Oh so this right here is tempos new tempo move. This is an at home compact, gym with personal trainer. I actually use their first generation a lot during the pandemic and still to this day, so im really excited to try their new product, and i figured i should just do a whole unboxing review video to show you guys how this thing works. So first things. First, im gon na have to unbox this thing: Music, you have it completely unboxed. All your weights are stored right at the bottom and these arent just like cheap crappy weights. These are really well made weights rubber olympic grade and the casing is really slick. It would definitely match a lot of peoples, furniture in their house. If you throw those in front of your tv and the nice thing. Is you throw the dumbbells right here in the top close it up time to go? Throw this thing on the tv and show you what makes it so special this next to the tv, it looks like a speaker, definitely way better to look at than the last system. Let me hook this thing up looks like theres two wires. I need to plug in hdmi and the usb im all plugged into my tv now what you need to do if you havent, is download the app. I already have the app from before its bucks for a membership every month, but you get a lot from hit training, strength, training, core workouts, meditation yoga its all in here.

It tracks everything im going to tell you more about it as we get into it, but i havent worked out today, so i figured this would be a good time to get a workout in just throw your iphone right here in this dock. You want it to be facing you, because its going to use the actual iphone to do the 3d sensor to track your reps and your form, the tempo move, tracks your performance and tailors training plans around your progress. So its telling me that i should be hitting a push up pyramid workout, but for demonstration reasons. I think i want to do something with strength, so i can show you the weights and also just hit start class. So this will be the point where you throw your weights on the dumbbells. Get your heart rate. Monitor. I got mine strapped up ready to go now, lets get it. One of my favorite features with the tempo move is definitely the fact that is. It is just collecting data uh from my workouts, so it knows where i have my my weaknesses and it knows how i could get stronger in certain places and its tailoring my next workout to do that. Im. Definitely not doing that for myself in the gym. I feel like at the gym i kind of just get to a level and thats where im gon na stay, but with the tempo its pushing me to the next level: Music, okay, its all hooked up, im ready to work out.

I just need to throw on some gym clothes and now im ready to get my home workout. Oh heres, how the workouts work on the tempo usually start with some sort of warm up, which, let me tell you, i dont warm up at the gym. Thats. Another reason why i like using this, because i actually take the time to warm my body up ive, injured myself in so many times by not warming up the tempo hit you with a warm up in the beginning. I dont think you want to look at my butt but im warming up, okay. This is im for for, for video reasons, im not going to sit here and fully send it, but you get the idea. Im warming up to tell you that this thing right now is counting my reps. It is actually timing my pace on how long it takes me to go up and down the 3d sensor is also picking up the color of the weight. So it knows exactly what weight im using to reflect that on the screen and encourage me to use heavier weight on the next workout. There is a leaderboard keeping score. I always like to try to win, because that really helps push me so see. If you guys can get on the leaderboard and be my score during this whole workout, the camera on the the iphone is doing a 3d scan to see. If my form is right – and it will, let me know on the monitor if im you know, over my knees or not or anything is up with my form its like a person, its a personal trainer.

You basically got a personal trainer in your living room. Seven days a week, for you know a fraction of the price of what you would pay at a gym, thats, pretty much gon na wrap up this uh monthly review of the tempo move. Like i said, ive been using the first generation tempo since the beginning of the pandemic. I really like it. I use it pretty much every day i actually do go to the gym sometimes, but when im feeling lazy, i go to the gym when i want to actually get a hard workout in. I do the tempo mainly because its like its pushing me more than i would push myself up at the gym if that makes sense, so the retail price on the tempo move is 4.95. If you have any products that youd love for me to check out, please put them in the comments below maybe ill check it out. I only like to do reviews of things that i actually like and use so yeah thanks tempo for hooking me up with one of these new tempo moves. If you guys want to learn more about this product, you can visit tempo at tempo dot fit all right. So im gon na stop talking all this craziness. You guys will get one im gon na go finish.