All you have to do is subscribe. Comment on this video and send us an email on our website at, but if youre looking to get into fpv, how are you going to do that? Are you going to go to best buy? Are you going to buy that dji fpv drone? I wouldnt do that for you watch these videos see what everybodys flying in the fpv community and buy something that is going to be worthy of your money. I know you can you can buy something ready to fly with dji, goggles and its great and all, but we do it way cheaper than that and our quads perform better than the dji drone. So today im going to review this diatone roma v2. This is the second version of this drone and it is favorited by a lot of reviewers out there. It will carry a gopro on board, you can put any type of gopro or insta360 go. We have a 360 camera on there today that were gon na run during my freestyle flight and were gon na fly. It way out in this field today were gon na. Do a little big field flying were gon na test out its maneuverability, how much punch it has on the 6s 1300 im gon na get close to four minutes flight time, because im really going to be doing some power loops and some tricks out there with this Quad and were going to do some big field flying so a little bit of best of both worlds in this video – and hopefully this can get you headed in the right direction to buying an fpv drone dont buy the dji drone.

You really dont need it. This is where its at and all my subscribers will tell you in the comments down below in this video, how good these type of binding flies are these days, this one might be one of the top ones out right now, so ill put the links down below For this one and my favorite 6s 1300 battery and a 1400 as well get you a little longer flight time, probably around six to seven minutes short of flight time. But the batteries are a third of the price of the dji drone. So lets go ahead and get the roma f5 v2 up in the air and lets do some flying here. We go Music, Music Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. All right guys. Welcome back from that awesome, 360 flight test. You can do a lot of stuff with fpv race drones. This one is particularly set up to be an fpv freestyle drone. Why? Because? Well, you have super ultra thick replaceable arms on here. These are like six millimeter arms, with extra bumpers on the bottom to protect the arms in a crash. Youve got all kinds of protection here for the flight controller. Youve got extras in the box for any type of gopro. You want to add on here or 360 camera or even a d cased gopro, those are getting super hot and you have the ability to run an hd, dji, caddix vista back here, which you can upgrade to later.

This one is the analog version with a 1 000 milliwatt mamba vtx on here. So a very nice high power transmitter for video on 5 8 gigahertz super awesome. You also have side plates here that pop on and off, and underneath that its hiding the twin g flight controller, its the mamba f7, so two f7s on board this quad make it perform really really nice, not a lot of jitters or any kind of vibration. In this tune, it is like one of the most perfect tunes that ive seen um in comparison to eye iflights nasgol 5v2. The evoked version with the fancy leds down the side. But i i like this design better, because if you do put dji back here and your 1000 milliwatt vtx theres no way you really wan na encase all of this and close it all in because this vtx gets super hot. This video transmitter heats up. If you turn this up to a thousand, i almost think it would fry if it had sidewalls. So this one has better ventilation all the way through here and since were running such hot equipment on 5.8, a lot of times with a vtx needs to be cooled. They also have motor wire covers on the top, which i think is really nice thats a nice addition. We have our xt60 out the side right here, and it has a nice little clip right here that secures it to this post right here, which is nice, because this wont get ripped off if a battery ejects its not going to rip this off your escs and Ruin your escs now, if you move this little trap door right here, just comes to the side like that, you can take it totally off.

If you want to. You have a usbc port right here for beta flight and the f7 flight controller and and actually weve got 50 amp via heli s escs on here, and you can set this up to be bi directional. The escs will handle any type of 3d. If you wanted to do 3d later were going to talk about that more on the channel as well, but you can get the 4 and the 6s version of this quad for starting around 300.. They have the non camera version. If you already have an fpv like analog camera, you can add your own camera and then youre looking at around 250, so thats not too bad for a binding fly. It doesnt seem to have a receiver selection on the website, but it does say the same price for the 4 and 6s version. So, in my opinion, i would grab the 6s version because youre going to get a little longer flight time, you get six to seven minute flight times with something like a 6s 1050 battery 1050 milliamp is the one that i go to ill put some links down Below for the my battery of choice uh, but i usually go 6s because i like these low kv motors, because what that does for us is, it allows us to run lion. If you want to run a lion battery, you can do that on this type of setup. The 2306.5 motors, with 1700 kv that allows you to fly 6s on those motors and it allows you to fly a lion because it doesnt have a super high amp draw the 4s motors draw more amps.

Therefore, you cant run a lie on because you cant even really get off the ground up front. On this version we have the run cam, i believe its the run cam phoenix its a really nice analog. Camera looks great um, and that is the uh. The phoenix ii, by the way, the wheelbase on this one as well, like i said, six millimeter arms and were looking at replaceable arms and 218 millimeter from motor to motor, and it is a true x design with that classic long body. It has a top mount battery here and a really nice thick strap. They give you two sizes of strap in the box, which is also nice. So if you have a smaller 4s battery, you can use the um the shorter strap. The bigger strap is for something like a lion or say, like even like a 6s 1400 milliamp, which i do run sometimes thatll give you like close to a 10 minute flight if youre just cruising, we also have some five inch props on here. These are hq ss props and the escs on there. By the way, are the mamba, f50 vl theyre, actually not bl hilly s theyre bl heli32. So if youre gon na try to update the firmware on these escs, you need to use the bio heli configurator. That is the 32 bit version, not the um, the bo heli configurator download bl its a blue heli32 and that runs on the pc or the mac.

I have both versions, i think durability. Wise, maybe maybe the evoke nazgul 5 v2 is – is more durable, possibly in a really hardcore crash, but i feel like this. One is gon na be right there with it um theyre, both essentially the same type of architecture. Here um, we have a lot of reinforcement on this bottom plate. I really like the way this is designed. This looks really extra, durable and hey, which one are you gon na ask me which one you should buy. I feel like if you want something simple to start out with. I would go with this one for the simplicity of it and again it is more expensive than some of the other binding flies out there in 2021, 300 seems to be about the price for um. Some nice binding fly, but ifly and dietone are two companies out there that you can rely on people. Ask me all the time is is: is this company legit? I had someone asked asked me. The other day is emacs, usa, a legit company, and i my reply was absolutely theyre. You know its kind of like theyre, the you know just another like uh ford or chevrolet in in in the fpv community, so theyve been around since the very beginning, making like the nighthawk series, so um Music im happy to see that this one came along, though, And the specs on this is is comparable with the other most popular drone out there, because hey the original roma, rocked and tons of you guys bought it and people love it still to this day, its like one of the top choices in 2020 and even still In the first part of 2021 – and i i wanted to really get a hold of this v2 because it looked even better and the 4s version of the motors by the way are the same size.

There are 2306.5, but the kvr 2450 on those. So its kind of a standard race, motor um 1700, but again those are the ones that are the jam for me. So i would get those it has plenty of extras in the box and i think its just like a rock and roll um binding fly and it should be one of the most popular ones on the banggood website. So, if youre, looking for something that you can just bind up and fly not have to deal with, you know vibrations or problems. I think this one is a great choice. Um and – and that is you know two thumbs up from me for this design. I think its better than the original roma, which is freaking awesome, so go out there and rip with this one and make some fantastic videos share them with the channel. If you guys do have videos out there on either of the romas share them. In the comments down below and make sure you do comment below um guys because were giving away that fee me very soon like today is september 7th, i told you guys in the middle of the month, so subscribe, make a comment. Let me know where youre from and email us on our website on the contact page people are not being able to find my email. You dont have to have my email. You just go to the contact page on Send us an email and youre good to go so subscribe.

Make a comment, send us an email, and i will see you guys on the next one take care until we do the next test on the channel im.