However, the analog version of this is around 220 quid or 310, so its more expensive. Just as usual, there are 4s and 6s versions as well as analog and dji, but this time theres a choice of two different frames: a dead cat and a squished x, both of which will get the props out of view better than the stretch decks on the Original nascar 5. ive gone for the dead cat frame, just so that its easier to get the props out of shot of the gopro, as well as the dji polar camera. Because i really like the polar camera, its great for low light and star light conditions and itd be great to get some props out of you shots with that camera. However, the right prop is still somehow in view of the polar camera, so the sensor mustnt quite be aligned properly, as you tend to find. With a lot of these aftermarket cameras, i really like the polar camera, but due to supply issues its the only option available with dji until more come into stock. A dead cat frame usually means that you have to compromise on the tune, but im happy to say that this one has been tuned perfectly by iflight, and i couldnt tell the difference from a normal freestyle frame. Weve got these plastic side plates, which are more there to house fiber optic cables than provide waterproofing, however, im sure they will help to stop dirt getting in there.

You cant seem to turn the leds off. However, the iflight led underneath does change color as your battery voltage dips, which is only useful if you are a line of sight pilot but theres, a big on board beeper, which can be used for fpv as well as a loss model alarm. The arms actually have a recess cut into them for the fiber optic cables, which are nice. However, it might make things more tricky if you break an arm and need to replace one, but there are arms available to buy as a spare part the leds underneath each motor skid also light up as well. Both the flight controller and vista unit line up nicely with the side panels and come with their own rubber blanking plates theres, also a cut out for the bind button on the vista. But i think my favorite part about this setup is the xt60 connector which comes out at a perfect angle for your battery. What im, not too fond of, is the way that the camera sticks out of the front and its only protected by the hard plastic of these side plates which are going to crack in a crash, meaning that you would have to replace the entire panel. If that happened, the camera is also mounted into these plates, which gives zero jello. But again, if something breaks, youre stuck for mounting your camera and you would have to replace the entire side panel, i think it would have been better to have the cameras protection made out of tpu, so it wouldnt break so easily but theres.

Your usual nice touches such as motor wire protectors and anti slip battery mats, which you have to put on there yourself and the 3d printed gopro mount, will bolt directly to a hero 8 without having to have a separate mount, but separate mounts are also available. Theyve used separate screws on the gopro mount as well, which have a flatter head, and that means that the screw wont eventually disappear into the tpu material. After taking the frame apart a few times, the motors dont have any branding on them at all, but they are iflights new zing ii motor with a 2 207 stator, and they havent listed the kv instead theres either a 6 or 4 written on the side. But if you look at the zing 2 specs, they are around 1900 kv for 6s and 2700 kv for 4s. The props have nasgol f5 printed on them, but look to be the same as their freestyle prop thats been around for a while now youre, given a spare set of those in the package which really could have its own separate video iflight have really nailed it when It comes to the packaging and presentation of their models. The escs are 55 amp, bl heli32 set up with rpm filtering, and the flight controller is an f7 with a usb type c connector. So its really top notch components on this guy, hence the higher price. I mean the motors are 17 quid a piece themselves.

The setup was perfect in beta flight. The only changes needed were to the modes tab. It comes set permanently in angle mode, as all iflights models do for safety. So you have to add acro yourself as well as a lost model alarm. You might want to change the battery warning voltage as its set to stop b to flight values. Oh and one thing i did was i accidentally charged my lipos to a high volt dont. Do that um and the voltage scaler kept picking my batteries up as a 7s instead of 6s, so the voltage alarm kept going off prematurely. The analog version has got the iflight racecam, which unfortunately, is a ccd cam, so the dynamic range isnt as good as a cmos sensor, im guessing that this is down to the chip shortage, because i cant see any other reason why they just wouldnt. Stick a retal on there and the vtx for the analog version is just 600 milliwatts, so you would say that the roma f5 v2 beats that out. But in all this is my new main freestyle. Choir ive been flying it a while. Now i absolutely love it. It also flies great long range, around 20 minutes on a 6s lion pack. All right lets go for a line of sight flight with this guy, so the the sun is just setting now and hopefully the light is enough that the gopro on my head will pick up the model in the light, but not too dark that it wont pick Anything up, Applause but well, see Music.

