This is something ive had for quite a while. Now i i actually ordered it um as soon as it was as soon as i saw it on their instagram. I think i ordered it within about 10 minutes of it uh appearing and it took a while for me to get it because i guess it was still in pre order, and so i didnt after i placed the order. I think it took about a month and a half before i got it and then ive been playing around with it for the last month and a half or so so. This has been out for a while ive, probably seen videos from some other channels on this already and of course, i have featured the footage from this camera already on this cinelog 30 video and its been on some other videos as well. I dont remember exactly which all ones ive been using them on, but yeah. I have a fair amount of use on this camera. Now i can kind of give you my thoughts and what ive experienced so far with this and who i think this is going to be for and who its not going to be for so first off right off the bat elephant in the room. You know this is a very expensive product. People are going to say, yeah, you can uh just buy the case and be easy which, by the way, is the spear case that comes in the box, which is nice.

This youll probably break it at some point. For sure its, not um uh made of steel, its just plastic case and bc uh, do it yourself, kit is, i think, running about 40 dollars and depending on which shop you get it at and you can certainly do it yourself. You know the hero. 8 is a camera its been up for a long time, so im not going to talk about the feature of the hearing aid or the video quality theres, already many reviews on the hair weight. So the video quality is the same. It is running some beta firmware, which ill explain here in a second, but for the most part i cant tell any difference between the video quality that im seeing off of the naked hero weight here and my actual full size hear weight. That is, you know not disassembled with just you know, regular firmware, but of course you know many people are going to say that they can just uh buy hero8 for about 300. I think is with the running prices on amazon and tear it apart and uh build their own, which absolutely can do and theres lots of people that are very capable of doing that and have um. You know a lot of diy experience and, of course, you know buying it. Pre built like this is not going to be for you, so im not going to be recommending that for those kind of guys dude, if you want to do it yourself by all means, go for it now.

The downside here is, if youre not as experienced with tearing apart a gopro camera, which is you know, somewhat intimidating, not that easy to do. Although there are a lot of tutorial videos on how to do it, it can you can run into problems and you can create irreversible damage if you dont do it properly um. I have seen many guys take on the task of the diy project. Like oh yeah, everyone says its easy and then they go through two or three hero eights later and theyre, like into uh this project for a thousand dollars and theyre like that they have no usable cameras. So if youre, one of those guys that isnt confident that they can do it on the first shot um, you know you might be destroying a 300 camera and not have anything to show for it at the end, you may want to consider just buying it. Pre built so thats kind of the sort of bar you have to set for yourself is whether or not you want to take on that project and to determine whether you want to buy the pre built one or the do it yourself, because i know a lot Of guys that have taken on this project have spent a lot of money on breaking a lot of cameras and not having a usable product in the end, so thats. Something to consider, if you want to you, know if youre one of those guys that wants to take on that risk.

Of course, you know by all means: go for it, okay, so now, with that out of the way lets just get into what you get here with the camera um, so you get the camera itself. Of course, pre built with the bec and all the naked hero8 parts inside obviously the main board and um the little screen that shows the whats going on with the camera when its recording and stuff like that, you get a lot of documentation. Of course, you get a manual um, you get a documentation on the vc board. This is stuff that you would get with the bc board kit. You get the um uh spare case, and this is what it looks like its a pretty nicely engineered case. It is a very similar to the snow 4k case. It has the same sort of feel in terms of the plastic um. It does have this little nub in the back, which i do not like. This is on one of the small small fork smoke 4k cases. Theres, a flat back version as well im, not sure if mine was a mistake, and this was supposed to be a flatback bird flat back version there. I got two of these, so the one on here, thats attached to the cinahlog, has the same nub in the back. If you got one that has a flat back with not the nub, let me know in the comments below im curious because um, i think they all come like this.

I havent gotten a clear answer from kipp rc about that, yet so the disadvantage. Well, the advantage of this is its easy to mount. So you can see this is the mount that it comes with. You can attach this to some other drones, like the phantom uh, the smart 35. The crocodile baby will fit this one. I think all their mount holes are the same size, so you can put this on there thats the amount that goes to mount base. That goes to the drone, and then the camera amounts to that. As you can see right, there thats one of the mounts, thats already pre installed on the centerlock 30 and you just use a screw and hold it on now. You know its quick and easy. It is also the least amount of weight, theres no additional weight here, but the camera is very exposed, so you crash at all yeah, you know – and this gets twisted um. Basically that part here um in the back of the camera. This part here isnt that super strong, its just gon na snap, right off and youll have to replace the back. Of course. This is why they include spare parts which is nice um. You know because if you crash youll, probably break this and probably break the glass as well, so this is some sort of uh glass that protects the lens. This will probably break as well ive seen a lot of people break this one as well as well as dnd filter, and i think these are very either very cheap glass or some sort of plastic.

They scratch pretty easily ive seen you only get an nd16, no nd8 or nd32. You can see theres an nd16 on there. I dont know why that is. I mean nd16 is fine, its gon na work for most cases for most situations unless youre in extremely bright conditions. So, for example, youre a clear sunny day on a like a mountain slope with lots of snow youre going to get huge amounts of overexposure from the reflections off the snow and then which case you need like an indie 32 or any 64.. But thats. A pretty unusual situation, not everyones, going to be in that situation, so um, you know nd16 is going to meet the needs of most of them. Hopefully, theyll come out with additional options, of course, theres third party options available, 3d printer parts, etc. Im not going to get installed im sure theres plenty of suggestions going to be down in the comments on what to do by that, but yeah. It is unfortunate that you only get a new 16. I wouldnt have liked to see an nd8 and 32 as well. Those have been good but thats, you know thats what it is um, hopefully theyll come with those additional parts later down down the road, but you know back on to the mount here. I would have liked to have seen the flat back option because it makes make it makes making uh the mounts rather difficult to create. So i actually had someone make a mount for me.

