Well, this is my review of the beta fpv pavo 360. Many of you have asked for it, so im finally doing a review on it now the pavo 360 is the most advanced, the most advanced fpv 360 drone. Currently on the market for the consumer, so if you want the best of the best, this is the one you have to get. If you want to do 360, video and of course, since it is the most advanced 360 fpv drone on the market. Currently, it means it has to have a really good 360 camera, so the camera in it is the brand new smo 360. that camera weighs very little. You can use it on any fpv drone if you want, but its kind of specifically designed for this one. So you get the best 360k results with this, because if you use it with this drone, this drone disappears, if you use it with any other drone, its kind of hard to get rid of the drone or the plane that youre flying or whatever youre sticking it On because it will still appear in the image when you want to get a full 360 as if nothings there except the camera. Now, as you can see on my table, i have two batteries sitting here, and these two batteries are included in the kit. They are 3s 3 cell batteries, and you put two in the drone to fly it and they do connect in series.

So your 3s turns into a 6s, so its a 6s drone, giving you tons of power for the camera and the drone itself. Now, before i do a deep dive into the pavel 360 that might make your eyelids go roll back in your head because its like hes putting me to sleep, let me just say the following: you can buy this in two separate price points, so the lowest price Point would be the analog version and the analog version has a pilot camera up front. That is a cad x, retell camera and you would fly it then, with whatever analog goggles you have. I have fat sharks, so i would fly with that. Mine is the digital version, so that means ive got the cadx polar up front and i have to fly it with my digital dji. Fpv goggles and youll see that in this video. Now, as for the receiver, you want in it, there is a whole host of receivers and i will stick them up here. The ones in there mine, i just said, give it to me plug and play so i flew it with my dji fpv black controller, alright. So the next thing i want to do is explain to anybody watching this. What 360 video is because, honestly, i have spoken to an awful lot of people and theres a lot of people who still do not know the benefits of a 360 camera. So let me explain it really quick.

A lot of you probably fly camera drones like dji autel. You know hopsin femi, anything like that and when you fly you fly it and you see the camera where its pointing and you point the camera at the subject. You wish to film or take photos of right thats how you do it thats, how most people do it in the camera hobby. Let me just stick these, like this im just going to show you something here, get it in the video heres another one over here. So lets pretend this guy is my pavo 360., so its got a 360 degree camera on it. If you are used to flying camera drones, as i mentioned, you have to point the camera at what you want to film. I want to film this thing over here. I point the camera that way this that whatever thats how it works in the camera world, if you have a 360 camera, you do not do that. Never do that! What you do say you want to film all of this and say theres, even i dont know, say something over top youre going to go under something. What you do is you point the camera straight, the pilots camera. You just fly straight. You fly straight through. Can you see my little drone coming out the other side? Do you fly straight through coming out the other side now, even though its an fpv drone and in the fpv hobby, fpv drones do rolls and flips and you can do acrobatics freestyle.

You dont do that with a 360 camera, because its unnecessary all you do is fly the drone, just like a little beginner youre flying at level off the ground, and you just try to go in a straight pattern and what you do is try to go close To objects or go under objects, thats all you do in the 360 hobby all right, so let me get rid of this stuff now. Let me tell you something else: now: when you get home youre going to take your micro sd card out of your 360 degree camera, and you have to stick it into software. That can look at 360 degree. Video, the free software that i use is called insta360 studio. They kind of make the camera they make the software they make everything, so it just works perfect together its free. Then, when you put your footage in that software, youre gon na see it on the screen and youre gon na have a choice to see everything 360 or just see. Looking straight ahead, i always pick looking straight ahead and then i just move the video to look at whatever i want, because i have 360 degree view of everything. So if i flew past the tree and the tree was over here well, i can look straight or i can look at the tree or i can look at the sky or i can look at the bottom of the tree or i can look behind me or I can look at the other side.

