They already had two spider man games under their belt: the classic spider man, 1 game developed by neversoft and its sequel, spider man 2 and her electro developed by vicarious visions, both of which released on playstation 1. activision had no intention of slowing down with their spider. Man games and in late 2001, they announced their acquisition of game studio treyarch, who would be working on their next spider man game this time for next gen consoles, playstation 2 xbox and gamecube treyarch had some experience with spider man games prior to this, though, as they Were the team that developed the dreamcast version of neversoft spider man, however? Treyarch werent originally tasked with handling a spider man movie game and were instead working on porting neversoft spider man to playstation 2.. In a quote to lead game. Designer tomo morowaki describes how they ended up working on a movie game. It kind of crept up on us. I think it started off as an opportunity to port the 2000 neversoft spider man game to playstation 2.. We started in on development and figuring stuff out and then in the midst of that it kind of transformed into a spider man movie deal, because that was all big news and activision signed its deal with sony colombia and got some number of games that it had. Some kind of right to tomo further goes on to describe how the team adapted to handling a spider man movie game.

One of the many ways that you could describe the 2002 spider man game is us just trying to keep up with spider man and in a lot of ways it became us mimicking the neversoft game. Whenever possible, we just tried to cope with and adapt to the movie script and fulfill our responsibilities. It was our first experience with a really big licensed client, and so i think, even though we might have had terrible attitudes, we kept our heads down and did the best we could developing a game based on a movie also brought the team. Some unique challenges. One of which was trying to match the tone and story of the movie, while only having a limited time with the movies script in another quote to lead animator james zachary describes that experience activision had the script and we had like two hours where we were Locked in a room – and you couldnt bring anything in there, so you had to read the script within the room and then, when we were done, we just start writing stuff wed, leave the room and just start writing notes down like okay. We do this this this and this and then when we saw the film a lot of the stuff wed read in the script like the ending and so forth, wasnt, even in the film it just changed, and luckily we didnt follow the film to a t. So we had some liberty there using neversoft spider man game as a starting point.

Treyarch wanted to take everything that game did well and improve upon it. Besides the major graphical enhancements, one of the major areas that the team focused on was combat for this game: spider. Man is now much more effective at aerial combat and is able to fight enemies who take to the skies. The explorable world is also much bigger, giving the player more freedom to explore the city, although you still cant, go down to the streets without dying treyarch. Also, enhanced spider mans combat prowess, giving him over 30 combos to use against enemies. The game also includes a few cast members from the film returning to voice their respective roles in the game. Specifically, we have toby maguire as spider man and willem dafoe as green goblin. Bruce campbell is also in the game listed as tour guide bruce had a cameo appearance in the first movie as the ring announcer that gave spider man. His name well talk more about their performances and the rest of the cast a little bit later on in the video, but for now lets start to get into the game itself. Treyarch were given 18 months to develop their game, and on april 16th, 2002 spider man was released to playstation 2 xbox gamecube, pc and game boy advanced for this. Video well be focusing on the console versions of the game, which were the ones developed by treyarch. All the gameplay youll be seeing in this video come from the playstation 2 copy of the game, but played on the pc, emulator pcsx2, which helps me to boost the graphics.

However, the xbox version has an exclusive level featuring craven. The hunter that well talk about as well, unfortunately, i couldnt get an xbox emulator working in time, so for that level, specifically, i have gameplay recorded straight from the original xbox, so youll notice a decrease in graphical quality for that level, specifically, but that level alone. If this is your first time visiting the channel, well start next by discussing the games story before digging into its gameplay and other features a little bit later on before we get into the story, i want to give a special thank you to atlas vpn for sponsoring This video with a vpn, your internet traffic, goes through an encrypted tunnel which hides your ip address and online activity. Maintaining your privacy while using the internet, even better atlas, vpn, also blocks malicious links, unsafe websites and will alert you. If someone is trying to steal your data right now, atlas vpn is running a huge discount where you can get a 3 year subscription for just a dollar ‘ a month. There are additional perks to using a vpn besides just internet privacy, and i personally enjoy using atlas vpn to unlock exclusive netflix content from different countries. Netflix keeps certain movies and shows locked to specific geographical regions and with a vpn. You can now view content that otherwise wouldnt be available to you. For example, i was recently able to access australias exclusive netflix, catalog and re watch, spider man homecoming and venom something i wouldnt have been able to do with my us.

Netflix account atlas. Vpn is available on android ios windows and apple devices, and you can have unlimited devices linked to your account. If you decide that atlasvpn isnt for you, they also provide a 30 day money back guarantee. There are a ton of benefits to using a vpn on your devices and now is a great time to try it out. If you use the link in the description below you, can access atlasvpns christmas deal with 86 off plus an extra 3 months for free, but that deal wont last long, so make sure to secure it. While you can, but now lets get into the story of spider. Man 1.. This is how my story begins. My uncle ben and aunt may raise me like a son. They never had much money, though i thought my powers could help make up for that. The last time i saw uncle ben alive, we argued i took out. My frustration in the ring poor bone saw never even saw me coming no more, mr nice guy Applause. The fight promoter cheated me, so i didnt think it was my problem. He got robbed Applause. 12, henry callback on that 187 in connection with a carjacking 42nd street library to be a member of the skulls gang to see this question. The opening cutscene does a good job at recapping, spider, mans origin from the movie and places us at the moment where peter hunts down uncle bens killer peter changes into his human spider wrestling outfit and were free to explore the citys rooftops for criminals.

