This is what we have to watch while we wait for mandalorian season, three uh and, and so far im im actually happy because uh i i was one of the people who uh really liked boba fett uh. You know in original star wars. I know he only had six minutes of screen time and four lines of dialogue throughout the entire trilogy, but i just thought he was cool. You know, i thought it was cool as hell and uh and i was into all the expanded lore where he gets out of the sarlacc pit, and so when we finally saw him show up in mandalorian season two. I was very very happy and i was like man. It was obvious the whole time when you know he was revealed with the spurs uh. You know because we were, we were speculating, it was other people, but but not really boba fett some people did um, and so now he gets his own series here. The book of boba fett, um and uh. I watched the we watched two episodes thats. Why we waited on this one, because yesterday a lot of people said well, maybe the first episode wasnt enough, and and so we wanted to just wait and and give you our opinion after we saw both so uh. What did you guys think of boba fett? The first episode wasnt enough, i would have been pissed if we did a review of just the first episode, because it was short, very whats, wrong with you.

This is a criticism weve had with disney star wars stuff for shows for a while is like come on. Like this, one was better because we got 46 minutes of actual screen time um, you know theres 10 minutes at the end of you know credits, but i like the second episode. I i like this whole thing all the way through but like come on. Why is it? Why is the first episode so theres like six episodes? No its a little more but yeah its? I think its an eight or nine okay come on disney youve got the money ive got the attention span. Lets go. Give me an hour. Long lets. Go seven episodes so youre you know were in between right. There um, you know uh it it youre right, because we complained a lot about the mandalorian season, one episodes being so short, and that extends here into the first episode of boba fett. I cant. I guess i just didnt notice it as much, because i got used to the mandalorian thing and some of the short form of of disney plus but youre right. It wasnt very satisfying and im glad that we, you know, waited for waited for the second one, because now i get it, i probably would have had a different opinion. Uh you know its. It is too short. Is this story gon na be worth it, but now after having seen two and what theyre doing with the boba fett character um, i really didnt like it.

I really do like it. I think it uh it. What is it it uh earns its place uh. It is worth watching and it expands the character in in interesting and uh well done ways yeah. I agree with that 100. I was actually super worried after watching the first one i did not. I i didnt hate the first one i didnt, even not like the first one. I liked the first one, but it had me very worried its like wait, a minute one, the episode kind of felt all over the place one. I really felt they kind of disrespect that theres stuff that they do so theyre, really trying to lean into the western thing, which i love like theres lots of in here, where they do, but then theres times, youre watching and youre like this is so thoroughly unbelievable. As a star wars thing, but its believable as a western but its the issue is like youre trying to do the homage to the western, but in the star wars, universe and youve got and well. I guess i dont know were doing spoilers. How are we going to do this? Uh yeah lets lets do a section where its non spoilers and then well do spoilers yeah. So they do these set pieces where you have – and we know that one of the people in the group is what like an incredible sniper but like they act like snipers. Dont exist in this world, like theres theres kind of stylistic choices that they do, which are just kind of off putting a little bit where its just like come on like write this a little bit better, i dont know if i need parkour scenes as much as I need like competent street fights um, okay yeah.

The thing for me was like the second episode just felt like it should have been like shortened in in the first episode, because i wanted to see more of uh him like taking over a tattooing play or yeah hes a new dimer yeah. So i wanted to see more of that stuff, as opposed to like. Oh, this is a dream. Then this is another dream i was like. You could just shorten that up. Make it a little bit quicker. Tighten that up like i dont, need to see how you got your weapon, and this stuff is kind of weird i didnt like that part. Oh, i like that part were setting up the its the book of boba fett. I get that you dont start. You know in chapter five and then have chapter five, be you know you could have shortened that you didnt need all that there was like a two minute, long sequence of a tuscan, raider, jumping back before between a speeder bike. That was cool but like it goes on, okay, yes, i know that one scene hes talking about thats like the one scene i like training, though i like the trio i like the training part. I think it was messy. I loved leave that to the first episode. Yeah sure and then for you to make this part shorter its like, but it was the shortest episode and its kind of necessary because we need to start from the beginning.

