After the launch of brunbrun Amel, the black person exhibited by BRI enp3 was lifted up and the air was like this Brian, showing off the drone wa empty six Hye. The name is Grand Drone in awe.. Luckily it wasnt Mimin, who gave the name if Mimin is definitely his name with the Gondang blender scale widows. Recently there was a scene on social media. The language friend released. Another drone made in the country and Indonesia continues to develop drones as a tool to carry out mapping and monitoring missions, so this drone is indeed functioning for mapping and monitoring, not for bomber Joe brand if a bomber like Amel can carry bombs this time, its just Mapping and reconnaissance to help you get there. Hi there thats how the frame of this plane is Rawa or ah, which was later called John alap alap pau06 in 100, made by the agency for the study and application of bppt technology. It is designed to carry out mapping missions and n special monitoring has investigated the application for TC certification carried out by bppt, starting in 2019. It disappeared after modifying the replacement of the kestrel engine from 5hp to the third HP and increasing flight endurance from five hours to 6 hours and adding one flight hour. If, according to the latest news literature, yes, You can fly, you can watch the Alap alap brand. It can broadcast about 60 KM of radiation round trip or PP certification for Puna Alap alap ea is empty.

Six in 100, extinct, unmanned aircraft or lapak lapak zone 06 b100 agency for the assessment and application of missing bppt technology Cang to carry out the mapping and monitoring mission to get PC specifications and an airworthiness certificate from the Ministry of Defenses Public Development Center. In Jakarta. Starting in 2020 Rena, How do you think its exhibited thats? The brand? Please comment: Bejo bppt engineering, men, The Brunette said this type of kestrel in its certification is shown for mapping and monitoring missions as well as tree. Reconnaissance. ppt proposes Puna alap alap with an aerial mapping mission that has a mapping capability of 1700 hectares per hour. alap can map or reconnaissance of more than 8500 hectares at an altitude of 1500kg Hai brand. As an illustration of the area of DKI, Jakarta is 66153, for example. This is an illustration, so, for one hour it can map around 1700 if carried out a maximum enduren of five hours, it can map 8500 hectares. As for the specifications of the Alap drone, This kite made by bppt and Brian, has a wingspan of approximately 3.2 m maximum weight of endogenous sate, cop 31 kg or endurance of five hours of flight. Before the investigation has been carried out by bppt of accelerating the development of extinct, unmanned aircraft or 20 black combatants, which have been re exhibited by brn Drone specifications, The black realm is predicted to match the ch4 Drone from China.. The brand of the emergence of the latest version of the Alap alap, which is known as Alap alap P4, implies the readiness of BPPT to get a share given by the Indonesian military artist.

Authori.. The Indonesian military uses it for the military, because this type of drone cannot only be used for mapping, but also for mapping. It can also be used for surveillance or defense.. The Head of the UN Drone Program said that the PA4 Alap alap ground was feasible to be produced on a large scale so that it could be mass produced like that. Moreover, this is not considered new in the world of drones. The homeland has become a reality. As for the black Amel, with a response device like that it crashed earlier the admin discussion about investigating a probe which previously exhibited the Brown Kunam black elk Barry nb PT is again showing off, namely the Peregrine Drone. pa4. What do you think about this? Please Cut gejrot in the comments column, okay, thats it for a video From Amanda channel dont forget to like share comment and subscribe so that this Chanel continues to develop. Of course, it can be useful for all of you look forward to interesting videos from her pregnancy.