I think this is an effective first level, since it shows off the scale of the city and how much freedom the player has to explore right off the bat, even though the city and swinging look pretty basic compared to todays standards. This was a huge improvement compared to the playstation 1 spider man games. Not only was there a massive graphical boost, but the city itself felt larger and more explorable. The ps1 games only had a small number of buildings in a given area and they were more like platforms to get from one area to the next here: theres a much larger quantity of buildings to swing to each with their own varying heights. Making the city feel more realistic to help the player navigate these various rooftops, treyarch added this height meter, indicating in red how high the player is, while blue shows the height level of the next objective. Using this, in tandem with the spidey compass, helps the player to locate their next objective without constantly swinging past it in the game. Uncle bens killer is part of the skull gang, so our first mission is to find various members of that gang and learn where uncle bens killer could be hiding in the movie. Uncle bens killer is just a mugger and not affiliated with a gang. So i think this was a good change to give us enemies to beat up the skull. Gang were also an original creation for the game, although they could be a subtle reference to the blazing skull gang from amazing spider man number 250.

. Nevertheless, we go from rooftop to rooftop until we finally find a henchman willing to talk. He tells us that the killer is hiding out in an old shipping warehouse near the river, so we head there next, once inside, we fight our way through a bunch of skull thugs until we eventually find uncle bens killer. This is our first boss fight and i was surprised at how difficult this guy was once you get within range of him. Hell start to blast away at you using his shotgun, and he does some pretty big damage in a short amount of time. Hes also good. At dodging any web bullets, you send his way and hell even throw a flashbang to disorient you if youre in his face too much. I like the challenge of this fight, but it never felt clear if the game wanted me to approach it with stealth or aggression. I tried stealth first since thats how this fight went in the movies, but ultimately i found more aggressive tactics to work best mixing ranged web shots with up close combos. In some ways it was kind of a frustrating fight, but i like that it got me to incorporate spider mans web attacks into the mix more frequently, at least after doing enough damage. Though spider man is able to get up close to him and realizes its the mugger, he let go after being shipped to the wrestling arena. Peter is stunned with self guilt, but luckily the mugger trips and falls out the window, presumably dying in the process.

Peter then, flees, the scene and heads to a skyscraper to contemplate his life as well as uncle bens. Last words to him. These are the years when a man becomes the man hes going to be for the rest of his life. Just be careful who you change into youre feeling this power of becoming a man and with this great power comes great responsibility: Music uncle ben. Nothing could ever fill the hole left when he died. Those wounds never really heal. The beautiful redhead is mary, jane watson. The guy is harry osborn, my best friend they stuck with me after uncle ben died, harrys, dad norman was great too. He even let harry and me stay in one of the apartments he owned after we graduated and moved into the city. I got a job with the daily bugle. Taking pictures of myself. Life sure is strange, sometimes no matter how much you want to hold on to a moment. You cant stop time for moving on general slocum has given ozcorp a week to prove that we can develop a working serum or we are going to lose the contract to quest labs, given how much we have invested in this research losing the contract could bankrupt oscorp. I can only assume that spider man relates to our problem in some way. Yes, mr osborne, as that video showed spider, man possesses all the attributes. Our project hopes to create. We hypothesize that he has augmented spider dna in his system and feels certain that an analysis of his blood will enable us to complete our serum.

We can modify the hunter killers to track this dna signature and capture spider man do it up until now. The game has pretty closely resembled the plot of the movie, but now its starting to take more liberties with the story in the movie peter and norman gain superpowers around the same time where, in the game it seems, spider man has already been around for a while. Also in the movie, oscorp has a military contract where theyve been tasked with developing a serum to basically create super soldiers. Oscorp is at risk of losing that contract, though, since all of their experiments thus far have been failures in the game. Oscorp won a sample of spider mans blood in order to replicate his abilities as a last ditch effort for a successful serum to accomplish this oscorp sends out robots named hunter killers to attack spider. Man meanwhile, were given a short tutorial based around air. Combat peter needs. Some new photos of spider man to sell to the bugle, so we set up cameras nearby as well as a balloon to target. Here. We learn how to lock onto the balloon and fire webs at it to get some action shots as we make our way back to the daily bugle were intercepted by the hunter killers and must use our newly learned abilities to take them out. As we briefly discussed earlier, aerial combat was one of the big new innovations for this game and well see it often throughout the story.