Okay. So what did you guys think about the okay, so uh? Okay? So we got the two episodes. Basically, in these, two episodes were seeing uh. Where has boba fett been uh and what led him to when he appeared in mandalorian uh season two, where he looked more like a tuscan raider than he did a you know, a bounty hunter, and this is explaining that and then its also its got its sequences Between the past and and the present in the present, he is establishing himself as the new crime, lord um, and replacing um and right um, and he wants to rule through respect rather than fear and uh were gon na see how this actually pans out. And then we get all the flashbacks and where hes built up as a character, hes growing hes, changing hes learning and its explaining why he is the way he is now um, and i just i think that the actors do a wonderful job um. What is a tim, tamura morrison just great great job? I, like the the the angle he puts on boba fett its definitely different from the boba fett weve, seen in star im, not gon na, say that yeah thats thats boba fett its his own spin on it. But i think that comes with this series and how boba fett has evolved and changed with his tuscan raider uh background now and his experiences after being defeated at the hands of han solo yeah accidentally accidentally yeah boba boba, where yeah i love it anyways.

So i think its good um and you should watch it and it definitely is on on par with uh. You know i i i get what youre saying it. Doesnt really feel like a star wars, but i i disagree in that and i think that its its the underworld star wars, so it needs to feel different from star wars. I think, but yeah like perfectly as a guy like that, but this ones like kind of like theres theres individual scenes. I will talk about like spoilers and stuff i mean i dont want to make it seem like i dont like i really like it im a sucker for star wars always have been, and i really like this show and its got faults, but its created by john Favreau dave filoni uh, you, you think that the writing is is on par and, and this is adding to the lore in the right way – uh, because disney the sequel series was the wrong way yeah and so far, these television series is the right way and for Me boba fett continues it in the right way. I think its on the right track. Okay, it depends like theres something thats important. That was important for me going into this if he they established in the trailers. Hes, like i want to lead by respect – and i want to you know, were not going to torture were not going to do that, which is kind of a departure when you think of like uh, its bounty hunter yeah and so its like look.

I want to see i wish we had saw more of old boba fett, like maybe some flashbacks of him, being a brutal bounty, hunter yeah being an absolute savage for money, and then he gets this transition. He meets these people, they teach him its like. No dont. Be a piece of we do things through honor and then he learns and we get that change and i dont feel that change at all. I think that when we started in episode one in episode two he was a good guy. He was a good guy and i i didnt feel that he was ever yeah. You wanted a little bit more of youre kind of a piece of a transition from that that makes sense like splitting them off on two episodes. Just do it on one episode like alex, was saying: do that start it off and then episode two, you start from there. Yeah now were a good guy, its just its just its just how much of the transition did he make before he fell into the sarlacc pit? We dont really know because its not really expanded on, so maybe he was already this anti hero. This kind of you know in the middle rather and just looking for a job rather than uh kind of the piece of that he was, and i dont know the holidays. Star wars fashions, you know, whats funny is theres a 22 minute uh behind the scenes. Boba fett, where they celebrate boba fett as a character in the tea helm, its such an iconic thing i mean ive got it here, the second you see this t shape its above effect.

You know, and – and they show all this footage of white boba fett armor. The testing armor and stuff – and they get george lucas to finally talk about the holiday special, which is a rarity he doesnt. You know he doesnt like that doesnt exist, but he talks about it and hes a wild tongue theres a lot of drugs yeah and you know, theres a clip from it where its like that guy was a bad dude. You know uh, you know a c 3po or something says hes a bad guy, but hes, not a bad guy. I mean he was a bad guy now hes. Why we dont know sort of reformed. Okay, lets go yeah, so we all like boba fett and we recommend boba fett go watch it and now is the perfect time to watch it. If youve been waiting. I think these first two episodes will get you in and you can move forward every wednesday. So lets go into the individual episode, uh ratings and spoilers section okay, ill see you in the spoilers section guys welcome to the spoiler section and the episode breakdown so lets talk about that. First episode: its called stranger in a strange land, so obviously uh. This is where we get the scene of how he got out of the pit. Oh yeah, i like that. So is it, okay, have you been seeing the stuff going around with patent yeah describing the scene and it is literally shot for shot his hand punches through crawls up and im im so curious, like i was looking for a patent.