I just pick what i want to view i can take a picture of that or i could edit it together into a video that youre going to see in this here video and it looks pretty cool now to make my explanation a bit clearer here is insta 360 studio and you can see, i can move the camera angle around anywheres within a 360 degree realm, and you notice, you cannot see the drone anywhere looks like the cameras just floating in the air and to create a video. All you have to do is pick an angle that you want to start, so i want to start like this and then over on the bottom right. You can see im pointing at it. You click on this little plus sign, and now you go pick the next scene so lets move forward in the video some place down the road ill spin, the camera around, because i have 360 degrees and lets say thats our next scene. So i will hit the plus sign again and now, when i play back the video, the image or the camera will automatically rotate from scene 1 to scene 2., thats it its so cool. So hopefully, that explanation made it clear how a 360 camera works and if it didnt well, i can show you some examples so watch this so as an example im going to play the same scene over just changing the camera angles. So here is the camera angle.

Looking forward heres the camera angle, looking backwards exactly the same flight heres, the camera angle, looking down so i could fly looking down. I can do it again and this time im gon na look to the left and there we go and i could do one to the right or any spot. I want its 360 degrees all right. So now you have a better idea how 360 cameras work. So i took this out twice for two flights on the same day in freezing cold weather because thats all it is up here in canada right now, except we had a wind and oh my god that wind was so bone chilling that everything froze up as a Matter of fact, theres a feature on here ill tell you later. It actually froze up on the drone, and i couldnt use it. But im going to show you the footage that i took on my two flights. Ill put it all together, and you can see that now so check it out now the temperature that day was insane. There was a bit of a breeze and every time the wind would pick up it was a bone chilly breeze here ill. Let you hear what the pavo sounds like. Listen to this. Please note when i edited the video youre about to see i put tons of motion in it just to show you what a 360 camera can do so for some people it may cause motion sickness.

So just stare at your feet: Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, all right so pretty cool footage right now, let me explain what froze up, because it was so cold theres, a little landing leg on here that is designed. So you dont mess up your cameras, it pops out, it comes out and the drone goes down and it keeps the lenses off the ground. So let me plug in two batteries and show you how it works. Okay, ive got two batteries attached. I did not put them inside the drone because im going to pull them out in a second, but i just want to show you the leg so over here on your controller, its channel eight on the dji controllers, its channel. What is it? Is it channel? One? Might be channel, one might be channel one on the dji controllers, but if you have something else like a tx16s or something like that, its channel eight, you can set it up in betaflight anyway. So on this controller, if i flick this switch there we go. Did you see that come out down there here? Let me bring it closer, you can see it better. Okay, have a look at the front, and here we go there. We go thats our little landing leg and going down. So when you take off, you would take off with it like this and then, when you get up in the air you do that because if you leave it like this, its in the way of that camera there and you will see it in your video.

So you have to put it away when i flew this in the freezing cold it froze on me. It would not go back up, so i had to land it and i had to manually just push it up inside it was the cold affects it, because it is its a motor, its a servo. Now, let me tell you some things you need to know about this drone if youre going to buy it first off its pretty cool its really cool. I like it a lot, however theres a little bit of effort to record in 360 and 360. Video with drones, like this are made for, like tv, commercial advertisements really cool videos, you see on youtube things, you think: how is that possible? How do they do that? Its done with drones like this, because the camera well its a high definition camera and you can catch anything you want. So you fly in buildings and bowling alleys, all sorts of things really close to things and you can move the camera all over the place smoothly. In post editing and make things look cool, but what you have to know is when you buy the drone, the pavo 360. It does not come with the camera, because the camera is sold separately. This smo 360 camera is separate, certainly its made for this drone, but you could use it on any other fpv drone because it takes power right off the battery or right off the flight controller.

Just like a lot of the naked smo 360s. Other models do, and this is no different. The only problem is, if you put it on another fpv drone, you will see the fpv drone when looking around 360.. This is the only one on the market that becomes invisible, see see how thin it is look. It can you see it now. Is it invisible also one of the things you have to know about this, that impressed me? Is they made this out of some sort of plastic that i have not seen before? It is super strong because out in that cold weather, i was pushing these batteries in and out of this plastic to lock them in place, and i thought i was gon na break the clips on the end, but nope they just bent back even in the freezing Cold, no problem: this thing is made really well so im assuming in the summer. You could probably crash it into a lot of hard objects and it will not crack shatter or break now. Theres not a lot of videos of this drone on youtube because youtube reviewers have to buy it and its very expensive. You got to buy the camera and the drone so thats. Why im? Probably one of the few guys theres myself and a few you know and a handful of reviewers who have reviewed this drone so being so expensive when i bought it. Uh beta fpv said to me they said: hey, you bought the drone.

