Relatively speaking, the mavic 2 pro is quite affordable, considering its feature set, and it is spectacular having taken it for a spin in iceland. I can speak to its quality, namely brought about by the use of a 20 mp one type image sensor that is notably larger than many competitors and a quality hasselblad lens. What puts this ahead of many other options is the superb implementation of blog m and hlg hdr for high dynamic range, recording and 10 bit support. This provides footage that is suitable for high end grading and editing applications. This footage should fit in nicely with cinema cameras. Its also a very good compact drone – it can hit 44 miles per hour, fly for 31 minutes benefits from ocusync 2.0 with a 5 mile range and has active track 2.0. It is a complete package paired an offi. You dont have to break the bank to get a solid set of video features on an ultra compact. Drone parrot proved that with the anaphy it captures great 4k has a log recording mode and uses a high res 21 mp, half point 4 sensor that allows for sharp stills and a lossless digital zoom and video. The party trick of the anafi is an ability to tilt upward, allowing filmmakers to create incredibly unique shots. That would be impossible with nearly any other drone. We also found it quite easy to use during our review dji inspire 2 time for the big copters to come out with bigger drones.

Come bigger cameras and bigger cameras means bigger sensors and better video djis. Inspire 2 is among the most popular, which makes sense, considering its capabilities. Itll hit 58 miles per hour, can support h.265 hevc apple prores and cinema dng formats all considered pro quality options and the spotlight pro tracking mode for advanced flight techniques. It doesnt come with a camera, but there are a few choices. Thatll get the job done. My pick, the zenmuse x7, with its super 35 millimeter sensor and 6k video its a high end choice, thatll satisfy more demanding filmmakers, autelevo fold up. Drones took off this year and autel tossed it sevo into the air. This drone separates itself from direct competition with 4k video at up to 60 fps. Another nice design choice is the built in 3.3. Inches 720p led ride on the included remote controller. It bothers me to have to rely on my phone for most drones, so this is a super nice bonus for the evo. It also operates at up to 4.4 miles away and features a 12 mp half point 3 sensor to get the job done. Dji matris 600, when you want to have your everyday camera take to the skies you need a serious drone to handle it. Dji makes such models, though this series starts with the matrix 600. This moves up to the hexacopter designation and can take off with a 34 pound weight. Yes, you can bring some serious gear up with you.

It will work with zenmuse systems, but it will excel when you opt for the ronin mx and your own cinema camera. This is getting a true cinema. Camera airborne and cant be matched in quality.