Nozzle is credit, but its not there um im so curious. How much of that – and they got to get one of these guys to get interviewed, did they did they do that, or is that just a common thing to think of that it was just whats that phenomenon when you know its just art, you know its like The same life yeah, you have uh, you know multiple ideas in the same in the same way so lets see that is like oh yeah. He just got shot out yeah he tasted bad gross. Oh joe, how does he exactly get out im talking about the details? The details hes stuck in there then, like i guess, hes losing oxygen. He sees the storm the star storm trooper. He unplugs gets more oxygen. I didnt even know you could grab us yeah me me either yeah, i didnt know what the that was whatever now. I know they have that universal adapters all right. Yes, i guess that works and he punches it and just starts using his flame thrower and just pushes through and digs his way yeah. This is thats the one part im like wait a minute. I thought he was going to come up through the sarge me too, but he actually comes up through the sand. Oh thats, a lot i get it. I respect it, but i agree with it. This is how he should how he did it, but i dont know i guess it could have been filmed in a better way.

No, i i liked it. I liked it, but what i didnt like or no hold on is that yeah. You just feel like how he ended up there in the first place is funny to me. I like simultaneously, like it and and hate it, and think its a a plot hole that this badass bounty hunter was just killed its because it was the script limitation from you know decades ago, where someone you know, gets a lucky shot and its weird its it. His jet pack sucks so bad. I guess thats why he never uses it well talk about that. Why he needed to use it later on in the episode and yeah so gets out of the pit uses the stormtrooper stuff and it was basically just like patent oswald described. I thought it was good, then um we flash forward to where he is now sitting on the throne and hes getting tribute right and he needs a protocol. Droid number one because some aliens are talking in there and he has no idea what they said, but its like okay, im gon na assume that that was a good thing. Um and then we get our first sort of uh reoccurring character here, which is a twilek major domo uh to mock shai is the mayor of moss espa um, david pasque, pasquezi quessi. I thought his performance was hilarious. Like this, i i believe that smarmy, i hate him like yeah. He played perfectly hes.

Like i hate him, i dont trust him and he did great uh. He wants to express his sincere uh. You know respect from afar. He me right exactly and then he has about tribute as like uh i have a you know. I dont have any monetary tribute, but his warm welcome now the matter of tribute expecting he got confused, loves you to pay him love this character, just want to punch him in the face so bad. He did good, so he did a great and then they and then they do some spare guards um or he spares the guards who had previous weve seen them in the movie. They look different here to be fair. They probably need more flexibility in the costumes and because i think the old versions, they look cool a lot theyre, just like bigger yeah, messy looking, so they can move around and fight a little bit better in these two costumes. They are um. I forget what the the guards uh the race of guards demorians yeah. I think i think youre right uh, two gamora, damn alex okay, two gomorian guards spares their lives and basically ask them. You know. Will you serve me lonely if i spare your your lives and in this instance this could have been an opportunity for betrayal. You have an aura of unease because its hes doing things that have not been done that way before uh theres examples. Your crime, lord, normally, is uh, walked around on this big platform and and hes like no.

I want to be on my own two feet, so hes doing things much differently and in this case it actually works out, because when phet and shand visit the sanctuary, a uh sort of a cantina thats being run there now, what did anybody notice? Was that uh max rebo and band because it was max rebo and the modal nodes damn alex, that is max rebo im. This is okay, so hes asking to clean the helmets, and then they put in a bunch of money in into the helmets. So the cantinas are offering tribute um and so theres no real trouble there, but it does feel a little uneasy when he exits thats when a goes down and hes ambushed by assassins, um him and shard the order of the night or something like that and immediately Im like they, they get them in this. This cool shield thing they all activate their shields. They look like ninjas, i, like the costume design. I like the webbing design. I like the situation. I see how it works on paper, but im like just use your jet pack, youre youre, stuck in the thing just go: oh thats it! Well, i thought differently. I was like youre boba fett, like they have you surrounding their all. Their legs are showing fire fire. Do that or flamethrower okay fire, a rocket behind them yeah i saw it fly up and then just start firing down that too right. So there were.

