Mad janky all right welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that little cut, um beautiful imagery. I think the image out of this camera is absolutely amazing, but ill get to that in a little bit. Just want to say uh thanks for sticking around and lets talk about. Some of my thoughts on the 6k pro okay, so the 6k pro has been out for a while now and its not for everyone, this cameras, not for everyone, but it is a perfect camera for what i need it to do and thats what kind of be Talking about right now, so the first thing im going to kind of just rattle off is the fact that its actually a compact small camera. I say that laughingly, because this thing is not small too, to compare to other cameras, but to compare to my other cinema. Camera the zcam e2 f6. This thing is quite nimble in that sense, so yeah when it comes to being nimble and small and compact the black magic pocket 6k does offer a lot of things that i really like. The first thing i do like is the internal nds ive had this for about three ish months now and ive used it on about four different shoes on various locations in the rain and the heat and studio sessions, you name it its performed in all those environments. This is really great and having internal indies allows me to be a little bit lighter, so i dont have to carry nd filters or have them in front of the lens.

I have a clear image from from clear to always to six stops. So two four six stops and i think thats a great range. I dont shoot wide open a lot and my i dont have very fast lenses anyway, relatively i have a 2.8 lens for most of for for most of them. So having that option and having a really clean, nd filter internally is really really great. Number two is going to be actually how light the camera is to is, oddly enough, since it is made out of plastic, it does yield itself being on the lighter side. Until you put a lens, i have heavier lenses um, like my disk on series. Those are tanks. Those lenses actually weigh more than the camera itself, which is kind of funny, but um the downside of it being plastic is, if you drop it you might, you might be out of luck of a camera, so thats why i have a half cage. Most people might want to go full cage, but i still want to have this grip. This is actually a nice deep grip and sometimes how i hold the camera. I have a handle here and i operate this way or of course i have the top handle having this half cage allows me to have more mounting points as well when it when we do need to mount it up for like a studio session like our most Recent shoot number three is the monitor.

Now i did not want to have to rig up a monitor with my kit multiple times thats. What i have to do with my zcam is either an evf or a monitor this having a tilt screen. At least it tilts out to the front and its high bright, that is a game changer in terms of being fluid, just jump out of the car start filming and youre good. I dont always have the brightness all the way up most of the times. I dont need it im around 40 um majority of time with my brightness, so i can consume less battery and speaking of battery, i keep turning back to get my camera. I should just hold it honestly: i use the anton bauer power base for powering this guy and it comes with a dummy battery or you can use the limo plug and directly to the camera and on a full charge. 100. I get about four and a half hours, which is great um. I turn the camera off when we dont need it. If were moving between spaces uh or i can just leave it running and not worry, and if this does die, which is rarely hasnt ever done, ill use the battery that it comes with, and it gives me an extra what 40 ish minutes to film. And so i kind of just use it that way in tandem, so i have no complaints. I know a lot of people dont like the battery options, but uh you can just kind of find a solution like i did so yeah for the most part, as you realize, most of these users are very convenient and thats.

Why i was looking for a convenience and the biggest convenience of this camera is using be raw. That is the ability to change your exposure. Iso um white balance all those little things in the case that something goes wrong like i dont use, b raw as a crutch to be like imma shoot whatever and, however no nail your exposure know um your color, your color temperature. So you have to worry about that afterwards, like b roll is a great option if you need to be as flexible as possible, but dont use it as a crutch, thats thats, what ive learned? This is not my first time using the blackmagic pocket. Camera ive had the 4k, so i know how to use b roll. I understand what what the sensor needs in terms of giving a clean, uh, really good image. Um, but b roll is really great. So 6k, 12 to 1 on the 512 gig uh ssd, not ssd, cfast card gives me about 88 minutes and so thats more than enough, and if i need to ill just pop in a sd card in there too, i have a fast sd card from angel Bird, so all that being said, i think i did a decent job of condensing all of my thoughts. Music yeah, if you guys do want a more in depth review of this camera for me, im more than happy to talk about it. So let me know in the comments below and well get that rolling, but remember like comment and subscribe.

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