You know its rush. The discover boss so were on east kings. Road um, the first video i did on this complex was probably like six months ago. So just getting a chance to revisit all right, so this apartment complex, is being developed on what would have been a single family lot. Um, so currently, colors are on Music painting has been done so its doors and windows, basically so theyre moving right along um. So theyre putting up their skill work for their entrance. I guess they want to do something that stands out. So second update on this construction, east kings house, road um in terms of the name of it and some of the unlike the amenities that dont have that info because, as i realized there is no sign or anything um. Sometimes you may talk to an employee as well theyre very tightly in terms of giving out information, so if any of you guys know the name of this complex, let me know if you know the details of this complex, like amenities, even price. Let me know as well, but this is where we are today: east kings, house, road close to kings house, which is the residence of the governor general, of course, were gon na set up the drone. So from the drone shots you should be able to see the lands of kings house as well and the old 30 acres of kingsville. So you guys should be able to see that so its a drone, video for sure so definitely stay tuned um for some drone shots.

They seem to be one two, three, four, five, six six floors than a balcony, our rooftop entertainment section. Most of these apartment complex. Now features some rooftop entertainment with like gym, pool and other recreation thats now the norm, all right guys so just giving you an update as usual ill put the link for the first video. I did on this complex in the comments. So if you havent seen that first video, you can definitely see it so just a quick update on this multi level apartment complex, close to barbican on east kings, house road, so barbican would be around that side and, as i mentioned well be setting up the drone. So definitely wait for some drone shots as well. Music, remember to like remember to subscribe, subscribing is completely free, remember to share the video and also leave some comments in terms of what you think about the location, the color design or anything else. You want to basically comment on.