There were multiple ways that we know in the lore, because we think hes a badass and we know hes disrespectful theyre just pushing him around. I was like, but he fought him on a 2d plane because he wanted to show how bad he is, how badass he is. I dont know i i dont. This is one of the things i have a huge issue with so far in the first two episodes is he wants to be. He wants to take over jabba the hutts empire, with one sidekick and thats. It hes got one sidekick and then he picks up two new sidekicks and then hes like walking around the street. Its just like come on. Like get you, i got four well theres. Four people, yeah theres, four total people youre right uh. He he demands a respect. Hes hes, relying on his reputation, clearly definitely relying on his reputation, yeah forrest and then six assassins show up, not one shoots him because theyre like we got to use our changes, i feel like this is yeah yeah. This is the western thing. Thats boba fett hes gone soft. I dont like this boba fett hes like oh. I just want to roll by respect no dont torture, anyone but how its gone. But you know theres certain allowances made for entertaining action. Youve seen with street fights done a million times better, no ive seen westerns, where the bad guys come up and theyre like just shut shut.

The up there shouldnt even be any talking it should just if were gon na, go off that logic, then that bad guy, as soon as he walked out of the saloon pop pop hes dead, yeah yeah, well, thats not entertaining and thats, not a goddamn movie. These are these, are these are the most feared assassins and they use a stick and shield? Yes, it doesnt make sense and it was done for you know artistic accents like come on, like weve seen im with you, because im like he could just fly up and leave thats. Why? If he has like an entire troop of like gamoreans, they walk out the bar one of the no name: gamorans gets shot because theres an ambush set up and then they go into a street fight. And then there you go there you go. Are you kidding me who wants to use sticks against boba fett because they wanted to show off a parkour scene later on that i didnt want and no one likes. I liked it. I like that parkour scene, as the assassins realize that theyre dying and theyre getting away two of them run and then he goes out and he actually pops one with his missile yeah. The fed needs to go back to his chamber because hes wounded yeah hes got to get to his bath. Yes, he got to get to his back pops one with his missile, then fennick chases down the other two.

She has her own little fight scene and kills a guy or throws a guy off the side which, because he wants one alive, shes going to kill her yeah, you dont need them grab one alive, so hes got one alive to ask for you know who the Uh, who sent you yeah so uh the gamorians, put him back in the ba back to pod and uh. At that point, you realize that they and they actually show up to help from the outside, because the the way its filmed and the way its shown is, they would have been screwed if it wasnt for the gomorians in there, and they wanted to make that an Epic scene, where oh they, they are being loyal to them and then theyre again loyal to him by putting him in the back anyways while hes inside this back to pod is where he has these dream sequences or the not dream sequence with the flashbacks in his History, so we go back to his time with the tuscans um and at that point, hes captured because after he gets out of the sarlacc pit, um jaw was rolled up on him. That was the first thing and we know that from that whole sheriffs storyline, where he got the armor and he was like um and the jaws are funny because they just take take the completely hey, knock him out again hes like barely moves. And then, then he uh meets the tuscan, raiders and hes taken kind of captive and prisoner.

I guess they were planning to use them for slave labor or maybe to sell him um, but they dont immediately kill him uh, which is interesting because the tuscan raiders in the star wars, universe – has really always been shown as savages and theyre bad guys period. But i like the way uh tuscan raiders are handled here and it can be easily explained later on. They mentioned that theres, multiple tuscan, raider tribes and some are more aggressive because theyre just being pushed out uh. You know western got the american indians out in the old west thats what theyre doing and theyre showing a softer side or their own culture, and this is kind of why they are the way they are because they have their own culture and their lands are being Um basically trampled on, but anyway uh theyre attacked. I didnt really understand what they were digging for. Melons balance. Black melons is what theyre called, but what the milk, what were those like: uh, poo, poo from the sand creature, and then you drink water from the poo poo. So we got the milk titty titty milk, and then we got the poo poo or i think its theres, just some melons under the sand, sand melon just random melons and you can just i mean thats the best desert ever. No. I wanted a little bit better explanation. I would buy it if it was uh, uh sand, creature, poo, poo or something of course right.

