This is the express lrs edition, so uh more or less its. I think its pretty much the same as the free sky or other receiver, not our plug in player. Non receiver version, except now it has express lrs on board. You can see youve got the antenna here in the back with their new little tpu antenna holder, and this one here has the dipole antenna, not the smd antenna. Little little tiny antenna, thats surface mounted and uh same frame looks like the frame hasnt changed uh. I believe the motors are the same as well: 1103 11 000 kv motors uh. I think the previous generation maybe is different properties. The new gem fan four bladed props and when its first came by this prop wasnt around, i did switch the battery uh strap to a sideways orientation. The stock was front forwards and backwards, just because i like the the way that feels better, they did send along this uh, 300 milliamp hour, 1s or 2s battery, because this is a 2s board and 2s setup versus the beta 75 and beta 65 pros are both 1S and i havent gotten around to the 65. Yet if youre wondering about that, let me know in the comments uh, i might move that video up, but this was sent along. I dont think this is included. You have to buy the separately, but this is the battery theyre recommending this is what they tuned it for. I also flew it on a 2s 450 for a little bit more flight time and a little bit heavier.

I think it actually flies a little bit better on this ill show you a little bit of what that flight looks like here in the corner. I actually did the narrator flight on the the stock battery or the one they sent along. I did a video on the the new board. The expresso sport in here already lets see heres what the board looks like um, but you can see that the usb, which is a usb port, should say usb type c comes on this plug right there. So you cant lose this otherwise youre gon na. Have you know some issues? Um changing your settings, but yeah. This is what the board inside looks like and yeah. I did a video on this one, all right, 12 amp with the express solaris receiver built in, and this is an spi receiver. So if youre looking for the old style with the built in receiver, thats, not spi, that has the basically using a uart they. You know that the reason they dont see, that is so they want to shrink the board down and the reason they went with spi is they can get rid of the um. What i think its called the esp controller msp its like basically another processing unit that um the express lrx uses and where the firmware is stored and you can get rid of those chips and and basically you know, make the board smaller. So what they do is essentially what they did.

Otherwise the board might be bigger, like the um toothpick version, the 1s version that came before this uh thats thats. The advantage of the spi uh versions is that you can shrink down the components or get rid of some components and they offload that um express ls firmware into the betaflight firmware thats sitting in the main flight controller um. I guess in the rom or the or the wherever, the, where the, where the firmware sits, the programming when you flash rate of flight and so thats. Why, when you want to update express solaris on these spi boards uh, you have to update betaflight and um everyones waiting for 3.4 or 4.3 to come out. I guess and theres some nightly versions out there right now, its a bit convoluted. So i havent made a video about that yet, and i dont recommend flashing these boards to make the upgrade, because it is really ive done it a couple times and its ive um yeah it its difficult to do it correctly. If youre any – and i kind of know what im doing so, i would recommend not flashing these boards. If you want to get the latest nightly 4.3 on here, because it doesnt really make much of a difference in terms of performance, it seems to be the same in my opinion, so i recommend just staying away from that until the fish, the official 4.3 comes out Later on and ill make a video on that later anyway, thats what the board looks like its in there so im not going to take it apart too, show you that – and this is the you know, connector that came with which goes right there in the side.

So you know, obviously you know youre going to fly around with a cell saving a little bit of weight there, but lets see how much this weighs now so its coming in at a 45 point about 45.6 grams and then with 300 taken all together its about 66.6 grams and then with the four uh with the 450 and were coming in at a 73 anyway. Nothing really that shocking about this one um, compared to my original review, its very fast uh, its um yeah, actually uh its, not sure why its so much faster, and maybe i just havent flown one of these, like 2s, like power whoops in a while, which is Why i flew it outside? You can find these indoors as well, but this is super fast for the size, and so you only have a bigger space youre going to want to try and fly some of this indoors, but its very agile um. The tune could be a little better on the 300. I thought it flew better on the 450 and you can get. You can get more power out of the battery, because um these 11 000 kv motors do suck quite a bit of amps out of the battery. So you need some good quality batteries. If you want to be doing tricks and stuff like that, but anyway now heres the narrated flight and you guys can judge for yourself what you think of the performance and the you know talk to pituitary guys in the next video all right.

So this things kind of fast whoa, its a little faster than i expected. I havent flown uh one of these in this class in a while all right, try and just get used to how this flies its not that loud. You can probably hear, like all the other ambient noise over this okay, the rates are way high yeah. So this is, could use lower rates and a lot of x, more expo could try and dial that in make this a little smoother its a little bit of a wind im already getting a little battery warning, whoa thats the wind, pushing you back im getting a Little battery warning its a pretty small battery for the kv, the motor and everything youre not going to get a super long flight time. You could try like a 450, but then you know you lose like the agility and the responsiveness. The tune is a little wobbly too. Could you could use a tighter pid tune there yeah this? Obviously, this is why i flew outside, because this thing i knew it was going to be fast, but its a little faster than i was expecting it to be, and already the battery is just about dead.