. Yes, I bloody crushed my drone in the middle of the lava field. Next to an active, volcano., Ive been traveling with a drone now for a whole year, and I really wanted to showand share with you. Why this little guy is such an awesome, travel companion. And yes, Iwill, tell you how the volcano story ends, but just in a Little bit because otherwise whileseeing the next clips youre only gon na think …. All of this is filmed by an idiot, But here we go Well like you saw I really like flying the drone. and theres. Actually, just one thing i want to tell you. before i finish with the volcano story. As itis the end of 2021 end of the year. I truly wanted tosay. That I appreciate each and every one of you. Guys. I never would have guessed that by the end, ofthis year.. I have about eight and a half thousand subscribers on this channel, and this is all thanks to you., And i know that after my breakup with MiinaI have taken some more time for myself., And maybe I havent been able to answer every single comment. But that doesnt mean that you would matter less. the fact that youre on this channel has just brought me so much closer to my own dream.. I truly wanted to thank you for being here thankyou for traveling with me and sharing the journey. and as a small favor. I would really appreciate if you took the time and actually wrote in thecomments.

what made you subscribe to this channel and what kind of videos have you been enjoying themost since Im, not traveling with Miina anymore? I know the videos have been a little bit different and I would really appreciate hearing what kind of videos do you actually like what doyou enjoy the most? So if you can, it would mean the world to me if you just wrote the reason in the comments.. Okay and uh back to the volcano. So literally, the reason why I bought a new drone. is that when the wind was too strong, the old one just decided to crash crashland and since Im quite stupid, I always went to get the drone wherever it landed. Jesus chees freaking hell no flying the drone with the wind like this no way, i told the guys up there that if i fall through the lava, they should take pictures.. So yes, this time i got really really lucky, but no drone is worth it and since i am not smart enough to know when its not worth it thats, why i needed a new drone, but well thats it for this time and Ill see you in a Week on Thursday, one day before Christmas, take care and see you soon.