But today you guys are here to hear about the new gap, rc crown and this one has kind of been a long time in the making and we’re waiting for gap. Rc’S response to the three inch cinewood craze – and here we are after many many months of waiting with a 6s version of the crown, and there are other guys out there. Who will tell you that this one is the best. Well, hopefully, you’re watching the right video, because this guy has flown them all i’ve done reviews on all the three inches in whoops. If there’s one out there that i haven’t reviewed, please let me know uh, because the other guy is saying that it’s the best ask them how many of them that they’ve flown so yeah um. Two of my top contenders are the diatone taken and the flywood chasers. The chasers did really well on the channel. The diatone take hand has been my number one choice for you guys for well over six months now. I believe we’ve got the full size, uh dji unit, the air module right in the middle right. There it’s not sticking up off the back like a lot of these vertical mount style center whips. Do this one, the flywheel chasers has that vertical mount and it’s nice and easy to get to the sd card, but it has the top of the unit sticking out back there, and this one was great, but this one had a full top plate on the very Top no center plate release for that one.

So these two have center plate releases. Die tone got it right. They did a center plate release which lets you guys get to this stack. A lot quicker around eight bolts will get you into the stack same thing with this one um. We actually have nine ten ten bolts on this one to get to the center stack one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten right for the very top! You do not, however, have covers over top of the two outside ducts, where gap rc was smart and kind of made theirs, just a little bit lighter by taking and removing the outside carbon edge over top, they did it on the bottom. They did this removable bottom plate as well, so you also have a removable bottom plate on this, which is super super slick, and we also have some components on here that are very, very nice. They are brand new versions of an f722 flight controller with i believe it was 45 amp, esc’s four and one eses. Just under that stack. It is a two layer stack right in the middle, with the usbc port on the side for betaflight, so full xt60 we’ve got the cadx vista running in a backseat configuration with a rear spot for getting to the usbc port right there, and we are running props Out configuration on this one, and we have the nebula pro on here as well, so it has pretty much all the bells and whistles that you’d want 1408 motors and they have two different versions of these motors.

These are the 2700. I believe there’s 2700 or 2500 kv motors the speed x branded motors that never have let me down, and most of you guys know that when i do a gap review 90 of the time, it turns out good because the stuff comes out of the box and It flies great without me having to replace or rebuild a quad brand new, and this one was not a prototype. It was actually one that came already factory, sealed in the box and ready to ship to you guys. So these things are out there they’re being produced they’re done with their production. All of their r d is done and they’re they’re ready to go. So we got a lot of things right on this one versus some of the other cinnamon whoops out there, and i have crossfire on mine, so we’re gon na go ahead and strap up a 6s battery on there and we’re going to go ahead and send this One out for flight tests, my freestyle battery, for you guys, would be the 1050, the 6s 1050 by tattoo that’s, the one to grab your mid range battery with your 6s 1300 by them brand new battery here for testing, for you guys and the long range battery For a little longer flight time with this is going to be the 1400 6s 1400. These these are brand new r lines from tattoos, so these are version 4.0, we’re already up to version 4.

0 on the tattoo series uh our line series from tattoos super cool. So this one is going to be over 250 grams, but it’s also one of the lighter cinder whoops out there on the market. It also does freestyle and cinema style. So you guys know, i love freestyle and i like to send it so we’re going to go ahead and do a little bit of freestyle with my tbs crossfire in the back and my nebula pro up front we’re not going to do any gopro footage on this. One as usual guys because we’re not going to cheat we’re going to show you the actual quad footage and see how much jello there is in there on this tune on this f722 flight controller, it’s, actually pretty legit. So some of the least amount of jello i’ve ever seen way up high for the stock camera running on this quad. So most times when you get way up high that’s, where you see your jello at not when you’re down low and cruising fast and doing flips and rolls up high, is where the proof is and no hyper smooth straight camera footage today, for you guys, so you See the truth on the crown here we go guys. Let’S do some client, Music together: Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music to Music. All right guys! Welcome back from the flight review, so yeah, the the flying capability of the crown is good.

