What did you want to see me run next, and the answer was clear: the Black Widow, Oh welcome back to the show this is a custom built Wraiths we've done lots of changes over the years. It started off with my good buddy David junior back in the day when he was just a young pup learning how to do RC stuff. Look at this got a snatch block on the winch there old old Vanquish, aluminum axle, housings, beautiful RC, four wheel, drive mud slingers on the aluminum bead locks and a Gen 2 rx 8, which is 18 scale esc that i waterproofed with a huge race motor in It but lots of exponential gives me a ton of control plus. I also have quite a bit of drag brake lined up with this ESC, which means the motor controls the speed my backyard trailer park has a teeter totter, but the axles for my Black Widow are so wide that's. Why we had to put in the second second piece of wood on either side to kind of help, these wider axle rigs get up onto the seesaw. Just like that been such a long time since I had the Black Widow out my friends it's, a heavy rig, it's gon na start tilting it look at this people ask me, you know what should I put into a backyard trailer park, and I say whatever you Guys have is what you should put in. If you got tires or wood or rocks it, doesn't even need to be a large area.

A small area will do just fine on the side hill area very nice, an extreme side hill. Look at this as it drops down into another side hill and then you have to go extra wide. Oh did I get hung up on? No, I didn't yes in the clear got some tire rippers on the outside. Now you guys are used to seeing me go up the yellow side, which is an articulation tester, but for the wider axle vehicles like the Wraith. This is why I had built this side also. So here we go. Try to line it up here more of an obstacle course and I'll tell you when it's the wintertime and like sub zero temperatures, not like the springtime, like, I think it's, like maybe one degree outside right now tires firm up and this side becomes almost impossible. Yeah. All one handed driving my friends yeah upsy daisy there. It is a lot of people, ask me or have asked me over the years. You know what's your favorite RC in your collection and that's very difficult to answer, because we've had so many amazing custom builds, but the Black Widow is definitely up there with some of my favorite for sure. Look at that your power is the hill Adi doobs going to be an issue. We'Re gon na have to unleash the power of the Black Widow. Shall we do it in slow motion for you, Music, Music, yeah, just pure power? I love it Laughter, Music, you're, the extreme turning.

I have the radius here beautiful, always an area that's, a challenge because it's a huge log right in the way we may as well as use the wind shear so here's the winch I've put in this winch can actually pull almost 70 pounds and I've tested it. This is a hundred pound fishing line. I have spooled on there a very long amount of line, probably about 14 feet, because I do run a snatch block. As you can see so snatch block off the main hook gives me twice the power of pulling for this. Heavier truck let's get this strung out. I actually hooked it up to channel six, which is just a variable knob control on my radio. Okay, got it hooked on to a line right there, stringing all the way back, we're gon na get that Wraith right up against the log and we'll start pulling it in just got to bring that nose up, might as well let it keep pulling just a cysteine Where I can and then we're over nicely, how is it spooling looking good going straight through the fairlead, we can't just have a winch and not throw in some winch action into an RC video for you, guys, hey we're, all stuck inside I'm, fortunate enough to be Outside I haven't seen anybody in almost 30 days now other than my family, but doing our best just to kind of maintain a little normalcy here on our channel for everybody yeah.

I even got all these little silly things even at an aquarium place just to kind of add to the backyard scale park old stones, patio stones. That kind of thing, always you can break them up and make obstacles like look at this it's, just an axial hanger right, another obstacle that you want to try to build in your park to make it more challenging and when you make a challenging Park, not only Is it fun for you, but it also changes how you build your vehicles. Look at that going straight down I'm, the one giving it some Jam here except I fell for my own booby trap Laughter. I think you should close all that shot. It looks good. Oh, it wants to come down, oh well, we could have, but it didn't want to play that way. Music looks like I'm having a bit of problems with that front axle. Turning, let me see on the driver's side, tire that still wants to spin that's a good thing. I bet you it's starting to slip out, though just from age due it's. Just all mud in here, if you guys want me to take the black widow out muddy in one of these days. Let me know in the comment section down below cuz. I know I did a lot of mudding videos in the recent days. If you've missed him, go to my videos page and check him out there, but I don't want to be like over logged in you or flooding you with mud videos when you'd rather backyard trail park or something else or if you do.

Let me know a lot of people ask to see me clean up my trucks after a run like this, they find it oddly satisfying. So this is for all the viewers that do you enjoy, that I get a lot of questions about maintenance on my vehicles and in the mud videos. I normally show that you know I've kind of built these trucks or overtime, collected these trucks and upgraded them to make sure that they're waterproof and make sure that they have like a lot of grease on them prior to running and then getting all the mud off. Of it as possible, you know as soon as possible within you know, ten minutes of finishing the run because it saves me. You know tons of time and money later when I can clean out all the mud make sure it doesn't seize up and rust dry. It off with the compressor – I have a big air compressor here and then re re lubricate everything before it goes back on the shelf, yeah, nice and clean see everything's good. This is exactly where the battery tree or where the battery sits on the inside everything on everything is very accessible right. You can see everything you know. I can get in there clean all that out and easily lubricate that and not have any kind of worry there's. The spur gear right there with the pinion so it's all good to go everything's all sealed up in my transmission with a lot of waterproof grease guys thanks a lot for tuning into today's RC adventure.

I know it's a little short, but I don't want to do too much damage on the front end axle there hopefully enjoyed the action left me a light click, and we will see you in the next episode of rcadventures.