This is the mgx bug 16 pro. This is the flyhall fx1 yeah theyre, pretty darn similar. Now, when this mjx bug 16 pro was released, i said it was the best drone for beginner. So what do i think about this fly? Haul, stay tuned and ill. Tell you all about it, Music, so yeah! This is basically the same thing as the bugs 16. Pro now i really liked the mjx bug 16 pro. I think it was an excellent beginner drone. Now youre gon na get the fly haul, which is pretty much the same thing except two little differences, one its a little bit darker and two price, its actually a little bit cheaper right. Now you get the fly haul, with two batteries for 195 on banggood. If youre looking to buy it, ive got links in the description down below now theyre affiliate links that doesnt cost you anything. It just helps support this channel. So, if youre interested in buying one make sure you check that out after that theyre the same drone, we have a 3 axis gimbal right here. It is able to capture 4k video if you want to shoot at higher frame rates, go ahead and shoot in 1080.. It is also stabilized electronically, a little bit so that does kind of help. With some of those little jitters. You have a flight time of up to 28 minutes. You should probably expect to get about 25 minutes or so from each flight.

You dont generally want to fly your battery all the way down to zero, so kind of keep that in mind with the battery and its 612 grams. So if youre in the us youre going to have to register it, the battery comes off pretty easily its just a push and you slide down. You can see theyre telling you that its rated at 80 db, so thats not super loud, but also theres, a ce1 rating on here, im, not sure if thats legit or not but thats kind of good to see range on this thing is about 600 meters, so Youre gon na get video feed back about that far you know. Roughly a quarter of a mile is about where i found the limit to be. These are brushless motors, which means theyre more efficient and more powerful than a brushed motor drone. Some drones in this price range rely on less expensive and less efficient brush motors. Now you do need what they call a 5g phone. It doesnt really mean 5g. What it means is, you need a phone with the ac protocol and most phones made in the last two years or so have that there are three interesting flight modes on this. There is a follow me mode, there is an orbit mode and then there is a headless mode, dont use headless mode. I dont recommend it. It basically just fixes the orientation of the drone if youre a new drone pilot and thats how you get used to flying it can be confusing orbit mode, allows you to kind of set a circle and it flies a circle around.

Whatever object, youve decided to pinpoint now in order to change the orbit, you actually have to do that in the settings before flight thats kind of a pain. I wish you would have been able to do it in the app, but you cant hot, unfortunately, and then follow me is what it sounds like it follows you now it follows the remote its not a visual follow but a gps file. So its picking up the signal of the remote controller and its following that, okay, so now were taking a look at some of the video coming out of this fly hall fx1 and this is being recorded in 4k at 30 frames a second. I think it does. A nice job, its pretty good, probably the best ive, seen at a drone. You can get for less than 200 right, its 170 dollars for one battery package, shipping out of china and just under 200 for a two battery package, thats a pretty good deal now. This is kind of what the orbit looks like its not nearly as smooth as some of the more expensive drones and you kind of have to set everything up beforehand. Uh, you know in terms of the orbit distance and things like that, but it does a decent job so in the upper right hand corner. If you go to settings, you know you can set some different parameters max flight altitude, max flight distance orbit, semi diameter uh thats, how wide your orbit uh diameter is and then return to home altitude, of course, is pretty important to set now you cant set any Of these things, while the drone is up in the air, so make sure that you do that before you take off im going to show you the digital zoom in the lower right hand, corner you see a little magnifying glass, you can kind of tap on the Plus or the minus to zoom in or out its of course, a digital zoom and just shows up on your screen.

Now, if you want to enter the modes that little uh grid icon on the left, you tap that you know you choose either orbit. Follow me and then you swipe uh to enter the mode, and you can see here its going to start the orbit right. We kind of saw what that orbit looked like in an earlier video tap the grid. To start the follow me swipe and it will start following their controller now i tried to get it to follow me in my car, and it just did not want to do that. As soon as i started going um, you know i dont know. Maybe it couldnt follow the remote controller in the car, but it did work just fine when i asked it to follow me. Walking um and thats consistent with the bugs 16 pro good beginner drone does some simple little automated flight modes. I do like to return to home that works well, great safety feature excellent drone for less than 200 bucks. Now, like i said before, i really did like the mjx bug 16 pro. I thought at the time it was the absolute best beginner drone out there and i still think it it kind of is you know i prefer the dji mini se, but thats 300. Now when this was released, was closer to 250. You can get this one for about 230, but this fly. Haul is basically the same thing at less than 200 and i think that is the sweet spot for either one of these drones, so at 200 youre getting the best value in drones.

Now its not going to compare with the image quality coming out of the mini se, but its also 100 cheaper. If you buy either one of these, you get this nice carrying case. To put it in get a spot up here. To put all of your extra goodies. Uh two extra batteries and your remote control is in fact the same bag that you get with the mjx bug. 16. Pro videos are stored here on an sd card. That is absolutely better than any drone that records uh to your phone. Now you can record to your phone, but the quality is always going to be better. If you can record to an sd card, make sure you have one that is class 10 or better. The remote control here is pretty simple: um like the drone. It unfolds antennas, go up, weve got a couple of grips that come down to make it easier to hold, and then your cell phone goes up here now. The first thing youre going to want to do is connect the drone to your cell phone wi fi. Now you dont need a cellular connection to fly. One of these drones right, thats kind of a common misconception right. The drone itself creates a wi fi network that connects to your phone right so thats. What youre going to do so? You can see the video on your screen, which is going to rest right up here on top of the remote to get it started, youre going to click this lock button down here and thats, going to start the motor spinning, but before you do that youll notice That the drone is saying geomagnetism calibration right, so you unfold your drone right.

You set it down and its going to be blinking, so you spin it in circles until the blinking changes all right, you do it face up. You spin it again until the blinking stops. You set it down and then you can fly thats when you press this red button and the motors will start spinning if you dont do that calibration song and dance its not going to take off, for you probably should have mentioned. Uh turn it on thats. This button here and youll see youll get some information on the screen. Itll tell you your distance from take off the height itll. Also tell you that youre in mode two or mode, one probably mode two thats how most people fly and itll tell you if youre in high or low speed the button here with the camera, takes a picture. If you long press itll, take a video weve got a return to home button here. So if you lose sight of the drone, if youre not sure whats going on, if you got disoriented, hit this button, itll raise up and then come back, you can set the return to home height in settings. Make sure you do that this button here up on the top shoulder here is the hi low speed button. I actually recommend that you fly in high mode for most situations unless youre trying to get some really good footage thats when you want to flip into low mode, but it just responds better in high mode.

So thats generally how id fly this drone and then we have a wheel up here again on the shoulder to move your gimbal up and down so yeah. You cant go wrong with either one of these drones theyre the same thing really i even flew my fly: haul on bugs batteries, just a little discolored, but flew just fine. So keep that in mind, but yeah. Both of these are excellent. Beginner drones and id buy, whichever one was less expensive, its really not uncommon at all for mjx to rebrand and resell their drones under other names. It happens all the time. In fact, most of the drones that are sold on amazon are rebrands from either mjx or sema, or someone like that, if you want to watch the video that i did on the mjx bug 16 pro theres a link to that down below. If you really like this room, but youre thinking, gosh id like something just a little bit better, you know what the gi mini s e is the next step up at 300, bucks go ahead and check out the video for that here anyway. I hope this was helpful. Hopefully it was check us out on halfchrome.