It is better than the flywood chasers. It flies smoother and better than a 2.5 inch quad. This one is very nimble and very quiet. So, if you’re looking for something that you can fly sort of around a park or a playground where people aren’t going to freak out, the cine log is really really quiet and for like real estate fly throughs, you can put dk’s gopro on this one. This one is going to be under 250 grams. This one is going to be over 250 grams, so you know guys that are looking to put a gopro on it. This is the choice for a full size, gopro and that would really kind of for me determine which one of these you would buy. If you were trying to go for the cine log or you were going to go, the full 3 inch size what’s. The big difference well mostly, which camera you’re going to carry honestly and there’s a bit of a noise factor with with all of these versus the 2.5 inch. These are way quieter. These are way louder. So, if you’re flying this in a in a park or somewhere you’re going to have people kind of turning their heads and looking at you when you’re flying these, so they are much louder. However, when you get on a nice cruise on these and you get out a little ways away from people uh or yourself, you really don’t it’s, really not that loud, but i felt like the power system on the 6s is the way to go.

So if you’re asking me which one you should get the 4s or the 6s, i always recommend the 6s and the three batteries that i have for freestyle. The 1050 mid range flyon 1300 and the long range fly on the 1400 6s and i’ll put 4s versions of these in the links down below as well. So you guys can get that going for your order, go ahead and order batteries when you make your order, but the strap is also long enough, which i think is great and they know that we’re going to be flying some big batteries on these so 1300 is Going to be the average size, you can also get a 1550 battery, which is also really nice, but i love the center plate. Release we’ve got 10 bolts up there. They did add an extra couple bolts up here for just making this a little more rigid up front for crashes. They’Ve got that airplane aluminum camera mount up here for the nebula pro, which is great everything, seems super low profile on this quad as well. They’Ve got tpu bumpers on the very bottom and some of the other guys other manufacturers, didn’t use, tpu bumpers, and what that does is that keeps this from breaking or getting a lot of damage in really hard bounce down crashes? And when i was flying this one, i did go for a power loop and i overshot it, and i came back around from my power loop kind of deep and then i couldn’t pull up at the last second, even though i had 6s battery on here.

I just had come around too low in that power loop to make it out of before i bottomed out, and when i bottomed out, i bottomed out right in the snow and uh. You guys can see that video here. This thing hit belly down first and flipped over upside down in the snow and when it hit belly down in the snow, all that snow came up inside here and was up underneath between the vista, the esc’s, the camera and everything it was just caked under here. So this had to dry off for several days, but what’s amazing about this is that when i walked up to it it was still all on and it was soaking wet. I mean ice was covered on the esc down here so i’m. Thinking that gap rc has some tremendous conformal coating on all of this gear. The nebula is the or the the cadx vista in the back is pretty well sealed up and we’ve talked about that before on the channel. But this impressed me that this didn’t short out immediately, i mean i’ve, had other quads that i’ve landed on wet grass. You know in oregon, it’s raining all winter and a lot of times i’m, trying to dodge raindrops and puddles, for you guys and not try to fry things, and this thing took a full slam dunk into the grass and about three inches of snow and just had It all packed up in there and you know what this quad is fine.

It did not fry normally you’ll see a puff of white smoke come up out of the quad, if not catch, on fire when they touch water. So this f722 flight controller in here is really really nicely conformal coated, so you can have access right here to the usb port. They also give you a 90 degree, usbc port adapter, that comes down, so you can get your existing usb cable up in there and on the other side we have actually room for a gps. So if you guys decide you want to add on a gps, you can see sda scl right there, tx3 rx6, tx6, 5, volt and ground, so you have extra 5 volt power. Your leds are there, and the nice thing about this board as well. Is that the cadx vista is already all wired up here? So if you didn’t want to run tbs crossfire, like i have back here, you can run it from the dji controller as well. You can also solder up any type of s – bus receiver to it. If you want to run xm plus on this, you can also do that so for mid range, flying or short range flying, go for the taranis xm plus for for fr sky radios, and that will do just fine and also the power system. It did well on 2500 kv, so the the four s versions are still 1408, but those are actually 3500 kv, so they’re going to be a little higher kv, but these did great and i also tested out some different props as well.