You bought the camera, but you didnt, buy the lens protectors and im like no ive got a lot of 360 cameras and i have no lens protectors. Why would i need one theres, a little leg here, thats supposed to protect it? When i take off and land they said, trust us get the lens protectors. So the lens protectors are these little pieces of plastic and they come in a box like this ive got a lot of them now. Youll see youll, see why im going to explain it in a second. I got a lot theres a lot in each box, so theyre just theyre disposable and what they do is they protect the glass lens or whatever its made out of polycarbonate or something they protect that lens from scratches. In case you have a bad landing when i shot my two segments of video. I landed a second time and i thought i was pretty good, but i hit some gravel it scratched up this bottom protective cover and in the video you could see it right here. Right after i landed, i was showing it in the camera that oh i scratched it up. You could still fly with it scratched up, but you might see the slightest bit of imperfections like little lines in your videos, so i wasnt going to bother. So if you buy this get the little protectors and if you get these plastic protectors, please note the following that ive noticed and you probably saw it in my video.

The light will go through the protector hit the internal lens, but then bounce back out and get trapped in the protector, and you get these little different colorations. It looks like rainbows happening in the corners that sort of thing thats the only downside with protectors but its better to have them than destroy your lens. Unless i will say this, i havent tried it had i landed on snow. It would have been perfectly fine that i would not have scratched anything had it been summertime and i landed on grass like plenty of grass. It would have been fine as well so yeah if youre gon na land on grass or snow, then you should be fine. Now, a lot of you with the keen eye are probably wondering wheres the antenna, because a lot of drones have antennas that stick out in the fpv hobby to communicate back with your goggles with your radio and that sort of thing. Well, the cool thing is: if you have the digital version, which i have youll know that in a digital version, if you dont add a receiver and you go plug and play like, i did thats why i went plug and play. It means that the digital version uses one antenna and thats a there, only put a finger that way. One antenna instead of a thumb and the antenna is right there in the front. They just stuck it right by the camera. What does that mean? That means, if youre flying towards yourself, youre gon na get more range, so you have to fly backwards, but if you turn it and fly away from yourself, your range is probably going to be limited.

Now it is digital, so it goes quite far, but its not going to be a massively massive miles upon miles distance, not with the antenna down there and being so small. So when i was flying looking at this camera up front with the pilots camera, this is what i saw and every time i saw the image it was always clear: it never went pixelated or anything like that. So a few more things about this drone is that, as i mentioned, the plastics really good, but it is also a carbon fiber frame. You can see it here and here its a carbon fiber frame, five blade of props lots of wind. It does sound like a vacuum cleaner, but its not that bad. Now i just want to give you a heads up about something you need to know. So this little smo 360 camera sits inside the drone. It has to sit flush and it sits perfectly flush, and it goes in one way and im just going to take it out and show you here. One second bear with me: you just have to take out four screws out of a piece of carbon fiber and the camera pops out there. We go ill show it to you this way. So i take the piece of carbon fiber off this right here. Theres my camera and i can literally just push it right out there we go watch its gon na go flying that might go flying because there we go.

So this is your smo 360 camera that you buy and, as you can see, as i mentioned, you can stick it on any fpv drone. You want any camera drone anything if you want a 360 degree view you can stick it on top of a mavic like that, and it will give you 360 degrees around video, but also since see my hand my hand would be the mavic its going to give You an image of the mavic right below it plus the ground, so your mavic or anything wont be invisible. With a camera like this or any drone, you stick it on or any rc plane or whatever you stick it on in life. It wont be invisible, however, thats, why this is made to be the same thickness as the distance from the top lens to the bottom lens. Now. The only frustrating thing about this whole unit is that when you put the camera in, you saw me unscrew it. You kind of have to leave it there for the duration of your video shoot. You cant just go shoot a little bit of video pull the micro sd card out check it out. Oh that looks good lets. Do that again. Well, you could, but then you have to pull the camera out. Take the micro sd card out. Look at it then put the micro sd card back in and then put the camera back in it. Doesnt have easy access to the micro sd card when the camera is sitting inside.

