Music ive done a lot of chinese food vietnamese food. Here in houston, i havent really explored the japanese food scene, so i was looking up where i could get some japanese food and this keep coming up. Well, not the fresh sushi or the ramen bar ichi, but but this this market saiwa market lets see whats inside Music, Music, very organized little japanese market heres, the stuff fresh sashimi premium grade uni wow. Look at this sushi combos some yakisoba shrimp, tempora eel, oh egg! Sandwiches, its a big sandwich: what is this cream puff? Heck, yeah, baby seaweed, salad with wafu dressing im, mainly getting that for the waffle dressing, not even a salad boiled io unagi nakisoba. I love yakisoba, oh more, more, more stuff, theres white rice, tonkatsu, pork, heck yeah. What we got here, vegetable croquette sure this place just opened. So a lot of this stuff is not set up yet so im going to wander around and then see what else they put over there. I think this is going to be my favorite area of the store. What is this? This looks like pieces of a choco pie. Oh, this looks good too grape matcha crackers, cracker sandwiches and this side. Bento boxes salmon, banto chicken teriyaki bento onigiris, here seasoned pollock, roll beef and chicken, one of the popular number one tuna, male cinnamon, onigiri beef and chicken taco, fried chicken bento pork curry, a super dog. This is uh getting to be a hefty breakfast already yodo.

Sure. Oh, my goodness, i just want everything. Look at these little mini cream, puffs orange strawberry, wait. Why does it say orange, but its strawberry ill figure it out later wow, matcha milk, tea sure? Ah, i was just gon na come here and get a few things. Cant help myself. Oh look at this baked goods too melon bread, thats, number, four, most popular thats, not good enough jumbled, cheese, curry, bread number one most popular, baked, curry bread! Oh look at this spicy pork sausage. I really want this miyazaki ramen this to die for ramen thing. I just asked somebody they said its not today, so thats a shame. I guess i wont die today. Oh this is the biggest bag of shrimp chips. I have ever seen in my life im. So excited about supermarket food. If i lived in houston id, be there pretty much every day, just grabbing stuff, im gon na hit up with another supermarket, because uh hmm, i feel like, are a little different. Depending on what city you go to because theres always different stuff in the food court, so im gon na go check this one out Music wow. This whole plaza is just a collection of asian restaurants and tea shops. So much stuff happy lemon sugar, tea theres, like six boba shops here in guangzhou, ll, hawaiian barbecue. I had that in california. Its amazing theres melting pot looks like a couple hot pop places over there, and here we go.

This is a very very nice h mart. So this is what im talking about, so hmar always has food course and its always different, so this place has donkey yaki its a sushi place, a chinese place korean tofu taco, burgers mooncakes, this mooncake festival soon, oh mangosteen, all right this place is ginormous and heres. The uh food section, i dont, think its really open, yet curry, fried rice wow, this food section looks awesome sushi place donkey yaki. This looks really good, while thats cooking lets check out the rest of the store. The kimchi aisle im very familiar with this oh kim pop goku spicy sauce, bulgogi spicy crab tuna mayo lets take a spicy crab. I seem to have any other prepared foods. Usually there will be a section in the h mart that has prepared food foods. Well, this whole section is all barbecued meats. Okay, here we go theres chicken leg smoked duck wow. This is all for barbecue. You just come here and get all your barbecue needs. Marinated, bulgogi chicken thigh pork belly smoked, boneless ill, try it. I think this is the biggest fish market ive seen inside of h1. Look at this, its mackerel, squid everything looks awesome, heres all shrimp salmon. Here you got all the sushi heres all the sashimi. This is definitely a very clean, very big, h, mark im surprised it doesnt have as big of a prepared food area being the size that it is yeah.

This is it right here, so this little section and right here this is all their prepared. Foods still looks good but way smaller than some of the age marks. Ive been to got ta rush home before my katsu turns on crispy. Is that a word uncrispy uncrisp? This is a pretty amazing, plaza doll. Yes, everything in this one plaza seriously. You got your korean bbq, you got your hot pot. All right got all my food and before we start eating a huge shout out, and thank you to a new sponsor morning, brew. If you guys dont know what morning brew is its a free newsletter delivered to you from monday to sunday, basically, every single day, as you guys know, any sponsor want to come on my show i test them extensively to make sure i love the product and what Morning, brew will do is that it will keep you up to date on business finance tech in about five minutes, and i know we all get a ton of emails already, but if youre a news junkie like me like every day i go through about four or Five apps just scrolling im on facebook scrolling trying to keep up to date on whats happening in the world, but morning brew. Super concise, no opinions. Just news ive been getting this newsletter for over a week now, and i knew i liked it because i started to look forward to getting this in my mailbox every single morning.

