However, now, in its 16th version, the cascadia has really been taking the time to work on itself and is ready to shine on any trail running course featuring a few more millimeters of stack. The midsole provides better dynamics underfoot, while the redesigned upper provides a lighter and more breathable fit and finish. The outsole and ballistic plate provides the protection and the overall changes to the shoe in the latest version make this the best cascadia yet, but can a shoe whose long heritage aimed at through hikers and adventurers truly redesigned itself to work. With the growing sport of trail. Running does the brooks cascadia 16 bring enough excitement to the table to stand out amongst the crowd, hopefully find out in todays review lets dive in Music? What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review today. Im pretty sure this is the first time i am reviewing the brooks cascadia uh. This is the cascadia 16.. This shoe has been around for a long time now, in its 16th version. Im excited to finally do my review. Ive had numerous versions in the past, as i mentioned there in the intro. They just really havent worked with my feet or my trail running style, my size. That sort of thing i just havent, really been super comfortable. The 16 changes that and ill dive into that in todays review. Of course, before i get started, i have to point out that these shoes were provided for review by running warehouse im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the shoe im not financially compensated for anything that i say in this review.

No one has to approve this review youre, the first to see it have to get it out of the way lets get into the review. As always, i like to talk about the things i like and dislike about the products that i review today is no different. Starting with the things that i like durable now, this is a quality that the cascadia has pretty much always had in its corner. The shoe will last you a long time, its very durable all the materials that theyre using are very durable from the upper the the mesh upper that theyre using the welded overlays. The midsole is really dense and provides you plenty of durability and longevity. The outsole with this rubber everything just lasts a long time and definitely protects you from all the elements everything that you can throw at it i mean the shoe was essentially designed as a through hiker shoe more comfortable kind of lightweight version for through hikers, its designed To hold up to long long miles, im happy to report that it still does. This is a very adorable shoe grip, so the brooks cascadia 16 uses the trail track rubber. As the outsole. I apologize in advance its extremely muddy here in the pacific. Northwest has been for a couple of weeks, so the shoe is is obviously very dirty, but the rubber is holding up really really well im, not getting any real wear in the lugs themselves. The lugs are big and hearty uh, like eagle talons, theyre gon na grip that terrain and give you plenty of grip, climbing mountains descending mountains.

Thats. Definitely one thing that i really like about the shoe is the amount of grip that it has. I do think that the rubber is extremely hydrophobic, so any sort of wet surfaces on rocks or roots the rubber does tend to want to slide its not as bad as ive experienced in other shoes. Um overall ive been pretty damn pleased with the cascadia 16s overall grip and finally protection. Obviously, the cascadia has a long lineage of just being a really protective shoe now in this form, where it is a bit lighter and more flexible and better for trail running, it still provides that level of protection that youve come to expect from a cascadia which im Happy to see so the upper has all of these welded overlays that protect the toes. You also have it around the heel, a really good, solid heel counter the outsole itself, as i mentioned in the previous, like that rubber also provides protection, as well as the ballistic plate through the midsole from all sides. This shoe provides you with plenty of durability and protection, and the overall shoe experience is one like a tank meant to fit around your foot, it just its bomb proof and its nice to be able to review another bomb proof shoe its been a long time since Ive felt a shoe this sturdy and hearty so it feels good, especially as we go into the winter months, its gon na be one that holds up quite well.

That being said, my ghosts and ghouls its not all tricks and treats. There are a couple of dislikes that i have amongst these feats that i quick to point out that i just made that up im, not sure if i should be impressed or disappointed to myself ill have a little conversation with myself later and well discuss it all That being said, its not all likes, there are a couple of things i dislike lets get to those now stiff, so the shoe is primarily in the midsole is not as forgiving as advertised the dna loft version 2 midsole material. They have a bit more stack as advertised, but its not as plush or as soft as i think is intended. It is a harsher stiffer ride and you definitely feel that that midsole in combination with that full rubber, outsole and then the ballistic plate. It just doesnt make for a very soft and cushioned shoe, despite the fact that it does have a higher stack height. So the overall stiffness of the shoe youre going to feel the overall stiffness of the midsole that durometer youre going to feel that as well. So its going to be less forgiving and wont necessarily eat up all the sharp intricate objects that you might be stepping on the technical terrain. It wont absorb it quite as much as you would hope and narrowness. So this is something that the cascadia has always had, and this is sort of one of the main reasons that the shoot hasnt always worked.

