Fourteen hundred dollar prize so go check out our Facebook it's drone camps. Fpv drone community on Facebook join up on that, if you're a graphic designer get your mascot logo and this month, because the prizes have been upped here again on the channels, so we're going big in February for that mascot design, but check this out today, we're gon Na review a try copter this little guy is from frsky it's about 150 dollars. It has a 4 inch problem here. It has a 30 by 30 flight controller in here with betta flight OSD. It has a VTX inside here and it had its own little fpv. Camera on the front which i immediately took out after the first few flights, because it was according to English, it was shite as they would say, and the VTX was not very good. It was set to 25 milli watt default and it wouldn't go about a half. A parking lot away before I totally lost video, so the the VTX and and video system on this little guy is not good. The other thing that's a little bit daunting about it as it is, is all plastic, and it does have two servos in here that tilt these front rotors. So it is classified as a tilt rudder, which is cool, but the prop guards. They are plastic and they will break if you hit concrete, which I did right there because I'm, a crazy man and I'm always flying over concrete, but line of sight it's also really fun to fly, because it looks so ridiculously strange and different compared to a quadcopter.

It just looks really cool in the air and when you break it out of the field, people usually get some kind of different reaction to it. Everybody has quads these days, but not everybody has a tri copy, and this this thing is super geeky, but for some reason I, like the really super geeky stuff, even more so this has been sitting on my desk. My partner actually came to my office a couple days ago and she looked at it on my desk. It was like what is that there's, tricopter and she's never seen one before. After all the things that I reviewed on my channel. This is the first tricopter love your channel, so I'm pretty excited about it, but what's really cool about this is that yes, the best have a a flight. You can upgrade it if you like it and that's why I did because I enjoy it. So I put a fox tear all weather camera on the front and I'll put a link down below for these, because this is going to be a mini review for that too, and I put a nameless DVR in there. It'S, nameless RC 400 middle watt DVR with a lollipop 3 sticking out the bottom instead of the stock free sky antenna that entire video system is a piece of crap, so just yank it out and put something worth your time in here. So if they do a rover 4, I would suggest looking at foxy runcam cameras.

Maybe even some type of internal 1080p DVR would be cool for free skies, customers that's. What everybody wants anyway, so listen to the community. They usually do, and maybe they'll come out with a rover, for that would be a lot better updated than this one, but you can get a 4s or a 3s battery in here. You can fly either one. I flew three s550 and a 650 battery and I was still able to get like around the four minutes flight time, maybe maybe about four and a half minutes. It also has like I said two servos in the front right here and an X T 30. So it already comes set up for you X, 230 batteries, when you tuck this back in there that you have to be careful that the wire doesn't get smashed up into the servo arms in there. So those are having to plea be pushed back and forth to work near tiltrotors, so everything could thin nicely just like this, and I have to say that I'm not super impressed with canopy as well. I did break one post on the canopy two plastic post right here and a little magnet that holds everything off so every time I hit the ground a little bit hard. The canopy would fly off and I would have to stop flying go pick this up before. I lose it because it is black after all, but I think that flying at line of sight was probably the most enjoyable thing and once I upgraded to the camera system on here that just made it a lot more fun to fly.

So let's go ahead and do some indoor freestyle and some crashes some durability tests with this guy and then after that, we'll go outside. Do some freestyle and I'll show you what this thing looks like with the stock camera, which is a piece of shite and I'm gon na show you what my upgraded system looks like and then we'll have some fun outside in the park, all right guys. Here we go all right, so let's have some fun: first we're gon na fight line of sight and just gon na talk about this flight, real quick. No! This is the first time I've ever flown a tricopter in accra mode line of sight. So this was really interesting for me. It kind of reminded me of a lobster doing like front and back flips. It was really kind of hilarious. It did have some kind of wobbling characteristic to it, but that's, because if I control is trying to catch up with just not having that extra propeller and motor there, so you do have a tendency with this quad to have some kind of wobble effect. And that might be able to get possibly tuned out with a little more tuning in beta flight but I'm, not totally sure, because I didn't try to tune it. Yet. I just left it stock how it was so now you're, looking at the stock, video camera and VTX on there and we're having a little shenanigans here with it, because it has prop guards.

