I actually saw this on instagram. I think its called fly nova. I ended up purchasing it from amazon directly. So what we have here, we have what looks like a ball with some fans inside there all right. I also have some directions. They call it a flying spinner here and then, of course, i have a micro usb charger. So what im gon na do now is im going to look at it and then well charge it alright. So on the top i rotate the ball. You can sort of see where theres an on off switch lets, see if theres any charge in there lets see. Oh, it ran away there. We go nope ran away again, all right, oh cool. I do like those lights all right. So what im going to do is im going to charge this up and then were going to just test it out and see how it works. Evidently, you have to stick this thing relatively close to the charger, because theres only a 10 inch cord here. So i have my bell and how will spin power just off the screen here, so what were going to do is were going to plug this into the top rotate it around there we go now were going to plug the other end into the spin power. All right, so, when its charging, we see that there is a red light indicating that we are charging lets come back when this thing is fully charged.

We knew we were done charging, because that red light that was glowing turned off completely so lets turn this on. Push the button wow super cool, blinking, red and blue lights all right, so i read through the directions a little bit and youre supposed to be able to just turn this on by twisting it here goes nothing, oh, that was cool, so just a real quick twist. Now the directions do not tell you how to turn these off, but ive been messing with it for a while, and you can just shake it and it shuts off twist to turn back on now. Lets go test it out before we go much further. If youre new here, my name is jeff, and this is jeff reviews for you. I review a whole lot of products. I specialize in reviewing as seen on tv items every once in a while. I do a little bit of a diy just because i like to if that aligns with something that youre looking for online. I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and click the bell below that way. Youre notified every time i release a video. Just like this one, one more thing, dont forget to check down the description for my social media, instagram and twitter. I would love it if you would follow me there too now lets get right back to reviewing this boomerang hoverball type of thing, so weve just charged.

This up, i havent, really practiced so im a little nervous lets see what happens. Oh Music, all right, Music, pretty interesting, seems to want to go that way. I have to go, get it. It is pretty cool, but i can see its going to take a lot of practice. I missed it. Music fell to the floor, i will say: for the most part, this ball is held up pretty well, but it has hit its fair share of walls and trees and the ground and such and a couple times when i go to catch it and i think im Gon na miss it and i squeeze really hard, i can feel the whole thing bend and squeeze and maybe crack so thats, something i think will wear it down pretty fast over time. So just be careful that, even though it can bounce off of things, it still is breakable so fan down push it Music push it to me. Oh nice, try good catch Applause! Music. Are you ready to go, try this out and throw it and see if it comes back to us like a boomerang that sounds pretty sweet lets go, try it out all right so after we turn it on im, actually going to tilt it back towards myself with, Like a 10 to 30 degree angle and im gon na throw it forward, but as i do im gon na push forward with my thumb and sort of pull back with my finger at the same time ready Music, it went over there all right here we go Music, Music, thats, pretty sweet now lets try the boomerang toss at night Applause, its not as easy as you think so.

Tell me: what are your thoughts of this boomerang ball? Is it something that you would like to try out? Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you now. What im going to do is im going to show you another way, maybe a little less complicated way to try the boomerang toss. All right so were gon na hold the boomerang ball at that same 10 to 30 degree angle, and instead of thinking what were gon na do with our fingers. I got one finger on the left side of the ball one on the right and were just gon na push it forward. Ready Music, see how it came back. Just go a little gentle push. We can even try it left handed. It gets much easier over time. Its just another way to do the boomerang toss, i will say, for the most part, this ball is pretty cool. My biggest issue with it is the 8 to 10 minute run time before you have to recharge it. It takes 30 minutes to recharge thats. The only disadvantage i see, but it is pretty cool Music. In this video we were looking at the boomerang hoverball, its a ball that you throw and it comes back and well lets talk. What did i think of it? Well, first things. First, it rained in about 40 dollars. That seemed like a lot of money to me, especially for something thats, not gon na last up over time, but it is a lot of fun.

I tried this thing out over a period of about three weeks at the very beginning, it was very frustrating the ball hit the ground over and over and over again i tried it in the house that bounced off walls im like man. This thing is terrible. That being said after i got the hang of how the ball actually worked, it was kind of neat. I was able to do the boomerang toss and there are a lot of different ways to do that. You can toss it back and forth or just play it all by yourself. It is pretty cool and well entertaining. That was my review of the boomerang hoverball. If this is something that interests you, i will put a link down in the description. This is jeff with jeff reviews for you, as always thanks for stopping by, and i hope you have a great day and not that long ago i actually reviewed a product that was like a ufo drone. It was similar to this. The only thing i would caution you is, if you have long hair, to keep it away from here, because that other product got hair all stuck up in here, and so, if it came near someone with long hair it just sucked it up. So, just be careful not to have this around your hair. I really do appreciate that you stayed around for my entire review of the boomerang hoverball. You know what, on the theme of toys for kids, ive reviewed two other products recently, one of them is called pixacade and where you can actually draw your own video game.

Im gon na link that review right up here and the other one is actually called balloon. Zoom, where balloons operate, your car pretty sweet ill link that one over here and by the magic of the internet. If you click here or here, im gon na join you at one of those reviews so go ahead. Click one theyre safe.