Every iteration is the culmination of all that we do to bring you the very best heres everything youve been waiting for and beyond. This is mavic 2.. The aircraft comes in two new additions: mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom. Both cameras, utilize djis latest 3, axis gimbal technology, ensuring smooth stable footage in any situation. Mavic 2 pro commands a powerful one inch sensor, offering you greater image: quality with superior light and color performance, co engineered with hasselblad the new camera houses, an adjustable aperture lens for more control over your lighting environment capture, stunning aerial photos and 20 megapixels with extreme detail. Mavic 2 pro supports a 10 bit d log m color profile that yields higher dynamic range for more flexibility in the grading room. Mavic 2 zoom is all about dynamic perspective with a two times optical zoom lens. It offers greater safety, efficiency and more creative opportunities. The 48 millimeter focal length compresses your perspective, enhancing the parallax effect for a classic cinematic look youre able to punch in quickly for a tighter shot, even from 100 meters, away keeping a safe distance from your subject. Dont be fooled by its size: mavic 2s zoom lens is powerful, constantly adjusting to your commands for seamless, zoom control and auto focus tracking. This keeps your subject clear. While you focus on framing mavic 2 zoom gives you access to dolly zoom for an otherworldly warped perspective. Both editions record 4k video with an advanced h.

265 compression, so your images retain even more detail. Speed things up in a dynamic aerial hyperlapse, with a simple tap of a button. Four different modes, give you a variety of shots for any time lapse situation. Mavic 2 also supports enhanced hdr, photo an improved technique that blends a sequence of photos for greater dynamic range and image clarity. It wouldnt be a mavic if it couldnt go with you anywhere anytime. We kept that same foldable, design and tweaked a few things that make a world of difference. After countless hours of research and testing, mavic 2s refined chassis and low noise propellers make it djis most advanced aerodynamic aircraft. To date, these subtle yet powerful improvements give you a smoother quieter flight for greater discretion when the situation requires. Mavic 2 extends your creative potential with up to 31 minutes of flight time and a max speed of 72 kilometers per hour in sport mode. The all new occusync 2.0 provides a 1080p transmission signal up to eight kilometers, so you can edit full hd footage directly from the cache on your mobile device. 2.4 to 5.8 gigahertz. Auto switching offers better performance in environments with busy signal interference. The first time in a dji drone, mavic 2 boasts obstacle: sensors on all sides of the aircraft, its digital nervous system, continually transmits data to a new, more powerful central processor. The aircraft analyzes every inch of its surroundings to move around obstacles without stopping. So you can focus on capturing the perfect shot when you have a need for tracking at high speeds, stay fully immersed in the action with active track 2.

0, aided by its vision systems, mavic 2 maps, a 3d view of the environment for greater accuracy and tracking up To 72 kilometers per hour, trajectory prediction: algorithms also help to maintain course, when your subject is blocked by an obstruction. Dji goggles users can enjoy an enhanced experience with a clearer video feed and lower latency when it comes to portability or quality. Small details or the big picture, your vision or reality: mavic 2 brings the best of both worlds, so you can explore the outer reaches of your imagination and create content that truly feels out of this world: Music: Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, hmm, Music, so Music, Music. No one: Music, Music, um, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, you Music! This is mavic air 2.. You may have some questions like so whats different. Well, lets start with the larger sensor: theres a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto every shot is a masterpiece, Music yeah, but photos arent. Really my thing: dont worry weve got you covered Music. It also does 4k 60p video. You can also slow things down way down and yes, theres hdr video hows the flight time, its fantastic youre. Looking at up to 34 minutes in the air, a new record for the mavic series, weve added ocusync 2.0, so you can fly longer and see clearer what, if im, not a great pilot thats where focus track comes in so you can fly like a pro Music Or just press a button heres, the best part automatic obstacle avoidance, okay.