This is nate from the science basement. I love drones and, in fact, ive been a drone pilot for the last six years. Ive done this professionally as part of my work as a scientist in agriculture, and i love sharing my passion of drones with others, especially my children, but one of the things ive really struggled with with introducing new people to drones and in particularly my children was in Finding drones that were user friendly, inexpensive that wouldnt break the first time you used them and so ive been looking for a few years to find the right drone for the right price. That would help me do this and introduce my kids and introduce others that i work with to drones. Im sure. Like many of you, i was gifted, or maybe you gifted to somebody else, rc helicopter and you know they look great and they seem like theyll. Be a good gift, but the the problem is the first time that you use them or anyone else uses them. They just seem to self destruct. The main issue with those is that the controllers dont seem to work well, theres no altitude hold, so they dont just hover in place. You always have to be keeping your thumb on the altitude and trying to control it that way, and since the rotors are completely unprotected the first time you run into a wall or the ceiling or the floor, they just get broken just really frustrating.

For a first time user or someone thats really trying to get into drones and is especially discouraging for kids and, in fact thats what happened to my own son for this this past christmas, we purchased a little inexpensive, uh rc helicopter, to introduce him the first day That he flew it on christmas day. In fact, it was just completely destroyed after a few attempts of trying to fly. After that experience, i promised him that i would do some research find a new drone that we could replace that with and one that would be more reliable and it would be more fun to use and introduce him to flying drones, and so, after doing some research, I settled on purchasing the snaptane h823h, which is a great looking little drone. The first thing that i was really drawn to in purchasing this was that its completely enclosed in a housing, so the rotors are protected, and that was the first thing that really stuck out to me, something that that seemed like it would be more durable. It wouldnt break the first time it was used. The plastic itself was a little bit flexible. So, even though our kids have flown into the wall into the ceilings, even at full speed, its had no damage weve had this for six months, theres some scuffs and scratches on it, but theres no cracks. They still work just as well as they did when we first purchased them. So thats thats a great sign for these – and i got to tell you that this drone is, is awesome.

The when we received it and my son flew it. I mean i had a turn flying it as well. I loved it so much that i actually went ahead and purchased a second one for my other son whos a couple years younger. But since it was so user friendly and indestructible, i thought it would be a great little drone for him to use as well and ive been tempted to buy one for myself, because theyre theyre really a lot of fun. It comes in a little under 30 dollars, which is a really great deal about the same price as those rc helicopters i mentioned before now. The final thing that i really like about this particular drone is the controller. It is a. It is a more inexpensive controller. Its pretty simple just plastic, but what i really like about it is that it uses the same control layout that you would see in a more you know, professional grade drone, something like from dji. When you look at the controller to take off, there is a button to take it off you can you can push this button on the side or you can also push these two joysticks into the center, just like you would on a dji drone that will allow It to take off to increase in altitude and its this left joystick. You can go up and then decrease an altitude altitude go down to control the yaw. You can push the left hand, controller to the left or right to spin the drone or to yaw the drone to the left and right then, to go forward and backward and side to side is the right hand, controller so very similar layout to the djis theres.

Also, some trim control. This does not have have gps built in so sometimes there can be just a little bit of drift and if, if you notice drift either to the left or the right or forward or backward, there is some trim controls that you can push these these buttons and Adjust that and help hover more in place, some other really cool features about this. It does have a return to home, so you can push this button. Itll come back to you and then also a headless mode, which basically means as the drone is flying. If, if the headless mode is activated, no matter how the drone is oriented, so whether thats towards you or away from you, it knows the orientation that it took off from. So if you push the controller forward, itll move forward, even if its you know, side to side or back itll, always move in that direction, its a good feature for beginners, but overall, not something that i typically recommend, because i do think it is its really useful And one of the things i really like about this particular drone and introducing new users to to flying drones is using it in a way that a nicer, more expensive drone like a dji would, which is that you have to always kind of understand the orientation of The drone in relation to you so in terms of operating this drone, its pretty simple, the first step, is to turn the drone itself on you, youll get a little blinking light, and then you go ahead and turn on the remote.

It will also blink every time that you fly. You have to pair the remote to the drone and the one thing that ill share to be careful of, since we do have two of these. This remote will actually pair to either drone. So weve made the mistake before of our our two boys trying to pair their drones at the same time and everything kind of getting a little bit tangled up. So you want to make sure that if you do have multiple that you do it one at a time, but after you do do that, itll only be paired to that remote. You can go ahead and pair another one and they wont interfere with each other. So the way that you pair, it is once you have both the drone and the controller on you, push the left, stick forward, itll beep and then you go backward and then the light on both the drone and the controller will change to solid instead of blinking. So now theyre theyre connected to take off. You can push this button here on the side or you can take off the same as you would with a dji drone, which is pushing these two controllers into the center thats. What im used to uh so thats? What i typically do, im gon na go ahead and move some things here. We can go ahead and go ahead and take it off right now so and then it takes off.

Youll notice theres a little bit of drip, so we can adjust that here with the trim control on the remote, which we can make sure that we get a nice steady hover and that looks pretty good and then, as soon as were ready to land all. We need to do is push the down button, itll go down, and then you just hold the down button as soon as it hits a solid surface, itll shut off the rotors and stop flying so another way that you can take off this drone, which is more Of a throw and go method, so, if youre holding the drone steadily in your hand and its paired with the remote, if you give it a little toss into the air, it will turn on and catch itself, which is another really unique and fun way to get. This drone launched the other really cool feature about this is that it can do flips, which is really fun to do that. What you do is you push down the right hand, remote itll, beep and then youll push the direction you want to flip, so it can. It can flip forward, it can flip backwards and it can also flip side to side. Whichever direction you push the the right hand stick after depressing it once it needs a little bit of space to do that because it does uh. You know have quite a bit of movement side to side or forward backward and sometimes can kind of decrease uh in altitude just a little bit.

So something to be aware of you usually want to make sure that your has a clear space, theres, no per people or other objects around you. You know a few other notes with this drone. I would only recommend flying it indoors. It is very small and very lightweight so its flying it outdoors is is much more difficult, since it is so small. Its really affected by the wind, even as even just a very light breeze, will really get this drone to move in directions that you dont want. It to since it doesnt have gps. The drone has no way to know exactly where it is in space. It can be very easily lost over a fence or on top of somebody elses house, in a tree, so i would recommend that this drone only be flown indoors. I would say this is probably one of the best drones you can buy for under thirty dollars, one its its durable. It has great control in terms of understanding the drone it has altitude control. So thanks again for tuning in to the science basement. If you have any questions, please leave those in the comments below ill try to get back to you. If you like this video and its helpful for you in terms of deciding on a beginner drone.