I am so excited to reveal the all new beyblade quad drive cosmic vector battle set. This is the all new set that just came out and hasbro was nice enough to give us this entire new set were going to be opening it today battling it, not only that we are going to be giving an all new sneak preview on all these new Quad drive tops this product is not in stores. Yet not only am i going to show you all the features to the new quad drive product, i am going to be showing you guys, which one is the best beyblade here, be sure to stick around see in this video, because you want to know which one Of these quad drive tops are the best just take a moment to acknowledge the amazing packaging. Hasbro has done with this new set. I love the new designs hasbro to me, this is the best looking packaging hasbro has ever put out as being part of the bay team, 2021 im, providing you with exclusive beyblade content this year lets get into the video Music lets crack open. The all new quad drive cosmic vector battle set, these tops right here, are sold separately. The two tops that come with this awesome set destruction bell fire b7 and magma ifridor i7. These tops look amazing, okay, guys. This is my very first impressions on this new set. Whoa, okay, i love the design of this new stadium.

This is called the core battle zone and these are the three energy sectors which gives a total of four levels to master theres a qr code right there. You could scan it once you buy it and youll get this stadium on the beyblade burst app. This set comes with a full set of instructions, its very easy to assemble. Now thats, it lets take a look at the tops. We got destruction bell fire b7 right here and magma ifriter. These are four in one tops. These tops can be taken apart for even more customization. Here are the six parts that come with the quad drive system. This is the all new gravity ring which allows you to change the height of the top. The drive trip the front face of the top. We got the energy layer base, the forge disc, pretty cool, forge this right here and we got the performance tip and then we got an all new part that hasbro made it is the armor tip its these two new parts that help you harness the power of Quad drive im gon na be putting bellfire in the setting that hasbro calls the core setting the drive trip is going to be put on to the energy layer. The way you know its on is that you hear a little chip, no its like a. Then you put the gravity ring in the two holes. You see right there. Then you just put the other parts in so right now barrel.

Fire is in core setting the way you know it. Isnt core setting is because it is without an armored tip right now, the next setting im going to show you is four plus the way to get core plus. Is you get the armor tip and the tip of the capacity off now? Once you hear the snap, the tip is on the core plus setting has all six parts in the top a cool thing about these new launchers that just came out with the quad drive. If you dont want to store your armor tip in your pocket, you can literally just put it in your launcher, so you can literally carry the armor tip anywhere. You go all right now. Lets take a look at magma eye fedor. We are gon na be putting it in apex plus mode. This time you still have the gravity ring and the armor tip, instead of putting it on top youre going to put the dry chip on the bottom, then you put the gravity ring snap right there. This time goes on the top of the energy base. Then you just put it together like a regular beyblade all right. So now we got magma efferedor in apex plus mode right now the top is gon na throw attacks from above. There are four modes to this new quad drive set. It is core core plus apex apex, plus, that is the cosmic vector battle set. Now we are moving on to the three sold separately products.

The first top we got is destruction. Bellfire b7. We got the recolor of bellfire right here. I put it in apex mode now, if you want to put it in apex plus mode, we got the armored tip right here, as you can see, apex has five of the parts in this one. Next, we got cyclone roktavor r7. The roktavors are always good in the new set. So here we got cyclone rock devore. It is in core mode. I love this rocket board. It looks like an utter beast. With these colors. Now we are going to open the cyclone fury string launcher set. It comes with cyclone roktavor r7, another roktavor and the new quad drive string launcher here is cyclone roktavor r7. This guys more of your traditional roktavor color orange yellow. It is in full apex plus mode. This is how tall rocked four can be with all six parts. This is gon na, be a beast im telling you right now now lets take a look at this amazing quad drive blue launcher. This launcher looks great. I love blue, so im automatically gon na like it, it is a left and right. This is how you change the modes. You go right here, push it up, switch it there. You go all right, guys, quick review on all four modes of the quad drive system. First mode we got is apex, plus apex plus, is with the full six parts. The apex mode only has five parts.

It is not as tall as an apex plus core plus with all six parts. The next mode we have is standard core with just the five pumps here are the five tops today we are gon na be using for this new quad drive system. You guys wan na stick around to end this video to see which one out of these five is the best lets, get the stadium on the ground and lets start these battles. The first battle are the two tops that came with the set eye: fedor and bell fire. One is in apex plus mode. One is in core plus mode lets see when first is two points, all right: im going for a bell fire im, not really into red beyblades, theyre kind of weird. In my opinion, all right so far looks like corys gon na beat him. I thought apex plus said like upwards attacks, but we got a 1 0 bell. Fire is winning you cant. You cant lose in the 2 0. This is a very important video. You cannot embarrass yourself like that man, oh okay, bellfire, is pretty good at attacking. It looks like we got eiffelder 1 1. Whoever wins this wins the match score fedor. I feel pretty good Music right right right when i say that he loses bell. Fire takes it with a three one. Apex uh plus loses this one core plus is the one that came out on top now. The next battle we got is roktavor versus recolored bell.

Fire one is in apex plus mode. The other one is in standard apex mode. First of two lets see when i i dont know whats so special about a rock before im going for bellfire on this one. The bell fire seemed to prove to be very good. The rocket board seems pretty sturdy, though, like it does not want to move hes more of the rounder beyblades more the hunky ones. This is this, is the stamina battle come on? Rock dwarf takes it 1 0. All right its one. Zero rocket four lets go battle. Fire come on lets, bring it lets, bring more spirit out of you, man. I know we can win, i believe in him. I think his rockefeller could be pretty good like when it comes to taking the tax. If he gets underrocked for he could he could probably take him out no hes. Just still oh, this bellfire is slow. He cant be rocking more like uh. Rocktopor takes the win 2 0. So the next battle were gon na. Do rock devor in standard core mode bell fire in core plus mode lets, see whats this one lets go rock the ball. Oh theyre, actually pretty good beyblades. I i wouldnt use this beyblade more often id love to call this game a lot. A color is really a big thing to me. If you have another good, color and youre good, i might never use it. First battle goes to reservoir 1 0 zero octaves win about five.

I want bellfire to win hes an underdog. We got ta, we got ta, put some respect on bellfires name. I i teach every beyblade not to do that, not to just circle around come on. Do something! Yes, good guys. Roktavor takes it with the two. All the final battle are the two cyclone rock divorce. One is in apex plus mode, the other is in standard core mode lets see which mode comes out. On top three two one lets go rock the ball: okay, uh, my moneys on orange orange rock four. He just he just looks like the winner, but i will go. I will go for my man because you know better colors im a root for him. Oh hes wobbling lets go rock the war, theres spirit in you. I feel it nope cyclone rocksmore takes it apex plus mode is winning one zero rocket boards. Winning lets go rock tomorrow. I i got i got. I got spirits in um, the blue one theyre. Both i have my money on orange dude waterboard takes. It looks like apex plus mode is the winner core did not send a chance against apex, plus mode apex plus mode with all six of the parts best beyblade also is cyclone roktavor. That is it for the video guys. Thank you so much for coming big. Thank you to hasbro for having me in the bay team 2021, its a big honor for doing videos for you guys.

I really do appreciate it and thank you for sending me this product.