You can be informed about detailed reports every time the intensification of the us and uks nuclear conflict in the south, china, sea and the pacific against china also affects the middle east closely. As dj, we have announced to you that it can lead to very hot developments for israel and iran and that russia and iran can turn this conflict into an opportunity and that it can directly drag israel into a negative and undesirable scenario here, just as the conflict In the south, china sea continues diplomatically and with chinas attacks on taiwan. The syrian regime army said that it successfully destroyed an israeli quadcopter drone which crossed the border near the golan heights with russian made air defense systems. On the other hand, the idf claims that the drone crashed during routine operational activity due to technical failure. The incident also occurred just after iran announced that its army was within a few kilometers of the golan heights. Also, today, the iranian backed militant group hezbollah in lebanon, openly threatened, saying its missiles were locked and loaded against israel as a result of harassment, attacks by iranian backed militants and irans invasive policies. Such conflicts are constantly occurring between israel and syria or between israel and lebanon. It has happened many times in the past months. However, the case of the israeli drone shot down by the russian made syrian air defense today is a little different from the previous ones. First of all, the syrian regime army destroyed israels reconnaissance drone.

Without any warning, however, the idf described the incident as an accident despite a lot of evidence. Another interesting situation for israel is that it did not retaliate against syria or iran after the missile attack on the drone. After israeli explorations, an airstrike is usually carried out against iranian harassment of the golan heights. It is also understood that, with this attack, the agreement between israel and damascus through russia in 2018 was broken. It is unclear why israel claimed the drone attack was an accident caused by a technical error or why it did not subsequently retaliate against iran. Likewise, it is unusual if israel does not carry out an operation against iran, even though it has clearly stated that it is sending the iranian army to the golan heights. In this case, russia is likely to intervene in the situation. However, the assad regime shot the israeli drone without warning israel and broke the previous agreement. In this case, iran and the syrian regime may also want to open a front against israel in the golan heights. As we have mentioned to you as dj before iran and syria regime forces were advancing towards the golan heights via the dhara al balad region. With the support of russia, so why didnt israel act directly against the iranian backed militants and it might be sending the drone drone first, as we mentioned at the beginning, the usa has turned its focus to china and is not interested in the middle east or israel.

At the moment, with the auk u.s agreement, the usa has given iran the password to develop nuclear weapons. The us even dares to close the fund for israels legendary defense system, the iron dome. This being the case, of course, israel will reconnoiter and avoid potential dangers before directly attacking iranian backed militants in russian dominated areas. Even if the reconnaissance failed, the idf could close the issue by saying technically fault briefly and clearly, as a result of this suddenly volatile foreign policy of the usa, israel seems to be left alone against iran and russia. We do not know whether this situation should be attributed to the democrats in the usa, to president biden or to the u.s administration, but in the current situation, israel seems to be very uneasy and abandoned by the moves made by the usa. When we examine the details of the attack on the israeli drone by the russian air defense systems in terms of syria and israel according to syrian and russian sources, the syrian regime military managed to destroy an israeli reconnaissance drone with russian air defense system. Syrian air defenses shot down an israeli drone over the golan heights in the early hours of today, military sources confirmed footage showed what appeared to be a drone falling from the sky after being struck by an anti aircraft missile. The idfs attempt to conduct reconnaissance in syrian airspace, which usually leads to subsequent missile strikes, ended in failure. An unknown israeli drone tried to violate the border of the airspace of syria and, at the very first crossing of the airspace of the arab republic, was instantly destroyed by the buck m2e complex according to the russian media.

The syrian military attacked the israeli drone without warning. This indicates that the agreements on syria previously concluded between russia and israel will no longer be implemented by damascus. In addition, given the fact that the israeli drone managed to penetrate only one and a half kilometers into the airspace of syria, the syrian warning system for violating the airspace of the arab republic works very effectively since the missile was fired exactly at the moment. The israeli drone crossed border of syrian airspace, however, the israeli military, which rarely confirms such incidents, asserted that a reconnaissance drone had crashed as a result of a technical malfunction during routine operational activity. The idf only says an israel defense forces. Drone falls in syrian territory due to a technical malfunction. The drone crashed during routine operational activity. According to the idf, an idf quadcopter fell in syrian territory on wednesday, after suffering a malfunction according to the idf spokespersons unit. The incident is being investigated to determine the cause of the accident and if information could have leaked from the unmanned device, israels attempt to use drones to conduct reconnaissance in syria is indicative of its plight. After a few hours ago, the russian made syrian air defense system shot down israeli military reconnaissance. Unmanned aerial vehicle experts came to the conclusion that israel was in a very dire situation, since the effectiveness of strikes on the territory of syria is close to zero and, due to the likelihood that that the syrian air defense will now attack the idf fighters.

The israeli drone could try to collect data for a subsequent missile strike directly from israel. The opinions of experts boil down to the fact that israel began to use its drones due to the active suppression of israeli military aircraft from the territory of syria, which are trying to collect objective information for subsequent strikes. Nevertheless, given the fact that russian made syrian air defense systems are already attacking israeli fighters, the idf has probably decided to play it safe and use kamikaze drones or ground based missiles for strikes. Among other things, there are a number of assumptions that the idf is trying to establish from which direction it is scanning the airspace of syria in order to plan its strikes in the future, tel aviv has launched repeated missile attacks, claiming to target syrian military sites and Hezbollah bases inside the country, the lebanese shiite movement, has forces in syria at the invitation of the countrys government as part of damascus, fight against isis and other jihadist groups. Syria has written to the united nations demanding that it takes action to stop israeli aggression with critics. Saying that tel avivs airstrikes breach international law, lebanon has also complained of violations of its territory after israeli rockets were fired across its airspace threatening regional stability. In july, an israeli army drone fell to the ground in lebanese territory as a result of a technical problem. In february, a similar incident occurred in lebanon during a military operation on the border, and a drone was also lost over lebanon in august of 2020, following the august incident, lebanons shiite hezbollah militia movement claimed to have downed and recovered the unmanned aircraft near the border.

In the meantime, iranian fighters are a few kilometers away from israel in the occupied syrian golan heights. Iranian parliament, speaker mohamed bagger golib, said yesterday. Israel was supposed to be able to approach our front lines in iraqs jalala, one kilometer away from our borders, but today it fears our presence in the golan golib said during a ceremony commemorating the iran iraq war.