Moto, electric moped lets check it out the bike tricks moto is just that a moto, its basically a motorcycle, except with functional pedals. These moped style e bikes are awesome and the bike tricks moto steps it up a notch with a super laid back version that is great for long cruises, just check out the geometry that long bench seat and the high handlebars. These are practically ape. Hangers. Look at my hands theyre at shoulder level, its just a super fun way to cruise around now i will say that as much fun as it is to ride around throttle only like this hitting 25 miles an hour easily its, not a great bike for pedaling, the Single speed setup has a pretty low gear ratio, and so you could pedal it just fine if you ran out of battery, but if youre going fast on throttle. Theres really no point in trying to keep up with your feet, though youre probably not going to run out of battery because they just put so much in it. The bike comes standard with a massive 1032 watt hour battery thats 48 volts and 21 amp hours. But then you can get a second battery option as well to double that to over 2 kilowatt hours of battery bike trick says each battery will do 50 miles or 80 kilometers ill. Tell you that the real world range will probably be more like 30 miles or 50 kilometers, if youre riding at top speed.

Most of the time like me, but still thats, some serious range for a big ol heavy non peddling bike like this, the thing weighs nearly 90 pounds or 41 kilos, so those batteries are having to put out some serious power to move this thing along and for A heavy bike you need good brakes to bring it to a stop too. The dual piston hydraulic disc brakes here, work great and make this a nice and low maintenance ride more time on the bike and less time working on it. The bike tricks moto has a number of other nice motorcyclish parts too, that long bench seat is nice and comfortable, allowing you to stretch out and find your optimal spot. This is the medium size of the bike and it sports 20 inch fat tire wheels but theres a larger version that has 24 inch fat tires and a bigger frame, which would probably be good for anyone that needs to stretch out more than me im. Also, a big fan of that headlight, it doesnt just look the part of a motorcycle light, its actually really bright at 1 500 lumens. This thing really turns night into day, then theres that big suspension fork up front that actually works quite well on such a heavy bike and its a big part of making this thing a comfortable ride at full speed. You also get fenders included standard along with a rear rack. I dont know how much loose cargo you can strap to that rack as its not particularly long, but you could always add a motorcycle style cargo box on back and get some nice locking storage.

I imagine most people will leave it unadulterated, though, to retain this awesome, look and not have a big old box on back im, just a big fan of the lines of this bike, its a little bit ridiculous with the high handlebars, but i love that about it. It just makes it such a fun ride and, as i mentioned since this isnt, really a very pedable e bike, the ride is even more important. It better be comfortable and it better be fun, otherwise, whats the point of getting a moped bike like this and fortunately for us. It definitely is the bike combines high power, long range and quality parts into a blast of an e bike, its thrilling, but its not a cheap thrill. At 2299, bucks youve got to fork over some real coin here. I think that price is fair, though, compared to the rest of the industry. Many moped style e bikes cost more and offer less. And yes, there are other ways to get value in an e bike, something like the electric xp may offer similar speeds on a 20 inch fat tire at half the cost, but it also offers half the battery and nowhere near the style points of something like this. So i probably wouldnt recommend this bike for someone trying to eke out the best deal on speed and power per dollar, but i absolutely would recommend it for anyone searching for a moped style bike that offers long range, comfortable ride and good quality parts for that purpose.

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