This is a good introductory level for the aerial combat, though, as the hunter killers arent too difficult to take out, but they provide enough of a challenge to get you ready for future levels, after destroying them all spider man swings away wondering who could have sent those Things after him, those thoughts are quickly interrupted, though, as he happens upon a robbery in progress by two major villains. We first see the vulture flee the scene of the crime followed next by shocker, as he attempts to escape in a getaway van with his men, spider man decides to focus on shocker webbing, the van and causing it to crash shocker, and his men then decide to Break into grand central station in hopes of evading spider man dont panic boys. It was only a matter of time before we had to deal with spider. Man lets take care of security and get some hostages. Weve got a situation here. We need backup. Backup is on the way, dont know who this creep is, but hes easy to follow. Once inside grand central station, we have to protect the security guards that shockers men are hoping to hold hostage, even though protection missions are usually pretty annoying. I actually enjoyed this section. A lot shockers men are fun to beat up, and i also think i just feel more, like spider man now that im getting to play as him in the movie suit. I also really like how the security guards arent pushovers and fight back against shockers men pretty effectively.

Furthermore, some civilians are better at protecting themselves than others. As i learned in the next section, there are more security guards that are faced with thugs, but also one casual civilian. That civilian takes damage much more rapidly than the security guards and im guessing its because hes, not as capable of a fighter, and i think thats. A pretty cool detail after saving everyone, though we get our first interaction with shocker, so you must be quilt man, padded pete, mr triple ply. Oh ive got it the cushion im the shocker. I tell you not to forget it, but you wont be around long enough to worry about that now say goodbye to mr innocent bystander, sucker, huh, Music. This dude has zero environmental awareness and is solely focused on whoever is on the other line. He must be talking to some girl from tinder or something nevertheless, spider man saves him and takes him somewhere safe before facing more of shockers henchmen after taking them out. Shocker makes another escape route this time into the sewers in this level, puzzles and keys start to get thrown into the mix, as we attempt to follow. Shocker well have to hit different switches in order to open locked doors, find and defeat a specific thug to acquire a key to another room or my personal favorite one where we have to track down a thug, whos stolen a valve its time to stop that freak. Vic make it happen im on it, Music, i like the valve guy the most, because we have to chase him through a maze like environment where were often ambushed by extra thugs.

As we turn a new corner, none of these puzzles or key finding sections are overly exciting, but they add enough variety to the mission structure that im still enjoying myself and not feeling bored. Eventually, we track down shocker again, as he blasts his way into these subway tunnels. This leads into a pretty cool section where shocker sends a high powered blast down the tunnels, as we attempt to get closer to him. There are outlets that you can escape into between tunnels, but you have to act fast, or else youll get swept up in a damaging blast. I thought this was a fun idea for a mission as it tests your agility with your web traversal, but it was hindered by the games. Clunky controls, spider man doesnt control very easily and will often continue in a direction you dont want him to go or make slow turns at times. It feels like borderline tank controls where you have to stop to flip around its, not nearly as frustrating as tank controls, but it definitely slowed the momentum down and made traversal levels like this more difficult spider. Man also sticks to walls a little too well, since, if you run into a wall, spider man will latch to it and sit there for a brief moment before you can jump off instead of spider man, auto sticking the walls. I think i would have preferred having a dedicated button. I could press when near a wall to trigger the stick, because this was an issue i had pretty regularly throughout the game.

This combined with the rough controls made traversal sections like this more troublesome, which is a real shame, because i really like the concept, but once we get closer to shocker, hell run off into the next room, which is where his boss fight takes place. I like this fight a lot more than the one against the mugger and shocker provides a good challenge. Hell run around the room, firing shock waves at us and it feels like more of a ranged battle instead of a brawl. There are a lot of objects scattered around the area that you can pick up and throw at him, and i also found web bullets to be especially effective. Shocker will also perform some kind of tornado spin occasionally, but doing so makes him dizzy, leaving him open for additional attacks, its a pretty fun battle, and probably one of my favorites in the game. After beating shocker, though we interrogate him for more information on vulture. If i dont get mine, vulture isnt getting his, he had some workshops set up up in the old clock tower on the lower east side. Vulture huh thanks shocker give my regards to my fans. In the slammer from here, we head to vultures hideout in an abandoned clock tower all seems quiet until we start to ascend the tower and vulture starts lobbing grenades down at us, hes also rigged the inside of the tower, with bombs and exploding spider bots. This is another traversal test area where we have to rapidly ascend the tower and dodge all of vultures explosives as we get higher up.

Vulture will eventually sabotage his own hideout by setting it on fire. This ups, the tension since we can no longer stick to the center of the tower and vulture increases the rate at which he sends explosives at us like with the shocker level. I really like the concept, but the controls add an unfortunate layer of frustration to it. It can be tough to control spider man at times, especially when youre needing to act fast. Still, this didnt ruin the level for me and i actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I like that. The tower has a maze like quality to it. So not only are you trying to dodge the flames and all of vultures explosives, but youre also trying to think on your feet and find alternate routes to blocked paths. This mission also forced me to start utilizing spider mans web zip ability more often as well as his wall crawling. It was really satisfying dodging obstacles by crawling on the ceiling, the way only spider man can so, despite some control issues, i ended up enjoying this level. Eventually, we make it to the top of the tower to confront vulture as a last resort. He dives out the tower to escape and we follow after him. This leads to a chase sequence, where we have to stay as close to vulture as possible or hell get away. That part is simple enough, but vulture will also throw projectiles at you to slow you down as well as destroy objects in the area in an attempt to cover his escape.