It is gross, but it makes kind of sense in that, but but so as theyre digging for these things in the child, theres a child tuscan, raider, thats kind of tasked with kind of you know, guiding its almost hes his pet um. They couldve easily overpowered but go ahead. Yeah i mean at one point: he does you know, but the other, but while theyre alone youre saying he can easily overpower. Oh, that could easily kill that kid theyre as theyre digging one of the rhodian, who is a little by the way. Yes, they could have got away together, hes like well, he dies good because the sand creature is under the sand. He digs it up and it attacks and its a santar. Is it? No? Do you know the actual? No anything at this point anything you say i will believe. No, no. I have no idea what it is, but it looks like a centaur, so its a santa santa. I, like it, yeah its a centaur from now on, but fett kills the centaur uh because hes a badass and he saves the tuscan child and then who takes the head back to camp and you could tell the child is bragging like he killed it, but the Leader, you know, you know he knows that that bubble was the one its just like man. You got his head off, thats, crazy, nice and he gives him uh some water, and that shows that at that point, hes no longer a slave, and he you know yeah and thats how the episode ended and, to be honest with you, i really liked it.

I mean it was short, it was to the point it explained what i what i had questions for in a satisfying way, um its believable that he would have encountered it. You know jaw was ripping his armor off because thats, what jawas do and then tusken raiders is, is like how the would he survive there out alone, he couldnt possibly do it tuscan, raiders great uh explanation and i thought good, even good action sequences that were filmed In a dumb way could have been set up better, we could get to the exact same sequences just with a better setup, a few gamoreans die and then by then theyre already ambushed. So he cant do anything. Maybe he has one scene where he tries to engage his jet pack and one of them knocks the jet pack out real, quick, its just these little script. Things yeah would have helped that scene be perfect, uh, its not perfect, its entertaining is what what it is, and you have to have a suspension of disbelief thats the only sort of blemish on it, because i really like the episode and so for that im gon Na give that episode an eight out of ten. What about you guys um im between a seven or an eight for me because, like im still with the whole, going back and forth with the dream sequences and it expands on two kind of flashbacks yeah, the flashbacks? I kind of wanted it to be a little bit longer.

Okay, for more of the explain explanation on the flashbacks: do more of that make that episode longer and then move on from there, okay um, but theres a lot of stuff. I was like well, he could have just done that im nitpicking, but im, probably gon na. Go with a high seven: okay, high seven! For me, seven um! I like the episode. I think that every one of the story points works and is satisfying for me, but i really dont like the way that some of the things were filmed in some of the situations yep um and it takes you out yeah and its just like alex. Can i bribe you for a point? No um. They did confirm that max. Rebo is alive yeah, but it was a. It was a 30 minute episode, opening episode for boba fett yeah, so just like the mandalorian, we loved it, but we complained yeah, but i mean like the the thing that i have the mandalorian like really propped it up with some of the other, the other fight. I i really dont like that fight scene, uh, and it really bothers me yeah uh id like this episode. Then it would be a six right. I im above average for sure i think its im trying to determine whether i want to give it a six or seven. I think im gon na go with the six and what was crazy is like i was so upset watching this its like.

I have to wait a week and i dont know if i love this show yet, and i really want to love this show watch it at its release. I watched it the day it came out. Oh and then id wait an entire week going like man, i dont know if i like this or not what is with these fight scenes whos in charge of this and its like robert rodriguez. What the have you never watched a western shootout in the street because it didnt look like you have and then episode two came out and i really liked it so: okay, um six. That makes total sense. I agree, you know – and i am saying my my rating is biased, since we got them back to back almost kind of counted them as one all right. Anyways thats a perspective from when you watch two episodes definitely watch it now from now on. Yeah watch both at the same time. Okay, so lets go on to episode, two, which is called uh, the tribes of tatooine alex what was going on here, uh same stuff. We, when how does it open? Oh, it opens with an assassin up: nightwind, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so thats a fun scene. Yeah were gon na kill you hes, like oh, he doesnt care about his life or anything its like. Oh well feed you to the rancor and they dont know that the rank thats. Why i like my rancor um and i like the rancor i didnt like when the rancor died, even as a kid i didnt like when the raincore died.

