This is the primal RC Rama, nadir with a whole bunch of extras. I have on it and I beat the living piss out of it the other day. Let me start off by doing this, for you, my head is the size of the tire look at this. This truck is like an end table on your sofa. This is like a coffee table with an 80 cc engine in there. I just installed the r c max supreme 80 or 80 supreme or whatever you want to call it massive torque. This engine is insane. In fact, I only put a tank and a half almost two tanks through it. When I had filmed the last video when I twisted this truck up into like a pretzel, the insane torque on it is amazing. I can see why it did not come like this out of the box so to speak, because this truck, if it came with this engine, would literally if you hit somebody going full speed on the top gears, rip someone's leg off and it would just be dangling By a tendon and an artery or two because solid axles, aluminum everything on this truck being 80 pounds, it took me 75 yards just to slow the truck down enough to to turn it. So, today what I need to look at if you didn't see the last video number one you can check that out. It was absolutely bonkers. With the power I put the tallest gears I could in there, meaning I had a 30 tooth pinion with a 22 spur gear, which means I didn't have massive torque on the low end, which I can get with a clutch adjustment which I'm going to do in The future after I find out what's wrong and get the new parts in here, but think the high speed I couldn't even get to 50 throttle and I was covering a hundred and 50 yards.

It was massive amount of room, and so this is insane in the membrane, but I got to see what's wrong figure out what's wrong with the transmission, because right at the end of the at the end of the video I'll show, you I'll show you right now. I already took the cover off of the transmission, but I'll give you a walk around. Show you how much damage from the massive amount of torque. I had bent it in half and you can say it's an overpriced piece of it. If you want that's, because you don't have one, this thing is actually insane. I know I've said that enough. Every time I say the word insane, everybody should take a shot of whiskey except for the minors. Those guys should be on the goldmine getting a heart to work number one. When I started the video I powered down and I took off – and I turned a little too quickly and I ended up doing a stoppie and rolling forward on my front before the whole truck went over – that was just my shitty driving look at this. This was the prototype cage from RC Max. This was his Mike Taylor's personal cage. She sent me just the back piece to protect the exhaust which it did, but the 80 pound truck with that much kinetic energy traveling. The way it did. It totally bent it off to the side. All this is metal it needed to have a cross brace in there just so it kind of gave it a little bit more rigidity but again it's mounting up to an already plastic roll cage, which normally you would want.

A lightweight plastic cage like this, because it can take a bash it will like if it rolls over it'll Bend and then it'll just pop back, whereas if you have a metal cage, if you have a bad landing, you're gon na bend it but I'll tell you What keeping it light on top is where it's at this does have sway bars. Look at this there's a sway bar there. The all the weight is down where the axles are. If you watched in the previous video you'll see, there is quite a few times where it looked like who is going to roll over, but instead I was able to save it. There is many times and when I went and do the catwalk and was torquing down on this 80 ad cc engine with the 30 tooth thinning on there, there was just so much power. I don't even know what to say by the time that engine gets to six tanks in because it's it's just going to be massive and, like I said I'm gon na, be able to tune the clutch, so we're gon na be able to pull wheelies with this. No problem, but look at these back shocks. Hey look at this. I almost need titanium shocks, because these are dual back shocks. Everybody always says all your sheet is too stiff. You know your monster truck should soak up the jumps which I've never seen a monster truck soak up jumps.

They always bounce like they're, a basketball when they jump and they land. But the same thing here. Look at this when it came down and this nice stiff suspension when it's under power and under load, you watch this as it pulls away. It still wants to pull that front tire up from the torque twists of them of the engine. You need double back suspension, or at least exceptionally stiff Springs, because this whole end just wants to sag down under that power right, which is amazing. So when I was doing that catwalk and I was like up in the air – and I kind of walked my tires forward like that, the insane look at look at the width of my hand. In fact, just just let's get a friggin tape measure right now. This is eight inches wide. I know the camera, it looks like it says, seven, but totally it is eight inches wide. This had such massive power that these tires were ballooning, and I was only getting traction on about that. Much of the tire right, because when they balloon like a pizza cutter shape, they start to come out and and and the surface area gets smaller, which makes it incredibly hard to control, which means I've. I would rather because now that I've seen it go way too fast, even though people will be like it's, never too fast, and I totally get that. But there is a point for me where it stops being super fun where it's out of control fast and I can't get it to go full throttle, but I would rather have a nice mix of wheelies and mediate power.

This thing for me, doesn't need to be a race truck. If you want yours to be a race truck, I highly encourage it. The RC max engine, no doubt, will be one of the engines. You'Ll want to look at, and you know that will make it a race truck but here's something we didn't cover in the last one. All right we saw these two shocks were bent shocking, yeah, no pun intended, but then on this side we missed there's. Only a few people that saw look at that this one is also bent as well that shock shaft and this one here slightly bent. So all four of these were damaged now these aren't overly expensive on the Primal RC ramp on the Primal RC website. You can get two of these, I think for like 80 bucks or in that area, but you know having them Bend like that. It doesn't come stock with that much power. It doesn't come stock to bend anything like that, but when you go insane and you get these aftermarket companies that are offering you know off the wall engines, you are going to be having all that potential energy. Turning into kinetic energy turning it and when you hit something or land wrong, all of that force has to go somewhere and since not a lot of it is made in out of plastic you're gon na have it transfer and instead of having it Bend like a Cage would and bounce back you're gon na have it Bend and stay there so that's what we're looking at at you know right here.