For example, he destroys the legs of a billboard that well have to repair, or else itll fall and kill innocent bystanders. We can do this by webbing up the legs, but we have to act fast. We can catch back up to vulture. The chase will continue this way for a couple of minutes until we finally catch up to him for a final showdown. This boss fight focuses on aerial, combat where vulture has the advantage in the sky. Our goal is to damage his wings enough that hell have to land momentarily, giving us an opportunity to deal some damage. This boss, fight, isnt too difficult, though, and vulture, can be overcome fairly easily with web attacks and dive kicks the hardest. Part of this level is trying to get this gold spider icon at the top of the chrysler building, since it becomes very narrow up top and spider man climbs incredibly slow to get it. These icons unlock new attack, combos, so theyre pretty valuable, making it worth the struggle. Still. We eventually knock vulture out and web him up until the police arrive Music. We have a problem, sir. Our systems are detecting two distinct targets. Both genetic signatures resemble spider. Mans. Take a look at this map, as you can see, each target is unique, but both have characteristics of arachnid dna. We dont have time to dawdle. Have the hks force both targets into the same area once theyre together capturing both subjects, shouldnt be a problem.

Am i making myself clear, yeah yeah, yes, sir spiders spiders, everywhere Music go back to your corporate master Music, seeing an opportunity to grab two super powered beings. At the same time, norman decides to have the hunter killers chase scorpion to spider, mans location. These hunter killers are different from the ones we saw earlier, though, and act like spiders. The hunter killers are likely a reference to spider slayers from the comics, robotic creatures, with the purpose of hunting down spider man, although theyre never explicitly called that in the game, regardless theyre currently pursuing scorpion who is pretty terrified of them, he ends up getting chased to Our location, a local parking garage or well have to fight alongside him to destroy the robots. Although scorpion is typically a villain in the comics, he does have a pitiable quality to him and thats evident in the game as well. In the comics matt gargan was a private investigator hired by j jonah jameson, with the task of following peter parker to learn how he gets such great photos of spider. Man, peters spider, sense, made it easy to avoid mack, though, causing him to repeatedly fail. Jonahs mission jonah eventually decides to pay mack to undergo an experiment, mutating his dna and giving him the abilities of a scorpion alongside his enhanced abilities. He was also given a scorpion suit and mechanical tail, both of which have been upgraded over the course of his criminal career by those hiring him as an assassin.

However, although this original experiment was a success, it also drove him mad. We get a sense of this in the game, as he seems extremely paranoid throughout these missions at one point in the comics scorpions mental state deteriorates so far that he believes that hes trapped inside his suit, although spider man later proves that hes not during this mission. Scorpion will occasionally yell about how much he hates his suit, so this could be a reference to those comics indicating that he believes hes trapped inside it for all. I know, though he could legitimately be trapped in the suit for this game, but at this moment in time it seems that this is spider, mans first ever encounter with scorpion, and we have to protect him from the spider bots. Even though i enjoyed the protection missions during the shocker level, i felt the opposite here. In fact, i think this was the level that annoyed me, the most in the entire game. Despite how badass scorpion looks here, he gets taken down by the robots very easily. Not only can he take a lot of damage very quickly, but hell also run around the parking garage hiding on different levels. I lost track of him pretty often, and that was usually the point where he would take most of his damage. I think the main issue is that these spiderbots have a flamethrower ability that can take his health down halfway each time they use it.

So scorpion can be defeated in an instant, its really disappointing, because i think this level had the potential to be one of my favorites in the game. Had scorpion either been more durable or the spider bots been dialed back a bit or if you just didnt, have to worry about protecting scorpion in general, its really cool fighting alongside him, and i love his design. But this level had me raging the most out of all of them. Eventually, though, we defeat all the spider bots and try to leave the parking garage with scorpion, unfortunately hes so paranoid about people trying to capture him that he believes were out to get him as well, forcing him to turn on us. We chase him back into grand central station where we have no choice but to fight him. This is a pretty good boss. Fight too, though, since scorpion provides a good challenge without being too overwhelming. Our main strategy is to keep him off the walls, since he can charge up a powerful blast from up high aside from that were mostly just trying to find a good opportunity to get some hits in until we finally defeat him once hes down spider man turns His back momentarily to inspect a spider bot, which unfortunately gives scorpion an opportunity to escape. We never see him again in this game or the sequel so im hoping he returns in the third game, because i found him to be one of the most interesting characters here.

I think its because theres such a mysterious and troubled quality to scorpion in this game, oscorp dont, seem to be familiar with him. He never mentions jameson and this seems to be spider. Mans first encounter with him, which makes me think his origins are a bit different from the comics too thats purely my speculation. But overall i would have liked to have learned more about scorpion in general, because i found him to be a really intriguing character and i think theres an interesting story there to explore. Ultimately, though, this means that norman has failed again to capture spider man, putting pressure on him to maintain his company, the board cant fire me. I built this company. How dare they ill teach them a lesson they wont forget. Ah, we arent getting anywhere its time doctor. Mr osborne, i didnt hear never mind that were proceeding with a human trial human i cant possibly condone dr strom either prepare the chamber or your resignation, either way: im testing the serum now Music, bye spawn. Are you alright, Music, too bad peter had to work? Yeah im just glad youre here i cant wait for my dad to meet you, oh harry, with norman now fully transformed into the green goblin. We start to play levels that closely resemble a movie again based on the movies plot. Goblin has attacked the unity day festival as a way to kill the oz court board members before they can officially fire him.