So the guys thought it was really funny. They'Ve never seen one like this before in person other than like. The stick builds that we've seen years ago, but this one's cool it's, it's geeky. It is super geeky, but it's it's it's got terrible electronics on it. As far as that, VTX is considered. It'S totally trash, so the rover for, like I said before it definitely needs some upgrading. I like this tricopter, so much that I decided to give it some upgraded stuff, because I have a SHOP full of the newest gear out, and this is the foxier toothless camera that you're looking at right here. With that nameless 400 milli watt with DVR on board. It has a smart card slot on there, so you can put your micro SD card in there and I'm going to show you some of that video coming up as well. Try to put all those links for those companies down below, because some of you might not have seen this toothless camera before, but it is an all weather camera, and this is a much sunnier day than the first day. I got to film with that stock setup. On this tricopter, but now it's a nice sunny day and the next day, we're gon na go out and fly after this part playing around in the backyard a little bit with some clothes same proximity is all gon na, be a nice sunny day. So just trying to see how it flies, instability, mode and close proximity close into things around the backyard and just kind of see how it does.

And you can see again, it does have this sort of wobbling characteristic, but it will find gaps and make it through gaps with unbelievable precision in that stability mode. So this is, you know, it's kind of like having a tiny loop in the backyard, and there you go the prop the prop guards actually do work. You can bounce off things and sort of it kind of hugs up against something sometimes like quads. Do it? Has that same type of characteristic, I crashed up against a fence and it did the same thing hug up against a fence pole. I had to walk over and get it but now we're out at the the park over here in Milwaukee, and this is a nice day to fly also and again you're looking at that upgraded foxier, toothless, cam right here. This is the micro version and it's. Looking really nice out today, but the closer I get to this baseball diamond over here, there's three of them right here with bunch of fences that's a really bad spot for VTX – is for some reason, there's something over there. That causes a lot of problems but isn't that cool look at the shadow of this little guy just cruising along. It looks like a little lobster flying through the air, it's, really really neat little quad and I tried to do an airplane landing. If you hit the ground, you have to hit the throttle, kill really fast and of course, I scratch my camera yeah.

Second time. I used it, but now we're gon na look at the nameless RC 400 milliwatts ETX DVR, and this is recording in sixteen by nine. So this is way way way more clear than the toothless camera, but it almost amazingly looks like it the same, and I believe this is recording ten or 720p, possibly, I believe, that's what the resolution I have to go back and look at the specs on that. But there you go there, you have it that's the nameless DVR. It looks pretty good it's better than all the cut up on your goggles recording in your goggles DVR. So if you want something that's going to be able to dickwads flights or your fixed wing flights and not take up a lot of space, this thing is not very heavy and that's. One of the reasons why I chose it. It'S kind of one of those like half stacks, it looks like it's kind of cut in half and you can put this in the belly of this little tricopter and get some nice video. But now we're going back to doing some really really tight in proximity. Flying underneath this fence right here, this is like a foot off the ground right here, so I am in stability mode and just cruising along here and seeing how much control I can have with those three motors underneath this fence kind of slaloming. Back and forth I mean normally, I would generally only get away with this type of flying with like something like a tiny Wu, but it hasn't really put like a low profile to this particular tricopter.

So you're able to kind of like skirt underneath things and we had some people walking by with their dogs and they thought it was super cool. And these ladies started saying: oh my goodness, you're really good at that and making all kinds of compliments to me. And then I got a little bit nervous because you know when the ladies are talking to you and they're, making comments to you and telling you how good you are. You just start messing up on the sticks and that's exactly what happened to me. I started hitting things typical mail, but yeah, but you can see again in there. They said something else and okay. Ladies it's time to go, I need to get back to flying sorry. This is Geek Squad out here, so I think it's really well controlled. Underneath the fence – and if you wanted to do any type of you know practice around the race course with this. I think this tricopter could hit the racecourse, or even some indoor flying would be fun. So whatever you honestly, whatever you want to do with this little tricopter, I think you're gon na have fun with it, especially if you decide to upgrade it later or sooner hopefully than later. This is what mine looks like at the end of playing around with mine and I'm, a typical hobby guy. I I couldn't stand it. I had to upgrade that camera immediately and the props the original bullnose props had to come off there, and I had to put my own lollypop three antenna on the bottom to be able to get a little bit better range and that 400 milliwatt nameless DVR VTX.

On the bottom there you can see it just inside that little hatch right. There is much better, but I love the landing gear on here is the landing gear. Like the cutest coolest thing ever, I used to think that was super ridiculous. When I'd see these quad copters looking sort of like a helicopter, but this thing looks like a something out of Blade, Runner or something it's really neat, and you can see that 30 by 30 stock in there. You could probably even replace that with something else later. If you wanted to – and you can see those look like 9 gram servos in there and the good news about the servos, the last tiltrotor i had on the channel – failed miserably the first flight they broke, and these took concrete crashes. It took gym crashes and whatever servos these are. They are actually really really good. So I'm gon na give this one about a 4.0 out of 5, mainly because of the fun factor.