I know i know i felt bad yeah. He doesnt have a rancour, boba, fett, dont and and dont got enough money. Hasnt put iran core in hes. Have a drone hes searching, we got ta go, he doesnt have a pet store. He doesnt have a fourth dude in his crew. Third, fifth dude. He doesnt have anything and he got robbed episode. One yes well get there. Hes, building, hes, building youre gon na take over the entire papillon tattooing. With one person he got robbed yeah, yeah, thats, fine and the first step is the very first episode and then the the helmets fall with all the all the money i mean he gets robbed that helmet is worth significantly more than everything in the helmet. Yes, uh and so that you know they threaten him and theyre like haha. It was just a rat, but he gives away that the mayor is the person who supposedly allegedly sent the assassins out. So he goes to visit the mayor, yeah and uh. Again, we get another scene with my favorite ass, smarmy um and you know but event hes, like the mayors, not ready im like just punish this guess i was like he does go inside yeah. He doesnt go around the table. Im like here we go come on bob. We need a little harder edge if youre gon na be the crime lord, exactly if you want to respect him like do that again, ill kill you or something right now: im just gon na kill you youre on the edge yeah um anyways.

So then he actually goes to i thorian the mayor, uh of uh, translator, yeah and uh. He denies that he hired the assassins, in fact he kills the assassin, because only uh, you know the assassin can say anything, but she shoots him right there and then everybody starts to point guns at each other because its like what the hells going on uh claims. He didnt do it and in fact he he treats him like a bounty hunter. You know crime, lord youre, a bounty hunter heres. Some bounty for you know because these guys arent actually supposed to operate around here on hut, space, um and thats a little hint, because he has uh sort of allegiance to uh the hutts who come in later uh that and that youre, not the crime. Lord. In fact, jabbas cousins cousins are actually the crime, lord, so its a pair of huts, known as the twins brother and sister and uh theyre here to claim um the throne for themselves. Yeah, it says: go back to the sanctuary, i thought he was gon na see something bad in the sanctuary or something, and it was kind of awkward because i was like maybe when he walks in the sanctuary theyre doing something theyre not really supposed to be doing. But its not really like that, you just go to the sanctuary and then the huts show up outside and he goes outside unless i miss something. No, they just go in there and you say the the owner of the bar says you didnt hear that the huts are in town and it i dont know why the marriage.

I dont know why the mayor just went there. Okay, i guess they needed that. That scene, they wanted to show that dudes pecks off again, so the twins arrive with a um sort of expanded, lore character, um, who is a wookie uh called black christian? I dont know if you notice, in the background theres one that looks like a weasel from suicide squad. No, he didnt have any other. He had another entourage. No, i do like looking at the background things. Yeah yeah. I like the shot compositions, i think uh. You know other than that, first fight scene, robert rodriguez, is doing a good job um in in sort of setting this up, but anyways hes like no. I im im the crime lord here i dont give a about the hutts or their claim, which is a huge thing to say because and and theyre going to come to conflict, but you are not allowed to attack the huts without the entire hut. You know consortium or whatever theyre called collective coming down on you and boba fett doesnt have the power to stop that so its an interesting conundrum. How the is he going to get this at one point, youre right, fennec shard says you know, were going to need to get permission to kill these guys. How is this going to work uh you could make it look like an accident. Maybe is, i was thinking uh, but you know why everyones afraid of the huts, because theyve got dudes and money and bob would have got nothing and massive.

No dudes and money twilight to hire that guy jeez crash man just stand next to me. Ill pay. You yeah, it was small, does does black uh christine, say chris santan, excite yall yeah. Of course, theres gon na theres got ta, be some kind of comment. I wish you a podcaster instead, like a big bokeh like like, i want comically, large and the reason that he can use. It is because hes, a giant wookie, i mean hes just using that cool if he was crushing something while looking at him or something pulling the head off a child hes like doing something menacing yeah, so theres a theres, a fun fight in in the future. So fat is back in the back to tank and remembers uh this whole big sequence, joe whats, the secret. This is what pulled me off, and this was what pulled me out of the scene. I was like. The tension was rising. I was like i like this. I like this, you want to stay in the present. Yes, you dont like it when it goes, i dont want like again again. I wanted that to say in the first one, and this is where it dropped for me, i was like look. I dont care about the tuscan raiders. We understand he got his respect now were here. You thought that hey, he got his respect from the water and that scene that scenes taken care of yeah right now, no more back but lets go back were going to do that so theyre training and uh the theres a train thats coming by as we go, The trains coming back, lets, go attack it and then they they lose.