The unit itself same is true for the batteries. If youre gon na buy this drone, i would suggest getting more than the included two batteries buy an extra two or an extra four. Its up to you, theyre not expensive at all, because the batteries you only get about five minutes of flight time, even though its 6s, but that 6s has to run this drone, which is super powerful 6s, and it has to run this camera. And you need this. Camera to be running with battery power, or else youll lose all your footage. You never want to run this camera. You never want to run the battery power dry or youll, lose the footage and these batteries now that ive got it all apart these batteries, when you land, so you do one flight and when you land, you change the batteries, you leave the camera and everything else. All you do, is you pull your other batteries out? Then you stick in a new set and youll see that theyre designed to sit flush. You see that its flush, they go in flush and you see these wires im just shoving them right through. Just to give you a quick example here so now, theyre flush and thats what you want! You want everything flush like that. You can start and stop the video on the camera itself, theres buttons on it and they are accessible. So you can stop video when you land and change batteries start it again.

If you want to program the camera or you want to see what the camera sees while youre flying as long as you dont fly too far, you can hook it up to your phone. So let me show you that all right, so what ive done is ive attached two batteries and i have the camera sitting here. It is attached you can see if i turn it. This way, youll see a little blue light flashing because it is connected to my phone. It just connects via wi, fi or bluetooth. However method you want, the app does everything for you, so you see how my camera is sitting. Neither lens is pointing at me ones pointing this way ones pointing that way. So let me show you here. This is what the image is. There is me, and i can look anywhere. I want its 360., so im looking down, i can look up at my ceiling. I can go this way. I can go this way. You can go right around if you want theres my arms but yeah thats, a 360 camera, its pretty sweet. Let me show you the options there. We go theres all the cool things you can do with this. Here, camera: these are all the options settings for the camera itself. Alright, so the next thing i want to do is show you a few things. I want to show you what comes in the box when you buy this and what comes in the box when you buy the camera, because you need both to have a complete package.

So let me show you everything that comes in this box check it out. This is the box your pavo 360 comes in and inside the box, youll find your pablo 360 plus a spare set of props two 3 cell 850 milliamp hour 75 c batteries are included. Mine is the digital version, so i have a digital cadx polar camera up front, and here you can see the vista unit in the drone. The pavo 360 is rather narrow and on the outside it does have bumpers. Just in case you fly it indoor and bang into walls. Construction is a thick carbon fiber, as well as some really really durable plastic. Total weight of the drone with batteries is 484 grams. Of course you need to add the camera to that weight. So here we have the smo 360 unboxing inside the box. Youll find basically your camera. Looking at the camera closely, you will see two cameras on either side: two lenses. You also have a on off button, as well as a start record button. You can see the power input section as well as the micro sd card slot. Total weight of the camera is 55 grams. All right, then, who is the pavo 364? Well, obviously, its not for a beginner if youre a beginner in the fpv hobby, youll just destroy this camera, so dont even get this. This is more for someone who knows how to fly fpv and its probably for somebody who knows how to fly fpv drones, who has several fpv drones, and they want something really different because theyre making videos that all look the same, and they just want to take It to like the next, you know, like 10 000 level, to make something look just amazing, thats, probably who this drone is, for you know, creators all right im going to put links below to the pavo 360.

You can get it in analog or you can get it in digital. It is a really good, fpv drone very powerful. It runs on 6s power comes with two 3s batteries in series gives you 6s. I would highly recommend if you buy the analog or digital. You also get yourself two more batteries so that you can land pull two batteries out, put two more batteries on and continue flying and recording dont forget to pick up your little smo 360 camera. You can use this on any drone or any device car rc plane. Whatever you want just remember, only this item is made to become invisible. Every other item. You stick this on probably youll, see the item in the video as well, but itll still look pretty cool because its 360. and finally dont forget the lens guards, because i almost didnt buy them, but i did buy them grudgingly and my god they saved the lens. On my drone so pick yourself up some lens guards: theyre not expensive. They just uh, sticky on and sticky off, so you can remove them at any time or put them back on and you get several in a box all right. So i hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on the pavo 360 or the smo 360, then just post them below and ill get back to you and uh stay tuned for more cool products in the future.