Mary jane gets caught in the mix, though, and manages to get trapped on a panda parade balloon. We, of course savor, but i like how theyre so distracted during this cut scene, that they dont even notice when the balloon falls and a bunch of people start screaming yeah thanks again, no problem grab hold of a rogue balloon anytime. Rescuing damsels is my specialty. Its also worth mentioning that mary jane gives spider man a kiss on the cheek for saving her, something that one of the hunter bots takes. A picture of this will be important later, but for now mayor jane is safe, so were free to fight goblin. Goblin is another aerial combatant with a wide variety of projectiles. He has a few different pumpkin bombs at his disposal, as well as turrets on the glider like with vulture. Well use our webs and dive kicks to hurt goblin, but i especially like how you can jump on his glider to get some punches in as well. Also, like vulture goblin, will eventually flee and try to cover his escape by damaging objects in the environment, well, repair them with our webbing and continue to fight goblins more after a while. He takes off again and we follow him to another part of the city. For a more legitimate boss battle, it operates mostly the same as our introductory mission against goblin, where we try to damage him in the air. This time, though, his glider will begin to malfunction and hell be forced to land inside one of the buildings.

We follow him inside where we continue. Our fight on the ground. Goblin is a surprisingly skilled fighter, though, and can deal a lot of damage up close if he gets his hands on you, youre not much better off at range either, though, since he still has his arsenal of pumpkin bombs at his disposal as well. I found the best way to handle him was to chip away at his health with web bullets, while occasionally looking for melee openings. Melee is tricky against him, though, because he has this animation, where hell crouch down before performing a damaging choke move, and this cant be interrupted. You also cant use dive kicks against him either because hell catch you midair. So, needless to say, goblin is quite the challenge. When you finally deal enough damage to him, though, hell call out for his glider and take to the skies again during the fight, goblin suggests that he and spider man partner up to take over the city together instead of being enemies. We of course decline and continue to damage his glider, like we did earlier, but this time he drops into a different building. This one is full of arcing electricity, and its also much darker goblin will run around and hide to try and sneak up on you making this even more challenging than the last fight. Its still really fun, though, and goblins difficulty feels worthy of being the main villain of the game. Still goblin is offended that we didnt take him up on his offer to team up and mentions that hes placed bombs around the city that will go off in a short amount of time.

This takes us into a time trial where we have to race to each bomb and disarm it before it explodes after successfully doing so, we leave the area while goblin watches us and vows to take us down. If you play this game on xbox. The next mission is an exclusive level featuring kraven, the hunter so youll do it to hunt the spiderman. I will accept your challenge, husband, but keep your money. The thrill of the hunt will be compensation enough Music, yes partner, get in here. What are you doing here? Why arent you down at the zoo, getting me pictures of this, but i just doesnt anyone do his job around here its right out my window. I could write the copy myself now get me photos. Okay, mr jameson. I bet money, spider, mans involved, somehow Music. If youre, unfamiliar with the character craven, is a master hunter who prides himself on his skill to catch the deadliest of prey in his eyes, spider man is his biggest challenge yet and wants to prove his skill by killing him. He lures us to the local zoo where he set up a series of traps. Maybe i should get some kind of spider signal, so people dont have to set things on fire to get my attention welcome spider man. I am craven the worlds greatest hunter now that you are within my trap. We can begin our glorious contest of strength. Is that, like a sweepstakes, i always throw those away nice outfit by the way, wheres siegfried? Let us hope your body moves as fast as your tongue, spider, Music, this gas will chip away at our health, the longer we stay in it forcing us to run around the area quickly, instead of taking our time.

This adds more pressure to dodge the various traps. Littered around – and i think this level was very well designed after escaping the first series of traps. Kraven is waiting outside with the sniper rifle and attempts to shoot us. We have to hide behind these columns whenever craven shoots and run forward as he chambers the next round. I really love that we watch ourselves from cravens perspective and i think that was a really clever idea. I praised the same thing in spider. Man shattered dimensions, since i played that game first, but now i realize that they must have taken that idea from spider man 1 and its cool. Seeing an idea from spider man, 1 used as inspiration for a future game after escaping cravens gunfire, were faced with another series of obstacles. The traps become more frequent and intricate, as we continue through the building and will have to dodge cravens sniper rifle a couple more times as well, before completing his gauntlet now its time to face craven himself but were still hindered by the effects of the gas craven States that if we beat him hell, reward us with the cure, he wont just be a standard fight, though, because he has an extra trick up his sleeve after a while kraven will drink a potion that makes him relatively unstoppable, forcing you to evade him until his Potion wears off hes, pretty scary too, and hell chase you around the level. I also like that he uses your depleting health against you, since, if you need a health token at any point, youll have to put yourself at risk to obtain it.

