As you can see there, it is right there and today we’re going to be giving this guy a flight test out here. I’Ve already done a flight test for this guy i’ve done a couple: videos which i’ll link in the description below but we’re just flying this today because it’s, my favorite drone and i love flying it so much so we’re gon na do that. Anyways let’s go all right guys. So if you don’t know how this drone is calibrated, go ahead and check out my other videos, i explain it in two of my videos on how to calibrate this guy so go ahead and check those out, and that will be very helpful, all right guys. So it is calibrated right now so we’re just going to wait for this guy to get satellites once it gets enough satellites that light right. There will be green all right guys, so we have nine satellites now so we’re ready to take this off so we’ll hit the unlock button and let’s give it some throttle there. It is right there all right guys, so we are battling 11 mile an hour winds here and, as you can see, if you look at it, it’s shaky all right, it’s really shaky in the air, but you have to consider that this is 170 ish dollar drone Around 170 mark, so it handles the win pretty good. As you can see, here’s the gps, it holds its position, watch see it’s holding its position, even when i push it um for the app that i recommend using.

I did an entire video on that which i’ll link in the description i’m using the mrc pro app, so that is the drone in the air, so um pretty good, pretty stable. Last 4k camera at uh, 16 frames per second or 2.5 k. Video at 25 ish frames per second, so that is really the big. You know information that you need to know when it comes to the camera quality, and i mean it: doesn’t have a gimbal or anything. So the footage, like the videos, are shaky, but the photos are still very good with this drone, which is why i like it for only 170 dollars. You have a pretty good drone that can give you some decent photos. I took some photos with this and you’ll see them in a moment, but you know there: it is flying flies pretty well: i’m walking alone, Music, Music, i’ve been flying from town to town Music. We will fly above the sky, we are heroes. We are here. Music Applause, Music, all right, so one of the unfortunate things about this drone, which i’ve you know said if you’ve watched my reviews uh the battery life, even though they include two batteries well, the problem is with me: one of my batteries is cooked and it doesn’t Work so i only have technically. I only have one battery the flight time, it’s only 16 minutes. I wish it was around 20 minutes. 20 minutes would be pretty good for me, but 16 minutes.

I don’t know i mean by time you get it up in the air and then you get the low power mode. Um return to home activation. It doesn’t turn out to be that long it’s. Only really you only get about 10 minutes actually in the air. So i mean flight time is a big is i guess it would be this guy’s biggest downfall, but they do include extra. An extra battery which i said i burnt out so i’ll definitely be ordering extra batteries for this, because this is one of my favorite drones and i fly this guy a lot. Also one more thing i mentioned. I really like the controller for all the controls in the build it’s pretty nicely made right here. I like the controls. I like the functions on it, but i’ll tell you what this thing for the phone this this homes, this phone stand: i’m slurring my words true um! This phone stand sucks all right i’m, just telling you it sucks, it’s horrible, all right guys. So that is the uh, i guess the video for the holy stone hs 510 – that is the second. I guess flight test. We’Ll call it for this and it’s my favorite drone, really because i guess it’s just personal with me because i just enjoy flying it. It’S got good photos, i’m, gon na be honest. It takes really good photos like these photos are actually pretty usable in most cases for most people, so that’s.

Why? I really like this drone? Like i said, one of my batteries is cooked, so i really only get one flight which is like 10 minutes, so i mean it’s, not too good. I mean the batteries are expensive for this, like i think it’s, like thirty dollars on amazon, for an extra battery, which is pretty ridiculous. Just for one of these little batteries here, i thought it’d be cheaper than that, so that sucks, that i’m gon na have to spend that much money on another one but i’m curious about something. With this drone um, when i’ve used the recommended app that i recommend the mrc pro app, there is a there is an option to fly. The drone with just the phone i’ll show you that in this clip anyways with me only having one battery that actually works. I wasn’t able to you know, do a whole ton with this but i’m going to make another video on this, because you know, i guess these videos. I guess you guys, like these videos on this drone, because all of my videos on this have a lot of views, so i’m gon na make another video on in that video we’re gon na see. If you can fly this with just your phone anyways, if you guys enjoyed that video, i really want you to hit the like button on this video and subscribe to my channel. I don’t have too many subscribers right now and we’re doing a 500 subscriber giveaway.

So i really want to hit 500 subs so go ahead and subscribe to my channel like this video. Also, if you’re interested in rc planes like here this one, this is an rc plane right here. Fun to fly go ahead, check out some of those videos that i have on my channel. I fly drones and i fly planes, so this channel is awesome.