So i’ll try to put some links down below to these props. These are also three inch props from hq they’re a little more aggressive, but with the 6s battery i was just looking for that extra punch for some of the freestyle stuff, but three bolts to release on the top and bottom will release individual, and these are not Together, these are individual, prop ducts, and i can’t really comment on. You know whether this cinewoot is noisier or less noisy than you know some of the top competitors out there, but i felt like this one was really smooth on 6s and if you want the longest flight time, you know getting you up to the eight minute mark. You definitely want to go for the 6s version it’s just going to get you a much longer flight time and if you’re doing cinema stuff, you know when you’re running that pretty large 1400 battery 6s 1400 is quite a beasty battery you’re still gon na you’re, not Going to feel it as much with the additional power of the the 1408 2500 kv motors it’s, going to feel fine when you take off and go for it. So a nice combination of some real nice changes on this design versus some of the other ones like this full top plate design is really kind of two years ago, um we’re all looking for that center plate release nowadays and gap just took it one step further With excluding this piece of carbon here over top of the ducts – and i think that’s really what makes a big difference here as far as getting this one lighter than the rest of the pack let’s go ahead and put that on the scale.

For you guys, zero out the scale and see where we’re, at with our weight and let’s just set this guy on there and get it perfectly on the scale. So you guys can see exactly what it weighs so we’re up to right. Around 300 grams that’s really good, the other guys that are the big competitors to this quad they’re, not weighing in at 300 grams. I will guarantee that to you, so let’s check out the chasers and again the chaser kind of has that big extra addition of the top plate there and the chasers is at 320, so 20 extra grams there and that’s partially because of the top plate and the Full size, air unit, so gap has the advantage by putting in that vista on there that really lightens it up quite a bit and then look at the take hand. The take hand is a beast in 2021. we’re talking 363 grams there for that quad and the 3d printed inserts um they’re also kind of getting old school now, but most of these guys are doing much more rigid and durable prop inserts for you guys with these Molded plastic inserts, so you know we’re right around 300 grams, with this one and it’s really really lightweight. So one of the oh cut, one of the only other quads out there, that is a budget friendly quad that would be lighter than the crown it would be. The the reptile cloud series, the cloud v2 – would be the lighter version um of the three inch cinewoot so right now gap is kind of leading the pack with the performance, the the new design and a different power system on here that it’s it’s, going to freestyle Or it’s going to do – and i say freestyle, but i mean lightweight, like um mild freestyle it’s not going to go crazy, like a a race quad would so they have a lot going for this design, but 4s version or 6s version.

They also have really cool. Looking inserts that are green for the analog version, so this one looks a little different than the analog version, but the analog version is just above 200, so i would recommend you guys get the 6s version, whether you decide to get the analog version or the hd Version, i think that the crown is like another kick ass release from get bar c and uh. I mean you just pull it out of the box and it works that’s, the biggest thing about gap rc and this new f7 22. I swear to god it’s blowing. These other flight controllers away so f7 22 hd is really really sick, flight controller and 4s or 6s capable you can also buy a 6s and fly it on 4s guys. So if you’re brand new you’re a beginner, you want to start on 4s and then move up to 6s later get the 6s version and start out on 4s and then move your way up. You can fly a 4s 1300 on here no problem, but you have a lot of options with the crown. So thanks again for watching my reviews, guys i’m justin davis – and i am very very happy with the crown um – might be the king of sin whoops for 2021, but you know it’s only february, so we’ll see what happens coming out later this year, we’ll see if Anybody kind of beats out this three inch design, but it’s it’s going to be hard to do so.

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