I didnt actually make this and uh. This is a standard. I fight mount here, uh the mini mount. You can see it has a little space here for the little nub, so the camera can fit in there and ill just put in the uh empty case here. Youll see that fits so this i like, i actually prefer this mounting method, because then you can take the camera out and switch it between different drones versus having to unscrew and screw this screw here to mount it. So you can see this fits perfectly on here, and this holds it just fine um, but yeah this. If you guys, are interested in this, i i know the guy that sent this to me. He does not want to be um outed. I guess he doesnt want any attention, so you have to go through me if youre interested in that, send me a comment or a message me and i can tell you how much it costs it aint, cheap, so yeah, i paid a few amount of money for This one, but i i i think i would prefer this one because i can move. I can move these from drone to drone um or move the camera from general, which is what i would prefer rather than having it stuck on one. You know, but if you only have one drone, you know, i guess it doesnt matter at that point now regarding the firmware thats in on here, its like a, i think, its from the gopro labs, and it has the ability to use the qr codes to change Your settings, which is good because theres no screen and of course you can connect it to your phone via wi fi.

You can see the settings on this little mini screen as well, but this is actually much simpler. I actually like the settings changing method here with the qr codes, so they have basically two different ones that are already pre printed uh, four, three mode: 4k 30 frames per second for real, steady, go, and so basically this is. This is meant for uh real estate ego people, which is obviously the target audience of this camera, and its got protune flat, turned on, for example, white balance, etc, see all settings here and then theres another one here they have this one here with the nd16 uh 2.7, k43 mode 60 frames per second real steady go, so you can do 4k, 30 or 2.7. K 60 is basically what you get out of real estate. You go for these two. These are probably the two most common uh settings for the camera. If you want to go outside that youre going to have to get the gopro labs app and then make your own settings and they just basically you know, put the card. Camera itll change the settings for you, its pretty pretty pretty simple, okay. So one more thing to note: um what youll want to do is take off the back of the camera as soon as you get it and apply some epoxy to the plug where it meets the board, so put a little photo up here. What that looks like you, get a screwdriver its a pentalobe.

I think its uh, its a non standard, screw, take the six screws off, remove the back, and i highly recommend securing or reinforcing that plug here, because when you crash uh that plug will get ripped off the board, because the only thing thats holding that plug on Is solder – and this is a locking plug which i dont like i wish you would just pull that, but it doesnt and um yeah youre gon na want to reinforce that because um uh, you know, even in a minor crash ive seen some people just very minor Crashes, that um plug gets ripped off the board uh, because this uh this little plug here gets locked. The other thing you can do is um. You could uh, basically uh clip off this little locking part here thats one of the suggestions that you would have. Some people have done that, but then there is a chance that they could vibrate out while youre flying so that you know that could happen. And then you lose your recording that way, so it kind of depends on what your what you want to deal with in terms of risk. I think the epoxy is fine. Thatll hold unless you have a really severe crash and then basically the whole camera is going to be fubar. At that point, you might as well get a new one, because its not yeah, if you, this, is not meant for people that are going to be doing freestyle or racing any kind of things where youre going to be crashing.

Do not get this if youre one of those kind of guys because or you know get if you have like deep pockets and you dont care about the money i mean you know you know crash 10 of these. You know youre out five. You know five thousand dollars, you know, but if thats a big deal for you, then yeah go for it but yeah. If youre gon na crash youre gon na break this thing, you look at it funny you sneeze. This thing will break so trust me. You dont want to be spending the money on this kind of stuff if you dont know what youre doing um, if you crash a lot etc – and this is basically for people that fly cinematically for sentence interwebs here, not really in a situation where youre gon na Be like crashing stuff and basically wrecking it um, you know youre gon na be basically flying very uh, predictably and smoothly, and in a way that you know its not going to put a lot of risk to the camera, then this is going to be more for You because, basically youve taken you stripped out everything that makes the camera durable is to make it light. And when you crash this thing its just going to break going to break the case, hopefully um more likely to work the vc board and then worst case scenario. Youll break like the whole, you know basically, the main board um, possibly just the lens uh.

Hopefully the nd filter and the glass will save you from that. You just get a spare case, but yeah. You know if youre, one of those guys that are flying bandos and stuff, and you just want to fly like a micro and you want to capture uh 4k footage. You know that basically the nicest 4k footage, then you know be prepared to spend a lot of money because you know when you crash you youre going to be wrecking this thing and its going to explode um youre not going to have a good day. So i dont recommend this for those kind of flyers anyway, its good for this one. You know obviously theres a lot of alternatives out there for nikki gopro. You could also go for a hero 6, which is cheaper and do it yourself as well. Although there are no bites, i buy or necessary uh pre built options for hero 6 or hero 7. At this time. That i know of this is the only one, the hero8, of course theres other options like the iflight gocam, the the beta fpv smoke 4k camera. That also are things that you can buy, but you know the image quality is not going to be as good as the hero8, so you get what you pay for. You know if you want the best quality uh in this kind of form, factor youre going to have to basically shout the money, for it. Theres really no option for that or you have to take the risk of going for the cheaper option, the diy option and hopefully praying that you are able to successfully do it on your first attempt thats.

All i got to say about this. You know links down in the description below if youre interested in checking out the camera. Again, like i said, this is not for everybody uh really for a very specific target audience if youre outside that, i really dont recommend this camera or spending that kind of money for this, so thats gon na.