So they usually give you an overlook of the market, but whats different is that morningfor? Actually give you an explanation about why the market is what it is that day. For example, i just learned that build a barrel workshop just turned 25. god. I feel old. Also what i like about morning brew. The articles are not tried. Theyre not boring theyre, not really hard to comprehend. I mean honestly im im, not that smart. So when im, looking at an article, thats, really businessy or very financial, focused thats difficult for me, morningbrew is able to break it down, for you also do it in a very witty way, so its actually fun. Reading these articles, like i said its completely free – it takes about 15 seconds to subscribe. So if you want to give it a try, go to my link down below and subscribe today, all right lets get to eating. This is the katsu. I just got from h. Mart Music nicely fried thats delicious its been about 30 minutes from hmr to here still retains a nice crunch. The meat is tender, but what i love most about this is the curry: hmm slightly sweet savory with a kick. This thing goes so absolutely perfect with rice. Also, i think, with some chemistry too. I need a little bit of acid in this. Just a little bit of acid makes this perfect Music im so happy. That was my first bite of food this morning i know i got a lot of other foods to try.

Somehow cant let go of this. Oh, that took willpower microwave the yakishoba lets, try the smoked duck. Last time. I remembered trying something like this: it was in south korea. I think it was a 7011 or gs25 or something and the smoked duck came in a plastic pouch and it was amazing, so i miss about south korea or asia in general. You know how hard it is to find a good tasting duck. Even at a restaurant but south korea, you can find that in a convenience store in a plastic bag. Look how beautiful this is wonderfully smoked, layer of fat and skin on top im going to wager and say this is going to taste amazing. I got a couple things to say about this. First of all, this is delicious. The more you chew, the more the fat breaks down that smoke. Flavor just fills your mouth with so much happiness. Layer of fat renders almost immediately on your tongue, trace that, with a little kimchi, you kind of balance out the fattiness so thats. The first thing its absolutely delicious. The other thing i want to say about this is, though its not as good as the plastic bag, one from the convenience store in south korea. I mean this is really really good. That one was mind blowing if this was terminator. That would be terminator 2.. Anyway, you get my point watch my video. I forgot, where i got that i know thats so weird to say, but get the smoke dug from the convenience store blow your mind, Music.

I think the yakisoba is good, not great one thing. I love about yakisoba. I love tasting that worcestershire sauce and i love tasting that heat flavor from the tapan dont really give much of that here, its still flavorful noodles. I feel like its missing that unique flavor that good yakisobas all have this naggy looks so good, as the kids now will say is busan. This is another one of those foods that it just gets better as you chew um right away. When you bite up, you taste the sweet glaze on top of the yield, then after you chew more and more that amazing, smoky flavor comes out and just starts pummeling, you everywhere, dasher tastes, really good with the yakisoba and remember kids. Even if you dont have a japanese store near you, you should still always have unagi next lets. Try the gildum gildo and the vegetable croquette yodong, thin fatty slices of beef looks good sliced ginger on top onions, scallions, caramelized onions. Only thing im concerned about this is that i dont know if it has enough sauce to soak through the rest of the rice Music delicious, like i said, i feel like a little more sauce would have been better to kind of just give this rice a nice Soak but the meat is so fatty and delicious caramelized onions, cooked perfectly little sweet melts with the meat and rice, and this is like my concern with every dildo. I want enough sauce to soak through to the bottom of the rice.

This one looks like the rice on the bottom is not going to have much flavor because it doesnt look like the sauce is penetrated through so youre gon na have to give this a nice mix. Basically, have every grain of rice touch this meat and onion and kind of rub that delicious sauce onto it, thats gon na, have to be how you eat this dish, but like whats up more sauce wouldnt have to do. That was the best thing i had today and i had a delicious katsu. This is unbelievably good. This was definitely one of the underdogs of the dishes i got today i mean vegetable croquette has the word vegetable in it, thats already striped one from me. This thing not only looks pretty it tastes, even better subtle crunch on the outside. This thing has been about hours, since i got back from the store. It still retains that subtle crunch on the outside, even after i microwaved it on the inside its like the most delicious of mashed potatoes, with a little bit of corn and peas, add some katsu sauce for a little extra smoke and sweetness. Oh no. I love that. So much like its sitting on my gill dome among all this fatty, delicious meat – and the only thing i want is this out of this world 100 percent musket lets see if we can go two for two on vegetables seaweed, salad with waffu dressing. I got this because i didnt really know what waffu dressing is and im curious.

