It is an RTT crawler, it's called the rock hammer, and this is one of those rock crawlers that I took out and it was totally unexpected because whenever I did something new in from China, sometimes depending on the brand, our GT tends to generally be in the Middle somewhere, as far as the QC, the quality control, but this one does have some metal gears inside the drivetrain and all the gears and the wheels and the axles and everything held up quite nice. And I was expecting that on some of the high rocks Morgan. That we do our crawling in that I might have a gear failure somewhere or a servo failure, or something was going to fail, because I also drove it in high speed, low speed and some pretty good rock crawling. I also took it in the water to test out the water proof servo, for you guys so I'm going to do some River crawling we're gon na do some high rock crawling and some general just bashing around with some fun and some 360 video for you guys. As well so let's go ahead and get started with a really quick overview, just a little quick sexy, montage and then we'll jump right into some of the testing for all different types of terrain with the rock hammer. So hopefully, this review is good for you and, if you're considering buying a crawler, this one is going to be a good one for the price.

So let's go ahead and head out to the Sandy River. Here we go Music Applause, Music, Music, alright, guys now that you've seen what's under the hood let's go ahead and get this crawler out in the water. We'Ll do a little bit of water testing with it. We'Ll do some pie rock and we'll. Do some general bashing around with it and see if these gears and the drivetrain and everything pulled up out here? One suggestion I will make to you guys is, if you get this particular crawler, make sure that you put some Loctite on the drive shafts, where they connect on each end of the shaft, because we did have one shaft pop off and some high speed kind of Fashion around so that's the first tip with the rock hammer – and you know you want to go over all the bolts on anything you buy from China anyway, that includes RC trucks, cars and quad copters. I usually do take a wrench and go over everything, but my first impression was that it has a nice like clearance between the frame and the tires the tires. You know how are around to point to our friend onyx there. The dog was just fascinated with the car the whole time, but now we're gon na go ahead and take it in the river, and this is always fun. I did submerge the waterproof servo on the front completely and it held up for the entire test.

For this day, which is cool, I love the LEDs in the front too, this this car looks really cool from the front, and even though I did a little bit of splashing around, I didn't get any water in the receiver box, which is also good, and this Is some more mild rock terrain through here, but with all that clearance it it really will go fast across the light rock – and here I've got my 360 camera on there. For you guys, we can turn it around and change perspective, which is cool it's. Quite a bit of splashing going on with the tires there's another angle from above so cool you can't see the can't see the camera at all. With 360 video it's really neat a little different perspective than the GoPro, but this is like the perfect little stream to bring your crawler out into, but there it is really deep in certain sections. So I generally tend not to put my crawlers over top of the about halfway up my frame and I try not to to cover the receiver box. If I know I don't have it sealed up, but for the more extreme type of crawling these are fairly smooth flat rock so wet tires. Obviously, are gon na be a little bit of a handicap here, but once they're dried off they're, actually pretty grippy tire. So I feel like the stock tires, are actually good to start out with you.

Don'T need to go run out and buy. Some proline tires right away with this particular crawler. You can run these stock tires for quite a while they seem they seem pretty grippy. I actually like them a lot so about halfway through the day I ran around three batteries on this. I also tested it on three s. For you guys there is a switch on the ESC. You can switch it over to lipo. It does come with that. 2 s, NiCad that's, a two thousand milliamp didn't get you, but he should get you 35 to 40 minutes drive time. I mean it's a long drive time with a crawler, mainly because you're not punching the throttle all the time if you're rock crawling. So you can get a really long drive time. You know it's good information for new guys that are getting into Rock rolling so that you know it's a little bit different than bashers, because you're just full throttle in the basher half the time and we're barely even using more than quarter throttle here. With most of my rock crawler, but also various different terrain, this this crawler would go anywhere which what's really fun just has. I love the clearance and it it's like it's like in a way it's kind of like the the sort of poor man's choice for some type of competition style crawler. It doesn't have any weights on it yet and it's completely stock, but it has that sort of competition.

Crawler, look slash, you know hybrid basher frame, so I think that I think the rock hammer has a little bit of everything honestly and it's. Definitely it definitely is a hybrid, but it just looks so cool and you know sometimes you can goose it with this car and just make it over just about anything which is also nice. So, overall, this is definitely one of my favorite crawlers that I've had in recently, and it held up to all my testing all weekend, long out on the mountains with this crawler and so it's, a really nice setup for the money for around 200. You can't beat this. This is really a good deal. What'S up guys welcome back from the drive test. I think the Arditi rock hammer handles quite a bit of punishment out of the rocks. I was surprised also that the drive system held up none of the gear stripped the front servo didn't give up, and so far with that particular servo it's, a 17 kg servo I've had great luck with that. One I've also had it on various different cars that I've had and crawlers so it's, a good servo and I've actually never had one failed and that's that's. Actually, the good news now the tires are pretty big on that parler. If it can handle some pretty high terrain, and the nice thing is that there is no kind of wheel bite on the body in the frame of that crawler.

So when you're taking some pretty high extreme angles, you can handle it very similar to something like the axial capra, so the one nine tires are quite a bit smaller. These appear to be 2.2, so it gives you a pretty good amount of clearance. Also, I felt like the high speed mode was fun for guys who want to kind of use this as a high speed. Ah sure you can kick up a pretty good rooster tail and sand with it that's a lot of fun, so it has a nice high end. You can also throttle back on the controller and you can actually do some pretty detailed rock crawling by slowing the throttle way down. So you can get those kind of minimal movements that you want to make it through some pretty extreme rock terrain. So that was cool too also, it survived the water test, so that's also good news for you guys. You want to make sure that you somehow water seal of your receiver box, because that receiver box on there is not going to be waterproof. It will leak some water in there and I'm 100 sure that the receiver is not a waterproof receiver and you can get waterproof receivers so I'll leave that up to you guys, that's totally up to the driver and how comfortably you feel around water with your RC Car, so I appreciate you guys watching this review and I will see you guys on the next one.