You know its rush to discover bus, so we are still in new kingston were on argyle avenue, and this is another apartment construction update and this one is literally behind the cambridge. So if youre new to the channel remember to subscribe, subscribing is completely free, remember to like remember, to comment and remember to share as well. So this one im yet to get the name because theres literally no signs there um so im, not sure what this one is called, but its on argyle avenue right behind the cambridge and thats the cambridge right over there thats under construction um, something i visit these Sites, you know everybodys, very secretive, very tight lipped in terms of giving all the information, but if you guys know what this one its called, let me know so. It looks like at least one two three four five floors at balcony area: um. It has underground parking as well, it started out small, but it has really really been transformed into a very big apartment, complex um. So this was an empty lot before and i guess theyre feeding off the cambridge energy and went multi level with this construction beside it. As well is another is another very big piece of land, it has a smaller type apartment complex, but the land space is huge, so i know probably in the next few years they will transform it as well, because its right at the corner, literally in front of Ac hotel, which im ill show you guys in a second so thats another prime location that they can expand so argyll avenue, new kingston uh did the first video on this one ill put the link in the comments, so you guys can check out that to see Where its coming from this is also a drone, video, so ill be sending out the drone as well, so you guys can definitely get some error shots.

So let me know what you think leave your comments. Leave your thoughts. I know theres no color yet, but we cannot see the design windows are going in all right guys. So lets take a look around the era to see some other properties close to this one, all right. So over this side is the ac, marriott hotel and also the bmw and mini cooper dealership with atl automotive, so thats whats over this side, theres also a starbucks um over here, so thats the hotel, the ac marriott and, as i was mentioned, so this is the Carnal, art, property, um, very big land, but that is the apartment, so it seems to be around eight units, probably one bedroom or two bedroom, and then this property comes all the way to that wall. So, as you can see its a big lot, um that can mod with a much bigger apartment, complex its like an argyle avenue, very, very decent location, very central location, and then this is the apartment that were checking out right here. Music, all right guys well be setting up the drone shortly.