For example, you have to jump into this snake pit to retrieve this token and the snakes will bite at you if you dont escape fast enough. I needed another health token later on as well and thought i was lucky to find one in this room only to be locked in by kraven, while the room filled with gas. Its a really intricate level – and it always felt like craven, was one step ahead of me: hes, a really difficult fight and xbox players lucked out with this great exclusive level, but after a tough fight, we eventually get the upper hand and defeat kraven well played spider. You are as cunning as i had heard here is the antidote, as i promised thanks for nothing who put you up to this, i did what i did for the challenge of it. That is all i will say great. Well. The nice policeman will be by soon to take you back to your padded room. Youd be a good boy until they get here. That ends the exclusive content, though, and brings us back to the main story, while spider man, searches, the city for green goblin, goblin actually finds us first and ambushes us with razor bats, even after defeating 50 of them, goblins supply seems never ending and we become overwhelmed By the amount of razor bats attacking us spider man remembers an abandoned construction site nearby and decides to hide out there until goblin leaves peter also finds a piece of a destroyed razor bat and decides to take it home to analyze.

It theres also a really cool easter egg hidden in this level, but well discuss that a bit later on in the video. Whoever this green goblin is, he seems to be working for ozcorp murder and corporate sabotage harry would be devastated if he found out his dad was involved. I have to get to the bottom of this, and that means an unannounced visit to oscorp spiderman spiderman well. Well. Well, what a tangled web we weave it seems. I have a date tonight. It seems like a bit of a stretch to me that norman thinks that spider man has a relationship with mary jane after she kissed him on the cheek for saving her but ill go with it. Also, its probably not a great idea to leave your goblin suit on display in your office for anyone to find, especially after youve, been murdering people in it. But i digress. We return back to spider man as we attempt to infiltrate oscorp for more information. This is our first stealth level, as we have to sneak past security guards and obtain pieces of a code from different computers scattered around the building. If youre spotted its not game over, but the building will go into high alert, you can try to fight any guards that spot you, but they start to question you as a hero. If you do so, which made me feel bad, i used to think you were a hero, its also not best to stay and fight.

If youre spotted, because oscorp security bots will come out to fight you as well and theyll beat the hell out of you. So your best bet is to run and hide in the shadows until the alarm shuts off. Although the stealth mission wasnt executed flawlessly, i actually enjoyed the change of pace. The environment is very quiet and i felt a lot of tension as i attempted to retrieve a code with a security guard walking around nearby. It was fun sneaking around the building and exploring, but if youre, not careful, you can accidentally walk into a break room where all of the security guards and robots are hanging out its a pretty cool mission, and i was pleasantly surprised with how much i enjoyed it. After obtaining all five pieces of the code, we use it to unlock the big metal door to ozcorps lab once inside. We find a lab technician who has a guilty conscience about oscorps experiments with chemical weapons. With this information, spider man decides to take a detour and handle the chemical weapons before continuing on with his investigation into the goblin. This is another stealth level, but with much more security to avoid there are still security guards, but were also faced against spotlights and laser grids littered around the level. If you trigger one, it will send a bunch of those security robots to hunt for you. Aside from that, though, our goal is to reach four different chemical stations and trigger them in the correct order to disable the chemical weapons.

This is a more advanced stealth mission, but i think i preferred the simplicity of the first one after disabling ozcorps chemical weapons, though we escaped the lab only to accidentally wander into another boss. Fight this place is amazed where the heck am. I now holy that things bigger than long island and it doesnt look too friendly. Ah, the sensory has a shield around it. Ill have to take out the shield generators first Music. In order to make the giant mech vulnerable damage, you have to swing around and destroy its power generators. This isnt as easy as it sounds, though, since the room is littered with flying hunter killers and rocket launchers. That will attempt to shoot you if you get nearby. Even more deadly, though, is the mech itself, and, if youre in front of it for too long itll send out a massive energy blast that can rapidly kill you its not incredibly difficult, though, since you mostly just have to swing around and attempt to lock onto each Power generator and spam, your webs at it until its finally destroyed, after destroying all of the power generators youre free to damage the main sensor array. Putting this mech out of commission for good with the mech destroyed were now free to infiltrate normans office for clues Music. Mary jane goblin, no, now that we know norman is after mary jane. We have to quickly evacuate the ozcorp building before he can reach her. Unfortunately, ozcorp security is on to us and has gone into high alert and is swarming with security.

Not only that, but they put up energy barricades, preventing us from running straight out of the building in order to escape. We have to sneak past security and reach the different control panels to depower the barricades theres, a maze like quality to this level too, and there were a couple times where i would accidentally trap myself in a room. Even though i thought i was progressing towards the exit, i enjoyed this level a lot and it was really tense, as i attempted to retrace my steps back to the entrance before becoming overwhelmed by security bots. The final hallway is also really cool, as robots will storm in from the side as you try to race past them, but now that weve managed to escape its time to head towards mary, jane Music. What a day Music, tough day at the office huh put your heart into those streams. My lovely girl, the better to bang my trap too late. Dont worry mary, jane im coming we chase after goblin until we reach the bridge. He sets mary jane down, but also sets the top of the bridge on fire. We have to first save mary jane and then we can face goblin for the last time. This is a pretty solid final boss battle too. It starts similar to our first fight against him, where we have to deal a certain amount of damage to him, forcing him to jump off the glider and fight us on the ground.

