You get a really nice hard carry case and everything you need fits inside. You get the drone, a transmitter, usb charger, two batteries, some spare props, a charging, cable and an fpv headset. I was sent an additional four batteries for a total of six and i highly recommend buying extra batteries. So your sessions wont be cut short more on that later. I was also sent this six port battery charger, but on the second use it made a burning smell and no longer works. Luckily, i still have the little battery charger, which is actually pretty cool because it doubles as a voltage tester and it charges two batteries. At the same time, these are high voltage lithium cells, which means they charge to 4.35 volts instead of the usual 4.2. The battery life isnt great but ill talk about that when i get into the actual flights, the drone itself is really nice. Its got this smooth, durable plastic, thats, very forgiving and crashes. It has brushless motors and theyre. Actually, the same motors i use on one of my rc planes and theyre great motors. There are sensors which help it with position and altitude hold and theres an fpv camera and 25 milliwatt video transmitter built in the gamepad style transmitter, looks and feels good. The gimbals are surprisingly nice for a budget transmitter. They actually feel better than my dx6e. There are switches for changing flight modes and speed and it charges by usbc and the third important piece of the kit is the fpv headset after using an oculus quest for the past year.

This headset feels amazingly lightweight and small. This is way more comfortable than an oculus. It doesnt have a recorder or any way to get a video feed into an external recorder. So my flight footage in this review is going to be recorded just by pointing my camera into the headset inside theres, a single widescreen display and a pretty good picture quality for something at this price and thats. All you need. The only thing to do now is learn to fly it now. Ive flown a few toy quadcopters in the past and ive had a few dji camera drones, but this is my first time flying a micro racing drone. However, i do have a bit of an advantage over a complete beginner because ive been flying rc planes and helicopters, since i was in my teens, but this is quite a different experience. So lets see how it went. My first flights were flown line of sight because i wanted to get a feel for how the quad handles plus i cant wear the headset and record what the camera sees. At the same time, the first flights were really easy. Thanks to the self leveling stabilization and pretty quickly, i was getting the hang of it. Everyone says when you first start out, youre guaranteed to crash a lot. They say its all just part of learning, but in my case with all my experience flying rc, i dont think thats necessary okay, so everyone was right.

You probably will crash probably a lot, and i crashed quite a few times, including once when i was about 25 feet in the air and for some reason i hit the disarm switch and it fell out of the sky and landed upside down on a concrete driveway. I thought it would surely be destroyed, but it still worked. The top was cracked and the camera was a bit squished in, but everything still worked perfectly so day. One was tons of fun, then the sun set, and it was time to retire for the evening on day two, the weather just wasnt, my friend, so i decided to practice a bit of indoor flying which is almost just as fun, but your family might not quite See it the same way, having crashed for the who knows how manyth time and being stuck upside down. This was a good opportunity to test out turtle mode which lets you flip the quad back to the right way up and theres a dedicated switch for that on the transmitter. This might come in handy someday, Music, the snow melted and it was time to fly. Once again, i decided that i was ready to throw away my crutches and fly in manual mode. This is a mode that offers no self leveling, no stabilization at all. If you lean one direction and let go of the sticks, youll keep going that direction. It wont return to level so im about one minute into flying in manual mode.

For the first time in my life and given that at this stage i can barely control it, i decided this was the perfect time to attempt to do flips, because im impatient, of course, the first flip went exactly as you might expect flawless. The second one, even better third one, almost i almost had it at least i landed the right way up and then oh yeah, i flipped it. What a feeling i actually did it if i die tonight in my sleep for myocarditis at least people will remember me as having achieved something in my life days. Four and five were the absolute best. I was so much more confident by this point when i was zooming around doing flips with the headset on and id even progressed to the fastest speed. I was really getting addicted and thats when i started wishing for more and by more what i mean is flight time beta fpv say the flight time in these batteries should last about four to five minutes, but i struggle to get over two minutes. I get the low voltage warning at about a minute and a half, and by two minutes the quad begins to auto land, which is a great feature by the way, but two minutes just isnt enough, and i think what the problem is: is the cold temperature, its Winter, here and ive been flying in temperatures between zero degrees and five, maybe ten degrees celsius. When im indoors, i can get more than three minutes, maybe even three and a half, but when im flying indoors, im really just hovering around im, not flying full speed and doing flips, so yeah battery life is shorter than i would prefer and thats.

Why i say you should buy extra batteries? The other issue i noticed is that it needs to be calibrated quite often for self leveling to work properly. I find if i dont, calibrate it at the beginning of each flying session. It might drift to one side when im in sport mode, of course, in manual mode, this doesnt matter and theres a really easy way to calibrate it just by putting it on a flat surface and using the menu in the headset. And it only takes about 30 seconds in total Music. So its been a couple of weeks now and what do i think well for 230 dollars, youre getting an fpv quad that can take you from total noob to fairly skilled in gradual steps thanks to the three flight modes, with various levels of assistance, youre. Also getting the transmitter, the headset batteries, everything you need and its ready to fly right out of the box, so in terms of value for money, its really appealing – and it flies really well too its super durable. You can use the transmitter and headset with other drones. If you decide to upgrade in the future, the battery life, at least in cold weather, is not great. Two minutes is not quite enough and thats. My only real criticism, ive read on forums that other people are getting three to four minutes in warmer weather. So maybe once summer rolls around ill be enjoying much longer flights, but for now, even though theyre short flights im still having a lot of fun, and so this gets a big thumbs up from me.