Look at this! Oh wow! Now you can see once you get past that wheelie bar you can see. They'Re bowed out quite a bit – hey so that's very interesting for me to know now what's going on with the engine. What am I talking about over here? Why is this cover off number one? You got to be careful because there's a duplex chain in here, but look at this. I got nothing in the transmission in here now. Listen, so engine works, fine, there's, something in the transmission that's not liking it. So this is all this is not grabbing anything. It feels so is it a snapped, pin. Okay, now that I have it lifted up, I was going to start backing it off and I thought I'd write. You guys probably want to see everything here. So there is the transmission housing right there. You can see my hex bit is actually touching right here, so I have to undo six screws, one two three and then three on the top, but first I must remove that drive shaft. Then this is exactly where you chair and change the gear ratio anyway. This is the pinion, and this is the spur on the inside right here, and this might be a helpful tip if you are a ramen ATAR owner, if you're thinking of getting one, this massive drive shaft both on the front and on the back of the transmission. I noticed that my drive pins would fall out quite a bit.

They would vibrate loose, even if they had red loctite in them. So I would just take a zip tie. Cut put it all the way around, so that pin can never really back out and then cut it with some flush cutters, and then you never have to worry about that drive chain falling out like it did to me when I drove all the way out to The mountains to do a great video and I lost my drive, pin in the snow darn it, and now we get to take the plate off. Okay, so here is the pinion gear, and here is the spur. This is ultimate speed right here, so would be. Turning this smaller spur gear, or very, very fast, which gave us the high end, speed let's just remove this piece here. Okay, so I took a few minutes off camera just to kind of look at the instruction book at the the the parts explosion as much as I could see of the transmission itself. Unfortunately, it didn't go into great detail. It only showed how to change the gears. It didn't turn it didn't show the internals in fact that actually came preassembled on the truck, so I never actually had a good look at how the reverse gear worked. And yes, this monster truck has reversed, which is very unusual, to have a truck this size. But if you're gon na have the weight anyway, you might as well have reverse gear and so that's servo operated.

Now that is like a small transmission that has little dogs on it. Dogs are like little feet that kind of push into the gear and engage it, and in fact, in fact, I'll just show it to you right here right there. Those are the dogs and you can see that Center splined drive shaft right there and I thought okay. Well, that's pretty cool, but I couldn't quite see exactly how it was done and I'm looking at this in Mike watts, that's weird how they had two pieces like come together. How did they get that to engage and, of course, I was just being a complete idiot, because what I'm looking at is a clean snap, that is a drive shaft that held this gear on this huge tooth gear and snapped it clean it didn't like twist it. I almost dropped it there, it didn't twist it, but if you look in come on back to focus, look at the very end of that shaft. It looks like it's got like a small Ridge to it. Machinists would know what I'm talking about, but it looks like a small Ridge right there, that's, where it snapped and what's really unusual about this. As I know, primal went to like extra lengths to ensure that the output drive on the other side right. The Hat right. There is the spur gear. They made sure that the spur gear had extra strength to that material, but I've beaten the crap out of my truck since I've had it like I've had this truck for, is it coming up to a year and I've had it through a 40 winter already I've Had a different engine in it, and then I upgraded it to this big 80 CC, which is almost twice as twice to spec, is what was supposed to be in this truck.

And, of course, when you have that much rotating mass, when you have that much potential energy turning into kinetic energy, anything you do is going to end up. You know just transferring from one thing to the other and if you think about it, all that power comes down to this little shaft being driven direct off the clutch bell, housing and those that main pinion gear. And what I mean by that is this gear right here: the pinion gear behind that, like that's, a lot of power being transferred to that shaft right there. So this is going to give an opportunity to aftermarket part part makers or even a primal RC, maybe they'll be able to come out with some sort of tougher material like titanium or something for that, because I would love some titanium like I said, for the for The shocks – and it looks like this piece if I'm gon na overpower this – I may need to upgrade this overall, but hey every RC, I own on the wall. Everything around here, that's why I'm in the hobby can be upgraded right like if this came working. A hundred percent of the time it would be awesome, but it would kind of take away from the mechanics part, which I also love. So there you go overpowered busted it broke it jumped it. Cat walked it looking forward to tuning it got some new parts on order right now guys. Let me know what you think about the primal: RC Ram nadir, good, bad.

The ugly I want to know leave it in the comment section down below smash the like button. For me, I want to see 10000 light clicks. I don't know if I've had a video that hit 10000 in the first month that it was out. So do that for me and we'll see you in the next episode of rcadventures yeah now get outside and have fun with RC. If you don't have one think about getting one, do some research there's tons videos? I got 1500 of my own and there's lots of great RC video producers on YouTube, make sure to push RC into the search bar up above and check them out.