For me, it is designed as a more narrow, shoe and certainly a longer shoe. So the way the shoe has usually fit for me in the past and is no different here in the 16, is that it does tend to be a bit tighter through the midfoot. You do get a good lockdown, but you tend to have a lot more room right in front of the toes. So the overall length of the last is is different compared to the width across the midfoot, those who are used to the cascadia. This will be pretty much the same. I think that the upper materials are a bit more forgiving uh, certainly through the midfoot and through the vamp, which is a big welcome, get in the new version, but the overall shape of the foot is continuing to be more narrow, uh. I want to call it a precision fit, but with the amount of materials that theyre using its less precise, its a bit more bulky so just be prepared for a real narrow, fit with a little bit of extra room along the tow bridge, but thats it for Primary dislikes now lets get a little bit more specific talking about the build quality, the comfort, the fit the price and the looks of the shoe starting, as always with the build quality. Clearly, this shoe is built quite well theres a lot of history in the cascadia line. Theyve learned a lot from their previous versions, its nice to see the last couple of versions, sort of lean into the trail running space.

Here the materials are probably the best usage of the materials yet in the lineage, so the overall build quality keeps durability. High keeps that protection high. Its really going to be the way it fits on. Your foot is probably going to be the biggest gripe that a lot of people have talking about comfort. The midsole is not the most comfortable midsole its its super dense. The durometer is not super forgiving. It will provide you with that protection, but it wont be super comfortable for long hauls. Of course, i know people who have done very long distances in these shoes through hikers tend to love them as well um. But for me i dont know my feet: get really fatigued on runs anything longer than 10 12 miles fit. This is gon na be the biggest problem. As i sort of mentioned its a bit narrow. I think people are going to notice it right off the bat. The shoe is built narrow, youll feel it youll have that little extra room here through the toe box, which is not necessarily a good thing. As your toes move around, they do tend to chafe a bit more uh. I was able to get a pretty decent lockdown, but the overall fit is probably going to be a problem for a lot of people uh, i wear size 11. This is a size, 11 thats, not the discrepancy, its just along with the overall shape of the shoe itself price at 129.

I think thats a pretty decent price for this shoe. It will last you a number of miles itll. Obviously, last you a long time with that durability uh. So i think youre going to get a lot of miles out of a shoe thats 130 bucks, which you know is good its just going to really come down to. Does it fit your foot looks. I would call this the ketchup and mustard version of the shoe um, which, for some might not be a bad thing for me, i think its not quite what i like the overall design of the shoe, though theyre, definitely working with more modern cuts and angles, which I think is cool uh. The shoe has certainly grown up a lot, so the look is going to be kind of in the eye of the beholder here. This is not my favorite colorway, but the design is improved and more modern. Bringing us to our conclusion. So is the brooks cascadia 16, a shoe that i could find myself running in running ultras in well. The brooks cascadia 16 is the best cascadia. Yet, in fact, i believe its the first one that ive really reviewed on this channel, and that is for a good reason, because i think they finally got it into a place where im finding joy in it and – and i want to put it on my feet And run trails in it, especially now that the conditions are getting sloppier and and rougher out there.

The shoe certainly excels in those types of conditions. That being said, the shoe is not without its flaws that sort of keep it in its own corner theres. So many different trail shoes on the market now that are are competing with this from north face from solomon from poka one on this hoka now its durable its protective itll. Certainly last you a long time, but i think it is a prisoner of its own heritage. Now, in its 16th version were finally seeing it sort of move and adapt and and future proof itself, i am excited to see what happens next in the cascadia line. So here we are at the 16th version, my favorite cascadia, yet uh, which brings us to our final criteria, is the brooks cascadia 16 a buy, try or why. In my opinion, this is a solid try if you have been scared of the cascadia or have not liked them in the past. Like myself, the 16 definitely is one that you should try, so that is where i will leave this review now. My question definitely turns to you: have you run in the cascadia 16 or any of the previous versions of the cascadia? In the comments of this video? Let us know what you think of them, because im super curious. This is a really popular shoe and a lot of trail runners that run in them, but i know a lot of trail runners that they dont work with.

So im curious. Let us know in the comments below, if you want more information or you want to grab a pair of the cascadia 16s for yourself. I have a link in the description. It is a running warehouse, affiliate, link, it cost you nothing. It does help the channel out. So consider using that, if youre gon na go snag a pair of these for yourself or really any running gear whatsoever. And if you join the gr crew, you get to get an additional discount code and a whole bunch of discount codes to different websites and uh. Different brands and stuff like that, so consider doing that at, the gingerrunner that is it my friends for todays review. I hope you enjoyed it uh if you did make sure you, like favorite, subscribe to the channel all that good stuff in the meantime get out there train hard race harder and probably the hardest. I know i am well see you guys.