It just sounds so cool, so its a seaweed salad and the waffu dressing. Oh different kinds of seaweed on this too, that is some delicious dressing. Thats, like a power punch of flavor wow, i definitely taste sesame, maybe a little bit of mustard. Oh thats, great creamy, with a little bit of citrusy cooked tonkatsu with an omelette and uh sorboro dont. You guys dont know what a saborio donut is its a a rice bowl with ground chicken. Honestly, this doesnt look like chicken. It looks like beef if you guys dont know what a saboro donut is its basically a rice bowl with ground meat, delicious ground beef. On top splash of red ginger sitting on strips of yellow legs and what looks like the most perfect poached egg in the middle lets: wake it up, shall we, oh that is so pretty its good, but a little sweet. The meat is really flavorful the egg. Of course, scrumptiously, creamy and perfect. The only thing i dont like is that extra sweetness, its still delicious and also its a preference of taste. I dont, like my dishes, too, sweet everything else about this: the texture, the egg, the ingredients spot on lessen the sweetness. This will be perfect. One final thing from the microwave this katsu with an omelette, has something similar to this in las vegas that i absolutely loved thats. Why, when i saw this, i had to pick it up at this one youre not expecting the the outside braiding of the castle to be crunchy its supposed to soak up all the sauce.

All this great sauce. I love this. I will say again, though, i think its overly sweet. I think they decreased the sweetness by about 50 perfection. First of all, the omelet is just the most tender thing. My favorite thing about this is the meat again, the outside soaked in sauce. The texture of the pork is so delicious again, as you chew. More and more flavor just release its one of those foods that, as youre chewing you just kind of help, her feel happier. So this one is a classic japanese egg sandwich, just from the looks of it stuffed with eggs. The crust is still on and thats kind of what makes a japanese sandwich really unique is the delicate nature of it, which usually will not include the crust so, and that is why i am stupid, because this is amazing. Bread is shy. Just tastes like what i get from a 7 eleven bread aside. This flavor is pretty much what i get when i get a 7 eleven sandwich in japan. I think theres a little more egg whites in here again that whole delicate nature of the sandwich is not there, but the flavor is amazing, so creamy and flavorful a little bit of pepper, go get yourself. A sandwich forgot about this cooked and smoked berkshire. Pork spicy sausage Music, its good, but not really spicy very snappy, though maybe ill put it inside my egg sandwich and let my egg help it taste better.

This is the number one bun at the japanese supermarket baked curry bun Music. I love this. First of all, the bun itself, its such a nice chew it doesnt melt in your mouth, but it has a great shoe like a good loaf of bread and the curry is sweet, its aromatic theres, so much flavor. I think if you put this in the oven, make it nice and crispy again on the outside and when you open the oven door, youre gon na hear angels, saying yes, strawberry, cream puffs. I think youre just supposed to pop these in your mouth. Well, that was just like eating a piece of air. Please get yourself some of these if you want to know what a strawberry cloud tastes like this, i mean its not crunchy on the outside. Its kind of you know soggy and soft pop. This whole thing in your mouth dissolves in seconds. This thing does better disappearing accident, david copperfield and trust me much more worth it to experience homemade cream puff. Oh this one is more like a traditional cream puff Music, the custard is delicious. This is still the best. These little ones – oh, my god. How good is this totally forgot about this? I got one onigiri from the japanese market, one from hmart. The h bar one is 2.99, this ones 1.99 tuna, male Music, good amount of tuna rice is delicious, seaweeds, nice and crispy. That is really good. The spicy crab from hmart hands down the japanese market.

One is better from the seaweed to the rush to the meat. This thing wins hands down. Rice is so much more scrumptious and delicious. I feel like the hmr onigiri. The rice is stale. Overall, just really good hmr one social card, plus you save a dollar if you want to stock up on onigiri, go to the japanese supermarket. Just a few things left look at this. This is so fun. Look at a little slice of cake. That thing is drier than my love life. Oh wait now shes in a relationship now so its tried in my love life a while ago. Oh a little tea, cookie anybody love such a strong matcha flavor. I think its its just a safe rule of thumb that whenever youre eating japanese cookies eat it with some tea one, it helps wash it down and two it just makes the whole tasting experience better. These are the best chocolates chocolate with matcha and a mochi. In the middle i mean this is the real m. Ms matcha and mochi come on. I forgot about this. I bought a giant pack of shrimp crackers. Oh that makes more sense. I thought they were just like all in there like this. These are just regular crackers with curry. They look like the the chinese shrimp crackers thats why i was confused still good. Some of the best things i had today smoked duck the vegetable croquette, the tonkatsu gildon was good egg sandwich was delicious.

These things are bomb seriously. Guess someone just throw these little strawberry fluff bombs in your mouth and trust me, one pack not enough. Also. Oh my gosh. This is good now for my favorite part of the day. Turning on a tv series, anybody else watching loki right now, im on episode two anyway for the rest of the day. This is gon na have my drama plan. Let me stuff in my face. I dont know how you spend your sundays, but this is how i like to spend money. I forgot about this milk tea, milk, tea from italian little too much milk, no tea flavor. It should just be called milk. Well, i wasnt going to go out at all, but because im going to have to make a bubble tea run or something anyway thats. My review of the japanese market in the h mart here in houston, hope you guys found this useful on your next food shopping.