Today i have a new review for you today. We have something brand new from a company that i havent seen a lot of quads from so im very excited to get a message from speedy bee and they asked me if i wanted to review their upcoming cinewoop release and im like uh yeah. Let me think about that for a second um. Yes, i would like to review that uh 2.5 inch unibody top plate cinewoop here with 2.5 inch motors and its an interesting design, because we have inverted motors on this quad and whats really neat about it is that they are stepped. So that means that they have different height to them. The two in the front are two different heights, and the two in the back are two different heights. The one in the right rear is rotating to the left, so it is a props out configuration. I have my cadx vista running in the back with tbs crossfire and i have my left hand circular polarized antenna coming out the back as well, but i have a vertical mount on here, which is very interesting for the cadx vista placement. I thought that was pretty cool. You also have quite a bit more camera shielding on this one than ive seen in previous cinewoop releases um. You have them sticking out just a little bit, but they have a special little mount in the front, giving it a little bit of impact resistance in the front, probably about id, say three millimeters from the camera sticking out in front of it.

It wont be enough to see it in the camera view, but it will be enough to protect it in a crash, so we have speedy b branded motors on here. We have an all in one flight controller, with a really nice spdb logo on the bottom, as well. Two bolts on this motor set up here we have 1404 4500 kv motors and were going to get were going to dive further into the specs on the flex. 25, but lets go ahead outside now, fire up some crossfire and some dji fpv and lets see what the flex 25 is all about. Lets see if it can hang with the big boys of gep, rc and ifly rc lets see what you got flex 25. here. We go Music Applause, Music, yeah, yeah, Music, ive been waiting for a sign. Do you hear that Music im holding it forever Music im? Looking Music move your feet? Music, Music, Music, Music, be good baby, be good, be good! Like you know, you should be rocking it together. Music Music see the spark, while singing Music waiting for us Music Applause Music for your dancing feet so get up and move your Music feet along the way. Music. Enchanting Music make me Applause Music. I Music Applause flush. It from the top to the very last drop you know, dont leave, no stones unturned. The more you live is the more you learn: Music live the life, you love Music and love.

The life you live cause, music is mine, together, Music live and let others Music yeah, yeah, yeah Music. Let love shines in your heart, Music. All right guys. Welcome back from the flight test. I have to tell you that this is a really nice design. Now, one of the reasons that i say that guys and lets just go ahead, and you know, cut the bs here right now: its 2022 and theres a lot of shortage in manufacturing production chips, you name it were down in everything. If you go in the grocery store, you can barely find what we used to find two years ago before the pandemic, so its really important that when youre going to manufacture something this year in 2022, that you come with a product thats going to be strong, because I dont believe these companies have unlimited access to production right now. Uh manufacturing is very limited and for them to get into the the plant and have something produced. They better have a nice design and have something well thought out. When i opened up the box thats immediately what i thought about the flex 25, i looked at this quad and i thought wow. This really does stand out in the crowd and, first and foremost, we got to just talk about that. Theres two things here that really hit a home run with with speedy bs release. Here they have made an app available. So you connect to this this quad with your phone, not a lot of other companies out there have done that for fpv race drones.

Normally, you have to go home, use your laptop and connect it to betaflight with a micro, usb cable. This one is pretty cool, because now you can use your phone in the field with this bdb app and you can connect and make changes inside betaflight. So thats really cool thats innovative for the whole entire fpv drone industry. I think thats great. The next thing is that they have under and over motors, which basically squeeze these motors closer together on the frame and this frame it. It takes up about the wheel to wheel motor width for a standard two inch quad. So that makes it also unique in the fpv drone market. It squeezed everything in closer, and we have this over under design, which you can see the props kind of overlap here, but they are an inverted motor design. So we have a really nice clean airflow. We have 1404 motors on here. Those are 45 100 kv. They are branded speedy b on the other side, which i think is cool. They have four bolts on the top plate. Weve got a unibody on the top 3k carbon fiber weve already got everything on here. So when i took everything out of the box, it was pretty much ready to bind up to my crossfire and go, which i thought was super cool. I have a vertical mount. Cadets vista in the back ive got a falcon camera in the front. This is a falcon nano dji camera, oh and by the way they also have an analog version available, so that ones around 200 bucks and this ones 3′, with the cadx vista and the falcon camera.