However, hes even more formidable on the ground this time he was a tough fighter before, but now he puts the glider on autopilot while we fight so not only do we have to watch out for goblins physical attacks and pumpkin bombs, but we also have to watch Out for the glider after a certain amount of time, goblin will hop back on the glider and you have to go through the same process again its not incredibly complex or difficult. But i think its thematic and challenging enough that its a fitting final battle and it ended up being my favorite boss, fight of the game, but that brings us to the final cut scene, Music. Mr osborne, why surprised? Yes, i suppose you would be, but the best surprise is still to come. Uh tell harry im, sorry, im, sorry too, Music, mary, jane theres, something i have to tell you. I i know tiger you, dont have to say yeah thats, my life complicated looks like youre done now. Go outside and play normans. Death has always bothered me, especially in the movie, even if he managed to take out spider man with his glider hed, still impale himself too, since hes also standing in its path. So i dont know what he was thinking. I also found it interesting that it suggested that mary jane knows that peter is spider man here and they finally form a relationship while in the movie peter keeps it a secret.

It makes me wonder if this was the original ending of the script, that treyarch got to read that james zachary mentioned was changed in the film im, also, not sure how i feel about peters final voiceover, as the game concludes. At one point he tells you that the game is over and that you should go outside and play. I have to imagine that that was really belittling to any adults that played this game when it first released, as if it was only made for children or maybe im just feeling personally attacked regardless. I found it to be an odd choice, but that ends the story of spider man 1.. Overall, i thought it was handled pretty well for a movie tie in game. I think the writers were able to find a good balance of what worked well from the movie mixed in with their own original story levels, usually its a very noticeable decrease in level quality. When you shift from the developers original levels to levels adapted from the movie. With the movie sections being the worst, i think everything fits very nicely in this story, though, and i really enjoyed all the villains that were included for the game, so i dont have any major complaints with the story and i think its pretty solid overall. However, the story isnt totally finished at this point, though, since there is a new narrative that you can play through after beating the game, if youre able to beat the game on hero difficulty, you unlock a playable green goblin who has his own unique story.

Arc youll go through all the same levels that you played through as spider man, but this time youre playing as harry osborn with the green goblin tech. I wont retread the entire story again since harrys storyline is kind of stitched together to fit the levels that we played in the main story, but ultimately, harry is attempting to unravel the secrets of his fathers life as well as secret plots at ozcorp along the way. He runs into another green goblin who states that he was hired by norman to take up the mantle. We never learn who this new goblin is, but harry needs to take him down all the same. Having a playable green goblin as a bonus is such an exciting feature and really elevates this game. For me, i really appreciate that they went the extra mile to give him his own story arc as well, but his gameplay is the real highlight, speaking of which lets start to get into the gameplay of spider man, 1. Applause whats going on over here who the Heck he sure took off in a hurry. Yikes not so fast come on move it. This wall is coming down. The combat in spider, man 1 is pretty good for the most part. One attack button allows you to punch, and the other allows you to kick. You can use these in a variety of combos, but youll have to unlock them throughout the game. First, by finding these gold spider icons and theyre the only way to improve your fighting prowess.

The idea behind this was to show spider man as a fledgling superhero. At this point and collecting more combos throughout the game, is him slowly learning to be a better fighter, as he gains more experience as spider man? I think i prefer upgrade stores or skill trees for learning new combos and games, but i do like how it incentivized me to explore the environments more. The combos are pretty simple: to use as well, never going beyond three button inputs, which i liked for this game. The combat feels better, the more combos that you collect just due to the variety, but i never felt like it was necessary to collect them all. You can get through the entire game with just a few, especially if you pick up one of the diving attacks early on. I found this handspring attack to be especially effective, since it gets you out of enemy, melee range and targets, large groups of enemies causing knockback. As well, i also really enjoyed another combat mechanic where you can jump onto the enemys shoulders and punch them out its simple, but satisfying spider. Man also has a small variety of web attacks at his disposal, all of which are unlocked from the beginning. Not only can you tie up enemies with your webs, but you can also yank them towards you. Create web gloves for extra damage, fire web bullets, and probably the most fun, is this web shield that prevents all damage for a time and when its released, it damages all nearby enemies.

The web attacks are a lot of fun to use and are very handy, but they come at a cost using spider. Mans webs depletes his blue web meter and the only way to refill it is to find the blue spider icons scattered around each level. I found this to be strange, though, because in the movie toby maguire spider man has organic webbing needing to refill. Your webs only makes sense if peter is using web cartridges like he did in the comics theres, probably a couple reasons why treyarch might have chosen to go this route, though, to start web attacks are pretty strong in this game, so limited webbing was likely a good Way to balance things out, potentially a more likely reason, though, is that this is a holdover from the spider man playstation 1 games, where treyarch took a lot of inspiration. Those games also required you to refill your webbing, but they were based more on the comics, so refilling. Your web cartridges was more accurate. I know its a really minor nitpick in the grand scheme of things and it didnt ruin the experience, but it did stand out to me. However, if the thematics do bother, you, in this case, treyarch included the ability to use unlimited webbing, either via cheat codes or by acquiring 50 000 points in the game, so it does exist in some capacity lets, go back to goblin for a second, though his basic Attacks are the exact same as spider mans requiring him to find spider icons to unlock new combos, but his special attacks are different instead of using webbing goblin has a variety of pumpkin bombs that he can throw at enemies.

