This is their brand new and very first playset. There we go Music, the one and only orbeez. I just filled this pool with 15 million orbeez and i decided to hook up the worlds biggest inflatable. Water slide guys, like oh wow, just chilling in the orbeez a long time ago, we made a video when we first got the island house and was with a giant inflatable water slide. You guys absolutely loved the video it got. 20 million plus views so were bringing that water slide back, but spicing it up with a giant pit of orbeez. This is our first time testing this i dont know if gabe is going to land in here, all right, gabe, you ready, hey im ready, is james ready because im going to land on him come on lets, go okay, yo, wait that worked really well! That was sick. That was, that was awesome. I got to try it. I should probably move before he comes down huh you got that ready were ready, come on huh yo im going hector all right. This is attempt number one for james going hand. First, if the slide works with james, then i think it works with anyone yeah its different bro. Now this is us just doing it with our body. Wait till we introduce tubes, flamingos boogie boards. All types of things well slide down this. I think we might be going into the sand thing. Oh yeah, i went down on my stomach thats.

How far i got introducing the orbeez challenge. Playset check this out. I can drop the orbeez in the top and they funnel down, but we made a bigger version of this 30 times the size using 20 million of the one, and only orbeez lets go mess with it. Lets go thanks to the one and only orbeez for sponsoring this video todays gon na be so fun. This is what im talking about this is the orbeez waterfall. You guys ready, im ready. This is the most exciting thing ive done all year. Oh, my gosh were filling up this pool more and more and more its honestly kind of uh kind of relaxing. Do you want to get your head inside yeah yo? They bounce off your head. More than me, oh yeah, thats nice, the orbeez, wonderful, the giant version of it. The biggest version ever created is this a world record. Did we just complete a world record? Look at how fast it fills up. My hat ready boom, its already full its still going. Oh its going to be going for a while that pool up there is massive umbrella umbrella way, better a lot better. It feels like im getting hit with some really hard rain right now, thats what it feels like cloudy with a chance of orbeez thats, not how long all right go. Dig the tubes dudes all right, so gabes got a giant slice of pizza me and james are gon na ride on this massive yacht.

I dont know how this is gon na go, but um wish us luck by leaving the lack of speed, no were getting it up. There hold on nathan at that point, Laughter ready, Music. In order to achieve fast speeds, we need a fast float here. We go. Applause and go all right james, you ready Applause, yeah and hes gone. Oh my god, thats a record thats a record right there. The flamingo always takes the w. This right here is the crusher. You can drop orbeez inside and they can slice out through the bottom. Gabe has the roller can roll on orbeez and then we have the shooter, fill it with orbeez and make him fly and dont worry. We made giant versions of all of these toys using millions of the one and only orbeez. We go big here at unspeakable, so there is way more of the one and only orbeez imagine doing this to millions of orbeez at once. This is one of the orbeez toys that you get. This thing is cool, but dont worry. We made a giant version of it. First, i got ta show you the toy uh yeah, so this is gon na make some pasta. Orbeez were just gon na put it in there. Look at that Music. All the orbeez are just cut up into a bunch of different pieces. Now we made a giant version, look at this, so this is basically a contraption with a giant weed whacker in the middle were going to grab a ton of orbeez drop them in and theyre going to come out all shredded at the bottom.

You guys ready yeah lets, try it. I will one you guys think its extremely loud. Oh my gosh, we just made a giant orbeez pasta, yo, wait what other big massive orbee toys can we make? This is another giant version of the orbeez squisher. Let me go ahead and fill this boy up ready, yeah! Yes, yes, so at the bottom here you can see. Oh were gon na make some pasta all right. James, hold out your hand, yeah hold on ready little slippery. How much more do you got thats? It all right thats it for so many of them theres, just a bunch of sliced pasta movies. Oh, it feels weird the one and only orbeez roller look at this. We can roll over and crush the orbeez. We also have a massive version of this all right. So this right here is our massive pasta, orbee pile – and this is one of the other toys we can actually take it over and just mush them look at awesome, most of them catching in there. Oh, they picked them up its like a pasta roller, but wait. We have a large version of this, bring it out james, oh yeah, the giant door of a pasta roller all right. Let me flatten this out a little bit for you, guys, bro. Why are you flying? It were gon na plant it yeah. I got you. I got you just laying it out making it look.

