It is a little bind and fly quad with tbs crossfire on. There comes with some instructions: the quad inside the box and a variety of stuff as well. We’Re going to fly this today on a 4s 650 and an 850 battery and we’ll test it out see how it does in comparison to some of the other super popular cine whoops out. There let’s go ahead and get this one up in the air and we’ll. Come back after the flight break and we’ll do uh do a little bit of investigation into the way this one’s set up the quality control the tune, the performance durability, all that good stuff! You expect right here, let’s go ahead and uh do some fun flying i’ll. Show you the analog video and the onboard 4k recorded video. Here we go demon 4k. All right guys, let’s go ahead and get down to business here. Demon 4k see a little bit of wobble in that first take off my first takeoff with this squad. It flew up in the air and tumbled all around and then crashed on the ground, and i realized it was having a hard time flying the 850 size battery now. These are only two inch props on here, so you know you, you are using some bigger motors and they’re a little better, a little more efficient than some of the like the 1106 series motors that they tend to put on a two inch configuration.

So this really should give us a little bit of a better type of flying time. Um 650 battery would balance it out a little bit better but still i’m, seeing this lateral kind of shaking going on even with the 650. So if you want to back down to like a 3s battery on this quad, you might even fly a little bit better, because the weight is the biggest enemy it seems to the way this quad is set up. So i felt like it was always on the fringe of kind of crashing, uh or kind of falling past the point of having a washout. While i was flying it so that’s. The other thing it didn’t feel super comfortable, even in like stability mode, so um i’m, giving this quad thrashing in this video. If you guys are watching this you’re, probably shocked, and amazed that, oh, my god, justin davis, is actually saying something is shite. Well, i mean look at this video up high right here. We’Ve got some jingles going on here. We’Ve got the jiggles, the jingles and the oh, my god. I almost thought i was going down at that point, um, so yeah. The competition is really fierce out there for this class of cinewood. The two inch and two and a half inch cinewoops out there right now that are on top of the game are way better than this one. So we’re gon na go ahead with this review and we’re gon na talk about this quad i’m gon na go into it in further detail for you guys, but first off i just wanted to just jump right into this.

Video, so you can see is what it is. If you already bought this quad, hopefully there’s a tune out there somewhere for it or you’re gon na fly on 3s650. Maybe that’ll make it a little less wiggly wobbly, but still i i still have fun with these quads when i fly them so um i i did have some fun with it, but i felt like i was being held back as far as the speed the tune And the smoothness of what we should be flying as a cinewoop, so um yeah, this one’s missed some major points with that tune. Flaw let’s just go back to the studio now and talk about it. A little further. All right guys welcome back from the flight test. So yeah you ready for an honest review. There is a lot of competition out there for this size and class of cinewoop, and when you come into this cinewoop category, with your offering of components and your frame, you better be damn sure that you are ready to compete with the masses that are out there. In this sort of competition, because all these companies are competing for your dollar and you as the customer, you want to be able to have a seamless experience with that quad and i’m talking on all levels, we’re talking about like quality control, we’re talking about the tune On there we’re talking about the performance, the uh, the way that the power system works along with the battery it doesn’t sag the battery, even a brand new battery.

Sometimes a bad power system can do that. So many things to to factor in here. So with that said, we’re going to get into this i’m going to go ahead first off and i’m, going to talk about price and and some of the stuff that that right away kind of you know bothers me about this particular product and i’m, going to make Some suggestions in this video for you to, alternatively, look at uh. If you want to buy this one, fine um, if you know how to pid tune you’re, probably okay, if you want to fly it on 3s you’re, probably okay, 4s seemed for it was kind of. Maybe too much for it to handle. I felt like the 850, for example, was a little bit too much weight on the bottom of this, whereas that bottom mount it was causing the quad to kind of like do some lateral, twitching and the 650 flew way better. But still it kind of felt like the com, the accelerometer, need to be calibrated and that might have been the issue with the quad, but it always felt like it was kind of just about to lose its axis even flying it in stability mode. It was kind of felt like it was on the edge of like kind of tweaking out on me, so that’s, something to be said so um there are other quads out there that are in the same genre that are just not having these these issues so um.

I think all the components on here are are very well chosen. I think the frame is actually pretty neat as well, and the foam bumpers work the tpu mount up here. The idea of kind of having the horns up here is kind of cool but um. Another thing that kind of bothered me about this: one is there’s, no insta360 go mount up there. On top of that, they had a prime opportunity to be able to stick one of these. On top of this, you know maybe have the horns coming out the side. Instead of on the top wouldn’t, you agree um, because where are you going to put? Your action came up there, and i know this is a 4k one, but they don’t. I don’t even see the 4k one available right now. The only one i see out there that’s available is the analog version with no 4k that has the cadx ant on there and then there’s the full blown dji cadx vista version, which i would probably it would be fun to test that one out. But this one doesn’t seem to be available with the cadets loris on here and let’s let’s. Just look really closely at the body: the bumpers, the prop guards and this bottom plate of this quad. Now the bottom plate’s around 2.5 millimeter. It is a unibody plate. Sort of true x setup, we don’t have any dead cat stuff going on here, because this is sort of one of those sort of cinna two inch cinewoop class category quads.