They also have a tpu mount up front with a little bit of extra tpu on the front to protect the camera, which i really think is cool. They also include three or four different cables for coming off the front of the quad, and you can now plug this in to your dks gopro. So you already have the mount ready to go right there. They give you one in the box to start, and you can use one of these three to four cables right here: uh four cables in this to be able to plug in your your dks camera. I think thats really nice, because im constantly searching for the right cable for my dks cameras, i have all the cameras, so i have different quads that i fly different cameras on and they all have different connectors. It seems i swear to god, but thats nice, that they gave you cables in there. They give you extra hardware, they give you an extra receiver mount and immortal t mount for. The back looks like an extra. This looks like a top plate above the receiver. If you want or the flight controller, you have some extra gem fan: 65 millimeter 63 millimeter props in here. Those are clear: gray, props, 2.5 inch props an extra bumper guard, and it goes on like this, which is nice. I dont see this breaking either, but i also really love the leds and i want to show you these leds close up here.

So let me go ahead and plug in my 4s 1500. This is probably about the max size battery that i would plug in um and fly on this quad, but this is going to give you the longest flight time so check out the leds arent these cool and these arent. Like your standard leds, they feel kind of rubbery and notice on the the prop guard theres, a little tiny foot, sticking out right here, thats kind of nice feature: weve got metal standoffs here front and back it just looks really robust and im, hoping that we can Change these led colors inside betaflight or you might be able to buy and plug in new ones. I noticed they didnt mention green ones, but on the bottom, the flight controller is an aio and we have a 35 amp version. I think theyre also going to do a 20 amp version. You also have a really cool carbon fiber plate that protects everything right here and it has the prop direction on there, which is an outward facing prop direction, but i love this overlap right here. This is kind of unheard of. I dont you dont see that a lot so thats kind of a unique thing for fpv race drones right now, but all of the design on here just seems to be so well thought out and thats what i keep thinking about. The flex 25, not only did they give us kind of a smaller format, but bigger prop size.

They, they gave us cool leds, just a little bit quieter design for the size, because the smaller two inch quads on 4s can be quite loud. It can also be really hard to tune, so the tune is good on here. The design and the leds i just have to plug those back in because they just look so cool on, but we have an f7 flight controller as well, and that is from speedy b, which i think is super gray. So i feel like you know, this is one of those ones that is a high quality quad and i think the price for the analog one its its actually really good 199 dollars and something thats at the 2.5 inch in whoops series. I mean it its not cheap by any means, but then again youre not buying something cheap. So you, you know you, you get what you pay for right and i think youve got a nice little uh cinema quad here. If you want to put an action camera on there and get some nice cinema footage um, i think youll have fun with this one and it seems to be fairly indestructible. So if youre, a beginner start out with something like an emax, tiny hawk or the the gap, rc tiny go 4k, which i always recommend and then move up to a speedy b flex. 25. That would be my best choice right now for a number two quad in your arsenal, so start out with a small.

You know tiny whoop, style, quad and move up to something like this and youll love it, especially if youre flying dji the minute you go, dji youll, never look back at analog. You might go back and fly some of your analog quads, but while you can really see the tree branches and do some tree exploration like we call it on the channel really get in there with something like this and explore the backyard, this is a backyard cruiser Youll love flying this in your backyard, so, no matter how big your backyard is, this thing is going to rule the pool. So let me know what you think about the flex 25 down in the comments you can check out the link on this one down below and you should be able to get eight percent off uh your order on one analog or hd version: 199 bucks for the Analog version and 3′ for the hd uh dji version, but thanks again for watching my reviews guys, i really appreciate you and i hope that you do subscribe on my channel and ill bring you more cool, rc reviews.