There are the standard ones that bounce and blow up, but there are also ones that track the enemy or split off into multiple bombs to cover a large area. Excuse the pun, but these are a blast to use and is incredibly satisfying to run around launching bombs across the area. You can also throw razor bats to damage enemies, but they also have a repair feature, which is how you get past those chase sequences with vulture and goblin. You also have the ability to run like the flash for a moment damaging enemies in your path. This isnt an ability of his that im familiar with from the comics and especially not the movie, but its an interesting inclusion. Nonetheless, like spider, mans webbing, though these abilities arent, unlimited the same way spider man has a web meter. Goblin has what ill call a tech meter after using a certain number of bombs. Youll have to search the area for blue spider icons to replenish your supply. Where goblin really shines, though, is via his glider. It is so much fun to use this thing, and treyarch did a great job with its gameplay. It handles pretty smooth and it comes with a good host of weaponry inside it as well. Theres, of course, the internal machine gun that you can use to spray at enemies, but theres also blades, that you can fire off as well, which i found to be the most deadly, since they also track enemies.

You can also drop bombs from the bottom of the glider, allowing you to perform air strikes on groups of enemies. The glider is extremely powerful, so the drawback is that it can overheat if youre spamming these abilities too frequently. If you overheat, it youll have to wait for it to cool down before you. Can fire projectiles again its not too tough? To maintain these meters, though, and i think the developer struck a good balance between giving you the freedom to use a lot of glider attacks without making it feel like you would overheat too easily its especially fun going back and fighting the other goblin, because this battle Feels totally different instead of trying to jump on the glider or dive kick goblin with spider man, its a lot more like an aerial dogfight trying to get behind each other and bombard them with bombs and bullets. Its a lot of fun. The gliders traversal feels really good too, even within building. Surprisingly, i think you ultimately have more control over spider, mans traversal, since you can crawl on walls and web zip to nearby areas if needed, but goblin speed usually gets him through. Most tough situations and vultures clock tower is a good example of that. To my surprise, hes actually pretty fun during the stealth missions too, if youre ever caught his speed makes it incredibly easy to escape. It was also nice because i didnt feel bad about beating up the security guards as goblin either, which made breaking into oscorp much easier.

However, he does look a little goofy when he has to hide with goblin just hovering on this giant glider in the shadows. Even though goblin excels in a ton of different areas, he does feel a bit limited in certain combat scenarios. As spider man, you can web up enemies to thin out large groups momentarily, and this is especially useful against enemies with guns. Since goblin cant do that, he can start to feel vulnerable against large groups and gunfire he can still evade them pretty easily using the glider and quickly find a health icon. But these combat encounters did feel like they took me longer to get through compared to spider. Man still, i think i ultimately had more fun playing as goblin, just because he has so many fun gadgets and the glider is so satisfying to use. If i had one criticism for the gameplay in spider, man 1, though its that there isnt a dodge mechanic in spider man games after this one, you can use the spider sense to dodge attacks and counter enemies in this game. You pretty much just have to jump around or soak up. Some hits in one cut scene, spider, mans, spider sense goes off and he does a couple flips to dodge out of the way, and i really wish they included something like that for the gameplay. Maybe its just because im so used to that in modern spider man games, but its absence was really noticeable.

Here. Still, i ended up enjoying the gameplay of spider man 1 as a whole. One heck of a doorbell vultures got Music must be a pain to get groceries up here. Ah pest. Why cant you leave me in peace. Youll have plenty of time alone, once youre in jail, even though the game story is pretty short and took me about five hours to complete theres, a good variety of extras to unlock and play through as well. Well start with the training sections before beginning the story of the game: youre, given the option to go through a training mission as peter parker to learn the controls guiding you through. The tutorial sections is none other than bruce campbell. Typically, tutorials are pretty boring and straightforward, but bruce campbell has a lot of sass towards the player, which makes it way more enjoyable. Alright, now lets get started now, get the gum out of your ears and listen good touch. The question mark directly in front of you. Well, good, to see that you can follow basic instructions outside of that standard. Tutorial mission are more advanced ones that you can select from the menu they each focus on a certain aspect of the game like traversal or combat, and can be a fun test of skill. Bruce campbell also gives you the rundown of each mission prior to you, starting it, which i think makes it worth trying out each one at least once when i was just a tyke, i used to spend every summer at my grandpas farm, stinky hed, say over the Molasses, you need to land on each platform in order thats what lifes all about when you land on a platform, he would drone on itll change, green.

Just like the apples and nanas peach cobbler, your compass and height meter will point toward the next platform. We never knew what he was talking about with that height meter business. I wont, go through all of them, but there are a couple cool ones worth mentioning. One of my favorites is big brawl where you have to defeat three waves of enemies before the timer runs out. Not only is this a cool combat mode, but it also includes some enemy types that werent in the main game. For example, there are these mobile turret machines that im guessing were just an unused enemy type from ozcorp. There are also these enemies who look to be based on the prototype.