They lose so many people its more like the train is every time it comes through its like, murdering their their cattle and their people, yeah theyre, protecting their stuff and theyre. Just its like hey this: is our property get the out, but they ended up. Losing hes like all right im need to teach these fools. So he goes to one of the containers like a biker bar biker bar. He meets those uh guys, so he whoops their asses steals all their bikes hes like all right im gon na take it back. This is a little gift from me to you yeah, and then we get thats a vlog one of the best scenes somebodys getting rushed over well, no, like the first part, is all right forward. Stop forward! Stop all right were gon na practice now, jumping on board on the train, all right, like jump over, they got a little two one misses just runs like. Is he dead though, but you get are you out run over by i? So we get a little training montage on bikes, its like all right. The trains coming back, we are were going to go attack, they start going by the bikes you, you miss the fact that he its very important, i think that he has taught the style of combat theres, a bat theres, the chieftain and then a badass fighter, but We get that again at various times they fight and because hes earned the tribes, respect from saving the the youngster uh.

They start to teach him uh the ways and then he starts to use some of that combat style and taking out some of the. But everything else is is so yeah, so essentially they attack this spice train from the pike syndicate which, by the way, youre not supposed to with the pikes either yeah. Well, youre, not you know thats from rebels. They have the spice yet right so theyre, like you guys, are just yeah, so hes pushing his floor. He steals those speeders. They lose a few tuscans as as theyre taken, but hey i mean they were going to lose a few tuscans anyway. Every band that theyve got yeah um so after he teaches how them how to ride uh, the badass, ken and him get on board. They got this cool little robot thats like doing all these different things to try to get them off using the jet scene. So we got a high speed action chase, again: train robbery, staying very close to the motif of cowboys and indians and in this case its sort of like a train robbery. So i like it very close to what mandalorian is doing. They know what whats working, what the tropes are and how to uh redo the tropes in an interesting fresh way in within the star wars, universe and while, in the back of my mind its like, why are we spending so much time on just this train um, Its more like, hey man, this is a television series where theres a book of boba fett.

This is you know a part of his history and a part of who he is now and hes, basically learning. So this is the time that he learned from the tuscans and uh destroys the train and uh warns the pa pikes that you know that theyre going to have to pay a toll now because they will tusken. Are you carrying spices like spice? No, what does it look like like that? Yeah um, glitter, gold, glitter and then after that he is officially admit. You know sort of becomes a part of the tuscan tribe and this cool little sequence, where a few of them start dancing and then more of them dancing and then theyre all dancing its awesome and alex. Maybe here you go. Maybe here is his army at a certain point. He could call on these guys at any time to show up, and that might happen in the future that its like well, what the hes only got four people when the hutts come to with him hes going to get his ass kicked. Maybe he can go over now to the tuscans and ask for help at the end uh. They they produce his own gaffy stick and you see it on his back. Weve seen it in the mandalorian season. Two that explains well dont forget this space lizard like jesus. Thank you, surprise, throw some dust on it and he goes on a crazy trip that lizard will guide you.

I was like what the did you just kill above a fan. Hes, like is he gon na, have a lizard in his head for the rest of the series thats. What i thought just listen to your voice. I was like the lizard talks, yep yeah, so he trips, the out. He finds a stick, finds a tree that embraces him or something, and he breaks off the branches and becomes one with the tree and his weapon and he comes back and then the lizard comes out of his head and goes back into his little uh cage. Anyways uh, they they build the gaffy, stick together and then um, you get the cool little dance at the end and he is now officially a part of the tribe so uh it is going back and forth between two time periods. Again in the second episode you would – and he also gets stopped, and he also gets his suit – that we see him on the mandalorian red robe, with the gun more like a tuscan, raiders yeah yeah, uh uh. What do you think were going with final verdicts already, because, yes, i really like this episode. I dont know what i hear from you again. I liked where the huts come in and everything is rising like we got to try to earn all respect in this town. I wanted to see more of that aspect yeah, but we got another flashback with the tuscans. I was like look, i get it yeah, but i didnt really enjoy that as much as the present um im gon na go as with the six on this.

