in this folder. Okay. So now guys, hes already done the extraction of the files, its important that you do. The next one go here in flight control version upgrade okay And in here, youll find this little track.

Oh okay, Ill double click on it here. Ok – And you will find this executable here – download ver, 1.14. Ok! So now guys, what are you going to do? Pay attention now that it is very important? Ok, ok, turn off the drone. Ok, If you have turned it off, go turn off the drone. Ok, this is the first step Turned off. The Drone will remove the battery. Ok will remove the battery from the Drone i removed the battery from the drone. Ok, the drone is out of the battery. Ok note these details, ok and once the drone without the battery. I will go here: o click download and once everything is turned off, I will click on the right here on this executable download, ver 1.14 and I will run as administrator. Ok, it will appear this small screen here for you, its all here in chinese Ill. Just change it here to in english: ok, to make it easier a little bit more here. My side is ok, so notice that it has already changed all the information to English. Ok, Now that you have loaded this screen here, ok, What are you going to do? Note that here there is a button called load. Fire. Ok, Ill click here, ok! Well, it will open this small screen here because it is asking me: where is the signature file? Ok, you are going to come here now in slide. Control version upgrade. Ok, you will click here in flight control version, ok, And you will find it here – o df80.

8V. 4.. 3. Ok guys! This is the binary Hello here is the binary file that updates your Drone. So once selected here I will click on Open, ok and when I opened it notice it up here that all the way is everything from here. Ok, you will click here in download. Ok once explained here in download, it appears here. Another button changes the name to Stop. Ok. What are you going to do now? Pay attention? Ok, you will get on your way data its good that youve already separated theres the mini usb path. Ok, Im going to stick a point here in the Drone. Ok, its very simple this here: ok, dont, close the screen thats here: ok, note that this screen cant be closed, ok and once done, and the Drone inspectors now stick the other account on your computer Ill, put mine here, a Ah ok and thats it here. Its already skewered note that here, a progress bar appeared here: ok, note that its green dont touch the USB cable dont unplug, the USB cable at this time, which is very important if the cable is unplugged. Theres, a big chance, everything goes wrong, so use a quality. Cable. five wait for this Progress here until the end is ok and right after here the installation of the Wire is not observed in this progress bar, it will change color. It will turn yellow. Ok, so here it is already in 99. Without it was completed.

Do not remove the cable and wait for it to turn yellow ok, note that it was here in yellow, ok, download, sleeps without percent, So everything, ok, so update was done successfully that Drone. Now that you need to do it down here, you give Stop. Ok me Im going to close the screen And Im going to leave a place for my aircraft from the USB cable, See how easy it is to update the Drone now lets take a look at the app again, so we can compare aviation that was shown right. The version previous with the new version that was installed now, folks, that we entered here in the application note that theres a different message here, guys its asking to do one more update, ok, its putting it now, weve done it, and the signature now hes asking here To do another update that corresponds to another update of improvements here from the Drone. Okay, so well repeat the same procedure: okay, youll get this link here on the screen copy it transfer. This link to your computer is ok And lets repeat the update procedure. Again. Remember. Remember that there are two different updates that are appearing here. The first one was related to the Drones signature, and this one is saying that its image right, see image right., be something corresponding to the Drones camera. I cant tell you now exactly what this update is. Ok, I know we are now going to do a second update of this Drone.

Ok, so lets repeat the procedure again, I will, and this link will take it to mine computer and lets download this file for us to install it on the Drone. Ok mine already. I advanced the download here. I already downloaded this file here on my computer, ok and notice that it sees m this file here, separate Ore. What will you do you go from compress it here on your computer, okay, once extracted, you will see this part here O to do underline image in good okay, and what will you do the guys you go in here? Look at this other folder, and you will find this other binary here. O Drone SW update score guys. Now the procedure is a little different from what we did in the first step. For this, you will need a memory card, ok to be able to copy this file paste it here into the memory card, and once this is done, you will put the memory card into the Drone and turn the Drone on and wait for about. Two minutes lets see how this is in practice. First Ill put it here, Im going to prepare my memory card; Ok Ill put it here on the computer, ok And then everything is ok, ok, Ill even erase the contents here of whatever is on the memory card. Ok, leave the memory card ory without any file. Ok deadline, one having any kind of problem. Ok, then memory card here empty.

Ok, i already did the extraction of the file here. Ok, Drone underline fw update. Bia Im going to copy this file from control c or you come up here, Ill copy it And now you go there on the memory card, and you put it ok And youre going to paste this vinario in here. Ok, so itll do it here its there. This whole year transfer the copy of the binary to the memory card. Ok and once copied this file. Ok, Now it has already been copied. An important personal step is yes, and the memory card do not pull the memory card and gesture on it here. First of yours, computer, so you dont have any risk of corrupting the file. Ok and once thats done Ill, remove the memory card and stick it here in the compartment in the memory card slot – and I ll put the memory card in here – a tip that its very fundamental guys for this procedure. Do it with the Drone battery 100. Full of the work you come here in the images. Look all four balls here: lit its without charge: percent. Dont do this procedure with a low charge? Ok, Because if you run out of energy in the middle of the way, it can be a problem. So only my brother is without a percent loaded. Ok, Im going to open the Drones cap here, Ill put a memory bun in here; ok Ill! Stick! It right here here at the entrance Ready! I put the memory card in here.

Let me just confirm there put the memory card guys now youre going to turn on the Drone. Ok lets take a look here that it might do something here. Some indicator with LED anyway right Lets, follow it now And then and the front lights flashing red. The back light waiting blue right. It asks you to count in two minutes. Ok, so lets put the two minutes here on the screen: Ill go forward here to be faster and As soon as I finish, the two minutes we say my Drone is ok and turn it on again. Ok, ok take it now that it has updated the movie here check now in the app if everything was recorded correctly. Ok Here now its all working the radio, the drone all connected with varied Ill call. The application here you fly2, ok and notice, and now it doesnt appear any more message saying that there is an update available. Ok, so its just saying here that it s varied with success that one is giving a message here to be careful dedicate. It was OK, ok and I will now enter my initial screen, which is Fly. Okay, Now lets take a look here in the part where we went there initially here in the settings and lets click here on Fashion information, ok and notice that now the app has been updated with the version of f808 version 4.3 of 2021 of the 5th and The fourth of the month: Ok, so this was the update carried out here in our Drone.

Ok, so that indicates that everything was installed successfully. Okay, a tip that I want to leave here for and if you copy the file put on the memory card put it in the Drone turned on and nothing happens. It means that suddenly the Drone does not receive. Did you know the memory card for this form? Has your memory card with the extension is x, fat, Okay, so form? Has the memory card very simple, follow here on the screen? You will see here how it is So this is a tip that Ill leave it here, for you hope, Ive helped. Ok, if there was any doubt leave it here in the comments that Ill be answering as soon as possible. Activate the Bell, so you dont miss any notifications here in the personal channel. Please help me please if this link This video was useful for you to subscribe here on the channel. It costs nothing thats how you help me its difficult for us to make videos like that. So the only motivation for me to continue on the channel is your help So subscribe here on the channel.