I trust this guy hes orbiting me. Oh did he just ive ive been power, looped, ah im being orbited Applause, hey its ken. What happens if youve been flying? Fbv since you were 12, you end up to be this guy here, whats your name, matthew, walkey, walkie, talkie fpv. Where do you see him fly this thing Music? I cant even spin around as fast as he was guys and hes a pincher of course yeah. He got to be a pincher Music. I cant even follow it. Did you find it? How fast do you think that thing goes probably 45? I dont know its. Not fine, you hear that faa its not over 100. and who are you, sir uh? My name is jessie cavarvix. I dont have like a fpv handle or anything, but we call this the corner. Building the corner building because of this corner yeah and so uh ive been diving thing all day right, hes gon na lie for me. I went up through it, but i didnt do it by the end of the day ill. Try yeah yeah lets show that now, Music Applause looking at that vortex is just so daunting. Ive done that all right now pitch forward and dive in crashed in front of everybody, the quads okay, that was a lovely crash, wasnt it its really inspiring being around such experienced and expert pilots, and i started to take a few more chances that paid off Music Music, Music – i just flew fpv in front of all these super pro atlanta people and i didnt crash isnt that great, i feel im so proud of myself im so proud jeff.

You proud of me, of course, okay wheres, the wood to knock on. So i dont crash again hes gon na land on a moving skateboard Laughter that was decidedly unfair. Music matt was chasing me around for a while and then decided to try to land on me for good measure Laughter. I think i could do it hold on there and then a truly ridiculous idea was born your idea. Okay, it was my idea, so the idea is to take a mans skateboard and put this on here and see. If we can get it to go, it should work right, yeah, okay, i, like the confidence, do you think well be able to steer it? This is not gon na end. Well well, call it uh, skate purview, yeah, skate tv tv skate tv, welcome to skate pv, youre, really engineering that thing theres not much. I can. Ah, how do i get it forward? Music pitch four guys pitch four yeah Music fpv drone with a skateboard. It totally worked: oh Music Applause, Music, skate, pv man, yeah and then the unthinkable squint got his quad stuck 50 feet up in a tree, theres a quad in the tree. How high would you say that is and so theyre using the the bag on a string method? Everybody took a turn, throwing the arborist bag up to try to reach it. The idea is to drape it over the branch that the quad is stuck and then just tug and shake it out, no im just making sure.

Then it was time for walkie to thread some fishing line up there with his tiny hawk yeah: okay, Music, nice. Oh man keep going, keep going. Yes, he did it yeah wow. Are you as amazed as i am very much so so now theyre going to attach the arbor thing to the and then wow everybody pulled and shook that branch to try to get the quad loose until we thought the whole tree would come down isnt it nice That we all kind of hung around – and i appreciate everything didnt leave you in the lurch. Yes, theres a lot of money in that tree right now, yeah yeah, mainly the gopro hero 10.. Oh, is it a 10 up there theres a ten out there? Oh boy yeah i wouldnt leave either did that for a while, in fact, until it got dark, then your buddy ken had an idea. What, if we hey what, if we attach a cable? What if we attach this end to a truck its a truck yeah, tie that into the post seriously ken herron figured it out hey? Why dont you do it this way? Well, you know guys hey um, i dont know but um. How would you do it this way guys you know once in a while god i hope this works. This is the most rednecky thing. Ive done all week – Applause, oh my god! Yes, oh there, it is. Are you going in this? You got it yeah, Music.

All right im gon na plug back up its still good hes gon na fight again. Did you want to show me that skateboard trick uh? No, i cant i cant escape. Go ahead. I cant go ahead. Man skateboards right there go ahead. Dude! I can do it. I cannot skate oh here. Hold the camera ill. Show you how to do it im 55 years old, yeah ill.