Its still good its above average, but, like i dont like this whole flashback on, hopefully they dont do they stop doing that on the third, no, its gon na be all the way back. Okay, i think were gon na get more but theres seven episodes. I anticipate like alex will still get it in the third and then the fourth were up to speed yeah, i kind of wish they filmed it differently like. I want to see that in the beginning, if that was all done in the beginning and then well start from like chronologically, okay, yeah, yeah, simple storytelling, okay, yeah, i dont mind uh. So what was your verdict? Uh? I dont actually mind the the flashbacks. I think some of it can be done its just. Interestingly, i dont necessarily love the way all of the flashback sequence was uh done. I think that there was a lot of i. You could have shortened a lot of things, so we get more to the meat of the situation. Theres a lot of gaffy stick training, theres a lot of jumping back and forth between speeder bikes um. That was great. Seeing, though, love that one theyve been jumping back and forth over and over and over no no, the bike scene? Oh yes, when yes yeah, i get that bike scene was very quick um, so i i think we just see joe sitting in his house. Literally, just laughs laughing the bikes. I think this episode had a little bit of pacing issues.

I dont mind the length. I think the length is great. I just wish that we got you know theres so much stuff that they can do theres so much great storytelling. That can happen here and i think, jumping back and forth. Im going to contact like that extended scene, just didnt need to be there and i i look im going to look at the episode lengths and the series length and goes like this is not what i wanted. I wanted more of this other stuff um. I still think its hilarious that the huts, the huts – it makes a little bit more sense that they theyre practically fearless that they can walk around the street with no one with a gun at all. Theyre, just theyve got their slaves carrying them and then one wookie and it was like hiding in the back it just so theres awkwardness in there its like look. I want to see that theres actually more tension in there, not everyone thinking that theyre invulnerable to you know sniper fire or a rocket or something that would kill them um. But i really like this episode. It was a huge turnaround for me. I was worried about the series, and now i dont think i am um, so i like this episode, im gon na, give it an eight yeah, okay, um yeah. I i again i like this one uh. I liked it as much as the first uh, its its surprising to me, this ones directed by steph, green and the first one was directed by robert rodriguez and im surprised by that, because you think robert would handle action a little bit better than here.

But here the action has handled really well and theres, not things im, picking out thats like that doesnt make sense or as whereas i was doing that in the in the action scene of the first one. I just wanted them small little script doctor scenes in the first one, but i really like this one im gon na give this one. An eight out of ten uh were were pretty solid here. Um im enjoying i already like the boba fett character, im curious how you would feel about this if you didnt, like the boba fett character, if you didnt already have an affinity for him, is he uh endearing to you and is he? Is he getting your your viewership? I dont know somebody who who will have to tell me that, but so far i think its a solid series. Eight out of ten on the second episode im, looking very much forward to the five remaining episodes um, i dont probably want to see another one like this, where its an entire episode. No, yes, i think this is this. Is his full back story of the tuscan raiders were not getting uh, you know any more were not spinning our wheels anymore were going on fully because, like the thing with me is like i was enjoying it its like. Oh shits about to go down the tensions rising and then screeching hot lets go back. I was like i i again im like alex.

I dont have a problem going back and forth between the two time periods. We have to find it if the tension wasnt there like, if hes just like thinking about something or something somethings going on, but this is like. Oh, this is whats gon na happen. Now this is gon na, be the threat its like. I wonder whats gon na happen. No were gon na. Take you out of that story and push you back to something else. They didnt they didnt what they didnt do. Is they didnt meet the same level of tension? So i think, if theyve done a flashback where the the tension is high immediately um, i think that maybe it may have worked a little bit better for you where it was just like were at a tense moment, and then we go like slow Music. So weve got episodes left uh there were supposedly directed by john favreau is going to direct one himself, bryce dallas howard returns. She directed one of the mandalorians dave filoni is going to direct one and kevin tancharon is a guy that uh would have done. The big screen adaption of mortal kombat because he created mortal kombat legacy for the web series. They was gon na. Have him do it, but then he dropped out of that project in 2013. For other reasons, never really got to do. You know: break break in hes done a lot of television stuff, so im curious how well he does on that.

Since uh, you know he could have done more comment and dropped out um, but did do mortal kombat legacy so uh we got a few episodes left im. Looking forward to how boba fett rizzo resolves the mayors situation, how hes going to resolve the fed situation. We know theres a battle, more respect, kleegan bowl kind of thing coming with the uh. You know the wookie and and then how how the future, how he factors in and are we going to get any mandalorian stuff, um and and how it goes about for the rest of it. So or i guess it and i guess by the end its just hes the crime lord now and everybody respects him and hes. The new job is probably the end game, but okay well anyways thats it for now.