BW Space Pro Underwater Drone – I found a sunken airplane!

On this episode I take the BW Area Professional to an area quarry and a pond (I am nonetheless enjoying with this drone to see what it will probably accomplish). The water was murky however I did encounter a sunken airplane. You probably have not seen my full evaluation of the BW Area Professional, you will discover it right here: https://youtu.be/o8JmDEYjKzE
Extra data in regards to the BW Area Professional Underwater Drone may be discovered right here:
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  1. "Its hard to see" has the light level at low😑

  2. Brilliant! That … was an exciting watch !!!

  3. Me: Recover the Treasure!
    Captain Drone: i'm the Captain now.

  4. You should take a trip to the Caribbean sea just to test the underwater drone 😉

  5. Under the ice footage would be really neat

  6. I been looking good at drone subs lately. Could be my next purchase.

  7. If he ain't flyen em he's finding em.

  8. Great vid my friend. I should have it for the two last weeks when we where in Greece. 😁😁🖐🖐🖐

  9. Time for a trip to Loch Ness !! * Breaking News Captain drone finds Loch Ness ** films from inside after mini sub swallowed

  10. How cool to find a Airplane! Excitement for the opportunity to have the option to go order a product to do what James Commran Spent Titanic Money to do,its not so big and it got a cord! So what you got a greater chance to make it dive once again! I bet Cammran has one probably 10 ! He lives with out worry to perduce something else about Titanic again and again. This is great to see what was unimaginable in 1980 90 00 10 ah shouldn't car be flying ?2020 is just couple M's away !Captain ?

  11. Captain question? Older drones that were really expensive but now old that are really good . Any ideas ? Example swellpro splash drone 3 .. now older still awesome .. much cheaper … still to expensive for me … what is yours and the subscribers fav older drone say over 2 years old ?

  12. I live in Canada, and was wondering were this is located, i would like to go visit this amazing site.

  13. In America We Find Bodies…


  14. Oh By The Way Cap……I Flew My First Drone (WJXRC Bugs) Few Days Ago. Glad I Purchased An Inexpensive Drone For My First Drone. Had Trouble Staying Connected To My Phone But Other Than That It Flew Well. Ordering A Spare Battery To Get More Flight Time And Practice In. Thanks For The Review, Only Reason I Bought That Model.

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Looks great. You make me wanna get one lol. Looking forward to November now lol. Cheers for a great review 👍✈️😊

  16. great video, I also have a very old quarry here & the deep deep pool is absolutely a beautiful emerald green, of course it's gated so we can't get in there, lol

  17. I really love your video reviews and demonstrations! Thank you!!

  18. That's just a tether, right? You are still using radio control? How far does the signal reach under water, do you think?

  19. Thanks for the video. Murky, yes, but it was pretty cool seeing the plane.

  20. Bloody Hell :O !!! How much ? £1,119.00 GBP for a kids bath toy lol

  21. Can you put a filter on the camera?

  22. Call'in Captain…are you turning fluorescent yet? haha That remote controller is almost exact same as Yuneec Breeze controller

  23. "not much to it" lol that's a gorgeous pond.

  24. As tattoo would say. The plane. The plane.

  25. Thanks Mickie for not dropping capt drone……

  26. That would be great in Florida 😎👍

  27. Great video, Cap! That's a cool drone! Cheers bro!

  28. Nice. If I tried that in the Mississippi River I could see no more than 12 inches. It would be great on an island vacation

  29. 👍👍👍👍🎮🎮🎮👍👍👍👍🇳🇱🇺🇸🇨🇦

  30. It will be better wireless

  31. Hi Captain I hope you don't mind me asking you, I have a JJRC Heron X9 but for some reason now it won't pair to my phone or controller the lights don't change colour when starting up any ideas please is it possible to reset the drone or the controller.

  32. Hey, Captain I am knew to the drone world. Which drone can you recommend for flight that has the best bang for the buck follow me, flight time, and collision avoidance sensor(s)? Thank You, New Subscriber

  33. If I can pick your brains and ask as a newb if you through your experience recommend a minimum spec cell phone to use with the Mavic's? Excellent report by the way.

  34. They filled up one our best play spot quarrys with tires. After they did you could actually walk all the way around the thing on top of the tires and never get your feet wet.
    Finding that plane was cool😎Please return.
    We have ponds here that are so clear, you can see many feet and actually see fish and try casting to them and sometimes catch one. I just say "Hello" to them now and am careful so I can release hem back so we can "Play" again on another day.
    I have actually caught the same fish 3 times in one day. They do not all look alike.

  35. I would add a length of paracord attached to the cable and the clip so the cord and the cable takes the weight of the drone for insertion and extraction!

  36. Really great video, would love to see the quarry again with clear water!

  37. Really like the UI. Still feel like this price range in subs is missing 1", 20mp sensors. With wide angle lenses, the need for cropping is especially important, and there is not a lot of crop space in 12mp. This is especially true if there is wave action and getting closer may mean the subject and sub are both moving.

  38. This was interesting:) keep it up

  39. Oh man, this is an amazing drone 😳

  40. In NY, especially in the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks, we have a problem with zebra mussels. They are an invasive species that travel from lake to lake on boats. I wonder if you need to clean this really well after each use? You never know what can be hanging on to that little bugger!

  41. That scenery at the ending of your vid is so awesome. Lucky you, got the time and places to explore.

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