This will be super durable for you. This is likely not to break. This is pretty cool. Um, we also have an f411aio flight controller just under here, and we have 25 amp ese’s, which are really really great, everything’s dampened in there from what you know. You expect that these days they have four bolts holding that down. You have an sd card slot right here for the 4k loris and running this power system is the 1204 series motors on here, and these 1204s are 5000 kv. I’Ll, just zoom try to zoom into those a little bit for you, and i thought the motors look really nice. I like the sort of anodized pink bell and blue aluminum bottom plate. There looks really nice, along with those two inch props, and this camera by the way is 800 tvl. So this should be a great camera outdoors and you can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second with this camera as well. For this on onboard dvr, which is really nice, we have the hq pro. These are the t 2 by 2 by 4 props, by the way, if you’re looking for these i’ll, try to add some links down below if you already bought one of these, we also have singular prop guards on each motor underneath each motor so be careful when You take these screws off. If you remove the prop guards, it will probably fly way better. If you already bought this and you don’t have the prop guards on it.

It’D probably be a little ripper, because sometimes all this extra gear on here will freak out the flight controller and have it do odd things and that’s. Why these little micro quads that don’t have prop guards fly like little animals. They also have a tpu mount in the very back back here and really nice gauge wire coming out. We’Ve got a full size beeper on there, which i haven’t seen on a micro quad in quite some time, so that’s actually pretty impressive um. So so most of the stuff on here most of the gear is it’s up to par. But there seems to be some some tune and balance issues here, and it might be that all of this up top makes it a little bit top heavy i’m, not sure. But in all my years, a big flying experience like a lot of times weight seems to be the issue uh. Sometimes when you have and this type of issue and a lot of that has to do with prop size, wingspan and the weight so the heavier. They are the smaller they are, then they tend to have a lot more um forces pushing on the flight controller and when there’s a little bit of wind, you can expect it to be even worse, so that’s one thing to think about as well and it’s uh Yeah so it’s the power system and the weight together and sometimes weight can be a good thing with wind, but not in this case, because you’re rocking some prop guards so um yeah it’s gon na it’s gon na be a little bit of an issue for you.

We also have the tbs unified pro nano 500 milliwatt vtx on here, so again, another great choice for this quad. As far as the components on here, you can see the antenna back here. It’S the right hand, circular polarized it’s got this cool alien on top and we got an aurora rc branded capacitor back here as well. Protecting any voltage, spikes let’s go ahead and put it on the scale real quick. Let me show you guys what this one’s weighing in at, if you’re still hanging with me, and please do hang because um i’m going to tell you which one you should buy after we uh finish up this review in as an alternative to this one. So right there is a hundred point two grams yeah let’s put on the 4s 850, and i recommend these all line batteries right now, they’re doing pretty good. For me, i have no idea how i’m gon na make this work. I have to do this just go ahead and put the battery on there see if we can balance that out scales back to zero, and here we go make sure that’s not touching the bench: okay, we’re, good and that’s coming in at 208.9 grams. So you could still add your insta360 go on top of here. If you wanted to – and you weren’t satisfied with the dolores video, but i think the loris video actually looks better than the insta360 go because it just does, but it has no smoothing on on that particular dvr.

So on the laura’s dvr, the good thing about the insta360 goes, it does have some smoothing so overall, i think this one is a little high price for what it is, and i think you’re gon na see this one discounted after this review comes out and also Guys as an alternative to this one, i mean there are so many really badass quads out there right now that are in the same price range that will blow the pants off this one. I mean number one, one of my best 2021 picks right now. Is this hom wingsuit s? I mean get on this one. You want an analog version of this. One get the analog version of this one it will. It will beat the crap out of the squad. You want to get the dji version, it will rock as well. The other thing i’m testing out for you guys as well, is this beta fpv 95x. This one’s also doing good in testing and has the option already with the external power for the smo 4k camera and any of these companies that are playing around with making these quads right now. If they don’t put a mount in the box for the insta360 go and a naked gopro they’re like missing the ball and adding this power cable. So that is something that all of us are wanting right now that are running quads at this size and class and the other one i’m going to recommend it’s a little more beasty in the frame it’s.

Just the original wing suit still a really beautifully flying quad. Please go back and watch the reviews on the wingsuit and the wingsu s and as well. Another choice. That’S super tough, is the micron. So this is that micron 2 is out, so you can grab a micron as well, so so much a competition there’s just no room for anybody to be missing a good tune on these, because when they come to you guys, i mean you guys expect them to Fly good and that’s what we’re looking for so i’ll put the links down below for these and my number one choice right now out of these um, i have to do more testing with this one, but right now it’s the the wingsuit s you get analog version Of this one too so much cheaper than the dji version, but it’s up to you what you want to fly and what your budget is, but thanks for hanging out guys and uh hope you enjoyed hearing the truth today on this review of my demon, 4k version. I’Ll put the links down there below for for that one um, not the 4k version, obviously, but the uh dji version and just the straight analog version. So please do subscribe on the channel guys got more awesome reviews coming up for you. Tons of new quads coming in 2021 is gon na, be a fun year.