Nice all right, crush those orbeez whoa there we go theyre flat, dude, its actually kind of smooth on the other side pick it up start from the other side yo. It made like a smooth kind of like surface thats, so crazy, oh my god that is so cool. This is so sick and the one and only orbeez shooter you ready james. Look at that. But dont worry. We have a giant version of the one and only orbeez shooter. This is our next contraption here. This is a leaf blower with an attachment, so we can put orbeez inside of it and shoot it at james, but im your ammo no youre, not wow thats salt. Honestly, it doesnt work that well, i think we should use this. Let me fill you up all right now we got a full ammunition: hey, oh its just shredding them. Oh bad! Its not working game is not working. I have an idea, a cannon youre, a cannon. Oh yeah yeah yeah, yeah ow. Oh im! Sorry, oh all right! So this is another way to blast your orbeez. I should probably stand out of the way. This is a cannon right here were gon na shoot it at the water just to show you guys how it works there. You do Music, that was tropical. That was nice. That was amazing. Now were going to see if we can pop a balloon with orbeez. Maybe maybe yes, no, maybe okay yeah yeah yeah.

Yes, this is our balloon right here. This is our cannon game, launch it press the button press, the button im pressing the button, its not working. We have a malfunction, yeah yeah, take that balloon. Oh my god. Nothing on me Laughter honestly. I thought it was gon na go a little further zebra, not too bad all right now, james is gon na. Do the avocado. I think this ones gon na go pretty far. I dont know about you guys, but i love avocado, toast and hes about to make an avocado toast wheres the bread come from. The bread is on the pizza right there, ah yeah all right so ready now that im thinking about it, i think we should have got a bigger pool, thats one for avocado toast, but zero for jade im gon na go on the donut. Oh yeah, all righty. Here comes gabe and now were going to make an avocado toast with the donut on top yo. You got ta stay on the tube. I know i know i hit the wall. Yeah redo it nah. I do not like that. One knee slapper Music yo that looks really cool its very slippery. How did my knees feel? Oh, i landed right on your knee. All right were gon na go to the top, were gon na put soap all over the slide to make it super slippery. Now. Are you ready im gon na pour it here? We go, wait hold on all right, its so slippery.

I fell like i slipped and fell. Are you okay? I saw my life before my eyes and it was a very tropical looking feeling you know, the soap is crazy. Oh i got ta try my flamingo grab some soap and get your flamingo. If theres anyone thats gon na break a world record, its gon na be james with the soapy flamingo youre, going like 50 feet, all right, so uh theyre about to go down theyre covering the flamingo and soap too, and the slide, oh god. That would probably get ready all right. James come on. Come give me a hug hes lining up getting in position guys if you have not clicked the subscribe button. Yet what are you doing were going down a slide with soap and landing into an orbee pit, with 15 million orbeez on a flamingo, and you still havent subscribed come on here. He comes up and he wipes out. I think hes popped bro. I did a summer salt, oh hes, doing a jump. Oh oh, you feel that landing though perfectly at the end. I dont want to get soap in my eye. Just cover your eyes. I need some goggles. All right. James is about to go down in a kidney pool. This is a great idea, all right james. I want you to get a bulls eye hit the target hit the target. You look like a peacocker. I have stupid eyes that was awesome. I cant see anything hes going hes going hey thats exactly what happened to james orbeez are the original water beads that ive seen on tick, tock challenges and satisfying videos, and a lot of my own videos and honestly, with orbeez theres no limit to what you can Do this is huge guys, orbeez is launching the largest challenge on social media, so go follow unspeakable on tick tock.