I am on the older scrabante race circuit and im having a good day at the office. Very very nice day were out here with the new yaris gr and the new golfer gti, but in this video were going to focus on the bmw. So does this four cylinder turbocharged front wheel, drive, bmw, have what it takes to take on the golfer gti ill. Tell you ill tell you just now: Music right, so bmw for a long time made the only rear, wheel, drive hatchback on the market, and then they decided well weve got this unique selling point lets chuck it in the bin and go front wheel. Drive like everyone else, the thing is, i dont really blame them too much and interestingly, bmw surveyed their one series, customers and 80 percent of them. Didnt even know if their one series was frontal, rear, wheel, drive and then they decided well lets just go front. Wheel, drive its cheaper and easier and they can share the platform around with the mini brand and the x1 and all the rest of it. And so here we are with a front wheel, drive one series: you can only buy front wheel, drive or you can buy x drive but where it gets really spicy is you cant even buy a six cylinder one series anymore, the 135, the 140 of the past Rear wheel, drive straight six up front theyre gone lets just have a moment: moments of silence for those cars anyway, the world progresses, things must change, things must move on, and so we have a four part.

Turbocharged, bmw motor in here two liters, its actually the same engine that you get in the sibling of this car, the m135i except its detuned. So in here youve got 180 kilowatts and 380 newton meters and in the m135i youve got 225 and 450.. So youre down a bit of power here, but because this is only front wheel, drive and theyve chucked out the whole rear of the drivetrain. This car is actually 80 kgs lighter than the m135i, so its power to weight ratio is pretty decent, so 0, 100 in 6.4, in here onto a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour, but a hot hatch is not necessarily all about straight line. Speed its about the corners and how it feels in the bends so lets start making use of elder scrubante race track here, throw this ti into some corners whoa. That is a lot of tire squeal. Goodness me, okay, yeah the front seems to be washing wide. A little bit earlier than i would like it to change of direction is good, not terribly impressed with the front end bites its not really communicating to me what the front wheels are up to the front of the car feels a little bit light actually and when You get on the power coming out of a corner if youre not pointing in a straight line, then it just complains. Listen to that shove out of the corners is not bad, it does feel like you really have to hustle it to get it to do what you want it to do.

The exhaust notes is not very inspiring im its a bit of a drone. If im honest theres, not too much to write home about there thats for sure, in fact, i think its letting this engine down a little bit, because this engine is quite revvy, its quite happy to rev, but im not getting that feeling from it. Im, not its. Not visceral enough really, and i think the issue im. Having is that i just pushed the new golf 8 gti around this track, and i thought it was quite a bit better than this yeah. This is a bit awkward, but that car just gave me so much more confidence in the corners. It felt so much more planted than this. I knew exactly what the front tires were up to all the time. Another big difference between this car and the golf gti is youve got a seven speed dsg in there dual clutch automatic and in here youve got an eight speed, traditional torque converter, but lets do a little top speed run down the main straight here at alder scrub And say: six and a half thousand rpm were nearly at 180 k an hour. Okay thats not slow at all. Is it sheesh? I dont feel like im lacking for power. In fact, i feel like it has just the right amount of power for a sort of average motorist like myself any more than this going through that limited slip different. I think this car would be a bit too much of a handful.

I really like what bmw have done with the interior of this 128 ti. There are lots of nice little touches like the graphic design on the seat and the ti logo embroidered on alcantara covering the center storage. The seats are also an attractive mix of leather and textile, and i think the seats could have been designed for a bit more support in the corners, but they were comfortable. The instrument cluster is digital, but designed to look analog and the infotainment system has all the functionality you might expect, including android, auto and apple carplay. All things considered theres enough in here to make you feel like youre driving something a bit special Applause: Music Applause, Music. I think bmw have done enough here to make this an interesting front. Wheel, drive hatchback, but ive driven a lot of bmws in my life and if you blindfolded me – and let me take this round of track – which would be impressive, given that i was blindfolded. But you know what i mean if you covered up all the obvious things which make it a bmw and you let me drive it around here. I wouldnt say it was a bmw and im not saying brands should never change the way they do things. I just think those rear wheel, drive six cylinder, one series hatchbacks had something really special to them, and this just doesnt feel this special. It kind of just feels like everything else on the market and, like i say its, not bad its, not bad at all.

In fact, this is a good car to drive. Is it a bmw, not so sure Music thanks very much for watching if youve just watched this video, but you havent yet subscribed to our channel, you absolutely should do that immediately. Right now, click the subscribe button, its a good idea for a bunch of reasons which i actually dont have really a lot of time to go into, but its good its a good idea. Excellent thanks for watching.