Six parrot, nfe fpv parrot have done an amazing job of straddling the fun in the functional aspect of the drone market ever since they essentially created it 10 years ago and the nfv epitomizes that the nfe is a professional drone with a 4 kelvin camera capable of Zoom with a gimbal stabilized camera, in fact, some surveyors choose this over dji products, because it can tilt its camera up and down to create 3d models or for mere mortals, get some unique angles for action shots. But with the addition of first person view goggles, you can also play it from inside the cockpit parrots goggles are included in the fpvk and at first they were the only ones supported, but a later software update means you can use other vr headsets. The app is fully featured and great for arcade mode racing or settings obsessed photographers. The only thing missing from a much more expensive craft is a collision sensing system, but the nfv is surprisingly robust, especially the fpv version with improved lex compatibility with pix4d tools offers an interesting route into 2d and 3d survey work. Should you decide to offer your services commercially, the design is compact and lightweight with arms that fold in making it easy to fit in its included, backpack, which neatly squares away all the components and is firm enough to double as a launch pad if theres no flat Ground around overall, the parrot anife remains great value drone and a good alternative for those who crave a little more simplicity or who dont want to splash out on the dji mavic air.

Just make sure you really want the fpv capability before you spend the extra cash Music number five dji air 2s, the dji r2s, the successor to the mavic air 2, brings a photography grade camera into a reasonably compact drone, which is well equipped with features suited to. First time, drone users, whether they specialize in video or photography, the 5.4 kelvin video, gives the option to crop down to 4 kelvin without loss of resolution, while the 20 megapixel camera produces great wide angle images in terms of safety, the drone has all the key safety Sensors forward backward downward and front mounted upward, looking with which the drone cannot only sense obstacles and stop, but also plot and execute an avoiding path, if appropriate, only the sides of the fuselage lack sensors, so caution is needed while exercising tracking shots most of the time. This wont be a problem and djis previous side sensors on the mavic 2 series werent worth the extra money. If youre flying around physical obstacles, then it might be better value to get a drone with more sensors. First time out, you can always learn with caution. The controller is ideal, it is strong, has a good battery, easy access to speed modes and the place the phone sits is just where you need it, its the camera that marks the real difference. The air 2s net still images with better detail and more dynamic range and its video has greater bit depth than twice as many pixels as a 4 kelvin drone can capture the dji air 2s is a small folding drone with a premium one inch sensor, camera 5.

4 Kelvin, video and a number of automated flight and safety features making it a pro minded alternative to the more affordable mavic air, too Music number four ryzetla, with more than half of the global market dji, have kept their tech at the serious end of the market. However, a friendly relationship with neighboring firm rise has led to the telo a compact drone that doesnt skimp on the tech it beams 720p video back to a phone in wifi range or 5mp photos which are recorded by the app this data link also provides you a Battery warning and the drone is capable of taking off and hovering using its 14 core processor and in built sensors. That power makes for fun features like the throw and go launching in flips, but also supports scratch. A simple block based programming language. That means, literally, anyone can have fun ordering patello about. If you think your kids need a little more convincing that programming drones is as cool as flying them. Look out for the ryze iron man edition programming tech seemed to work out pretty well for tony stark. After all, the telo has two flying speeds, with the faster one, making a big increase to the aircrafts maneuvering speed. It also has a number of preset flight modes which you can select by swiping through to a selection screen on the app. Some are useful. Such a circle in 360, which record video as the tello spins in a circle or rotates on the spot, the telos impressive positioning system makes it the easiest to operate mini drone around, while its inbuilt video stabilization software gives the smoothest results of any toy drum a Well, rounded variety of flight modes make it fun to use, and its app is one of the most well designed weve, seen Music number three dji mavic mini dji has completely reinvented the modern day drill opening up the world of aerial photography to beginner and experienced pilots.

Dji mavic mini is the perfect addition to any content creators arsenal, the mavic mini, is small light and very portable. Its the perfect drone for travel, even hiking or backpacking. The precise way to take off is 249 grams. It still packs quite a punch 2.7 kelvin video gps altitude hold in a mechanical gimbal, meaning that images and video it recorded to its microsd card were of more than adequate quality for youtubers or instagramers. Indeed, the drone has been understandably popular while equally predictable, djis attempt to brand it a fly. Cam has not caught on this. Drone is still on sale in most places, but those able to buy the newer, dji mini 2 will probably be better off going for the near identical but cheaper dji mini c for kids. Families are just anyone interested in getting started in aerial photography, videography, the original mavic mini was in is a surprisingly capable machine, but the extended wi fi radio system mean that in bad conditions, the signal can become intermittent even before the drone reaches the legal range. Similarly, the motors can only compensate for a maximum of force for cross wind, though of course, on bad days. You could play indoors with the propeller guards. There are also a great range of safety features. Battery life is great, giving you up to 30 minutes of flight time to capture all the footage you need. Dji, mavic mini combines plenty of powerful features with a streamlined flight experience at a price that doesnt break the bank.

Its tiny form factor makes it incredibly easy to throw it in a bag for your next adventure. Music number, two dji mini c. This is djis, lowest cost foldable camera drone ever and is a great beginners choice. If you live in one of the places it is on sale, currently, dji is only selling it in selected. Countries such as the us, canada and australia, but those in the uk and europe are currently missing out on this bargain. What dji has cleverly done is take the drone from the 2019 mavic mini and put it in the body of the dji mini 2 and undercut the price on both. This is a fantastic package for the price, but lacks on the resolution and range of the superior mini 2 for consumers, not confident learning to fly and shoot video. At the same time, the automated quick shots provide several striking orbiting or other dramatic swooping shots, while keeping your subject in frame. The dji mini c makes use of its intelligence to do this from the main camera, rather than packing any extra scanners, which probably helps even this beginner model pull off 30 minutes of flight time, like djis previous micro drones, the dji mini c is claimed to fame, As its small size and weight, the dji mini c has up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery, which means you can fly it just as long as most other consumer dji drones.

The dji mavic mini c, is truly the perfect beginner drone. As it comes with several intelligent features that carefully optimize user experience with features like smart return to home automatic, take off and precise hovering operation is more streamlined and safer than ever. Music number one dji mini 2. The dji mini 2 has arrived sooner than many expected to refresh what was already an excellent drone, and it maintains its key positive features. It is under the 250 grams, which is the weight for pilot registration in the usa and china. It is gps based return to home and other pilot assist features, and it includes very share friendly, quick shots, in fact, other than all round object collision systems. The drone has almost everything youd expect from a folding drone, costing more than twice as much. The accompanying remote control is also completely new, and in fyi areas offers up to 10 kilometers range via automatic channel, switching meaning. You can confidently take the drone out in even 24 miles per hour wind and remain confident. The drone won out of contact. The camera gimbal will keep images, horizontal and vibration free, while recording up to 4 kelvin video, as well as selection of other effects. Recently, only known on djis prosumer models like panorama photographers, can choose raw manual exposure exposure, bracketing and other features. Theyd expect on the ground. If youre thinking of the mini 2 as your first drone but youre already familiar with cameras, then this is definitely the best choice.

Its also pretty handy indoors, thanks to downward facing visual and sonar distance sensing systems, which can help it hover even without gps and the optional propeller guards. The app also makes getting the images to your phone easy. If you dont want to wait until you get home Music Music, i have included all product links in the description below you can check out these links for more details and latest price. Thank you. So much for watching.