I mean the lights not incredibly bright and they are brighter in some places than others because of the fiber optics looks cool though man looks cool. Oh, it flies good Music, nice, oh, the the lights, actually helping quite a bit when a sort of fly below the tree line distinguishes sort of like the frame which basically looks like a bunch of branches on its own from the actual branches of the the tree. Oh yeah, this is nice man. This is nice. It feels feels like its got a good tune on it. The lights are cool. The light underneath is pretty cool there that i fly light, which uh doubles up as a low battery warning light. Oh, it flies so good. You know it. Doesnt have that uh dead cat feel to it. It feels more like a an x configuration which is interesting. Just got a really good tune on it. Oh man, i could fly this all day. I fight absolutely knocking it out of the park yet again: Applause, oh those lights, are showing up now. Is it sort of uh getting darker lets? Have a look at that green underneath love the colour scheme Music? Ah, we got the beeper going off. I wonder if thats, because i dont think i checked the voltage scaling and the uh yeah thats, going off thats going off early actually charge these uh batteries to a high vault accidentally, which isnt going to help when it comes to the voltage scaling.

You hear that beeper just go in there. Thats thats, not thats, not anywhere near its landing voltage, but oh thats going to get annoying sounds like sputnik Applause. Oh, i am so impressed how this things in line of sight, though, that beeper is loud: Applause, Music, uh, power loops for days, man, Music, yeah, this this is awesome. The the uh the night theme very, very nice from iflight Applause. I think its just the polar cam that you can get at the moment, so thats a its a nice little marketing thing that they have done there. Applause, yeah theres got loads of power, theres something wrong with the voltage scaling or because i charge these batches at a high volt it it might be seen as uh as like a 7s rather than a 6s. Ah, but yeah loving, the colors could fly this line upside all day, its so easy, as well with the orientation because of the lights. Youre not gon na get that all of the time, though, of course, are you youre, not gon na see those uh lights unless, unless its like this, you know the the sun going down anyway, im gon na bring this in for a landing, because that beeper, while Annoying ill have to take a look at the voltage scaling and all of that business. All righty lets have a flyer this guy. Ah i love. I love the big picture straight away on the goggles lets see if weve got any jello, i cant see any myself.

I think yeah just see the props actually theres such a wide field of view on this polar camera, even the dead cat, its uh, its picking up the props not too bad, though okay lets have a dive down here. Music. No, i dont know if its uh just me, seeing this, but im only seeing the prop to the right in shot tend to find that with these aftermarket dji uh cameras is that uh, you uh that you dont get the uh sensor centered or the lens im Hearing the beeper going off here at the top of the throttle, because i didnt change the the battery warning left at the stock 3.5, which of course uh it will. It will go off with the uh voltage sag. Ah, man, like this proper sunny day and uh, and not a bit of jello im seeing from the camera, which is just brilliant. Oh, that beep is annoying, though so one of the things people are saying about the uh. This uh polar nebula is the uh the latency, the latency is too much. I dont agree with that um one of the things that showed me that the latency was fine was the fact that i could go into like bushes and stuff and uh have full control, which you need really low latency to do that kind of stuff with so Uh, these uh bushes, obviously this bit of uh woodland, isnt, isnt so difficult to get around uh, but go and check out my review of the the polar camera because i took it inside like impossible amounts of shrubbery and it was fine.

So i even think like, if you you know, if you were wanted to to you, know thread the needle through here. If the latency was uh too high or a problem, then hed end up crashing in here its not a problem at all. I think its been massively uh over exaggerated its cool around here right, its dealing with the the lighting conditions nicely im well impressed well impressed theyve done it again. Theyve done it again. The tunes great the pitch is great man. Our tune is just so snappy need to change the the battery voltage warning because thats going off its annoying anyway uh time for a landing. This is just superb man. I i cant fault it other than the the prop to the right showing in this picture because of the wide field of view, uh yeah great model link in the video description.