A solid red light will confirm that the transmitter is in d8 mode for d16 mode press and hold the power and l2 buttons. You should now see a solid green light. There is also a d16 lbt mode for flying in the eu, but in this video ill use the d8 mode. First put your quad into bind mode. Ive got the tiny, hawk. 2 freestyle so ill use a toothpick to press the bind button to put the transmitter into bind mode press and hold the two inner trim buttons. After a few seconds. They should be successfully linked, restart both the quad and the transmitter, even though they were bound. I wasnt having any luck, so i connected the quad to the betaflight configurator and realized that my channel map was wrong, so i adjusted it from aetr to taer and then hit save Music now thats working, i double checked my switches in the modes tab.