5 inch quad, and this one can run on 3 and 4s. Today, im running an eachine 1100 battery on here and thats, going to get me about six to seven minutes flight time with a firefly x, light camera on there. I have the mount on there, and previously you saw on the channel that i had a pretty good crash with the firefly and i have to say its pretty durable. I crashed into a curb. I did break the top part of the mount off of the the firefly x, but the good thing is that it has two mounts positions on there. It has a larger gopro size, one for five inch quads, and it also has a smaller one for these type of quads for the tpu mounts so um kind of nice that i had an extra mount option on this mount. So two mount options: ive never really seen that before in any camera mount. But the good news is that firefly x survived the crash with a little bit of damage on the left hand, side just a few scratches here and thats pretty much it and in this review today were going to show you some footage from this. I have it mounted like this on an inverted mount. You can also switch the image as well, which is kind of nice, but were running 4s today again and 3.5. Inch props on this one and well go over the specs and well check this one out.

A little closer on the bench, it is called the x night series and its the x935. If you want to check that out in the link down below you can were also running 3523 blade props on here today, and some pretty nice motors 1404 3800 kv brushless motors xt30 in the back, and that handy plug. That comes along with the firefly x light. Here, just plug that into the battery and that powers, the camera, so the coolest thing about this camera so far, i think, is this power connector, because i can plug it into any lead, and that means i can switch this on and off. So many quads that we review on the channel, so i can keep showing you more footage from the firefly x, but anyway, guys lets go ahead and go outside now and fly it with the polar vista on board. It looks great in low light or even at night. This camera is doing really well in the community. Here we go Music, my Music, you Music, oh Music, so, Music, all right. My friends welcome back from the flight test, 147 grams on the scale without the camera and the battery. So if i had the 1100 battery on there, thats going to get us up to 236 grams with the mount and the firefly up to 276. So if you wanted to back this down under 250 grams, i would suggest flying something like a 550 or maybe even the 850.

. This firefly is a little heavier than some of the other action cameras out there im just going to weigh it, but for the price. I mean 34 grams, its pretty acceptable for 4k video at 60 frames per second, along with the cable that gets us up to 40 grams and the mount gets us up to 46 grams with all that gear on the quad. But im pretty happy with this quad. Honestly, when i took off for the first time for my flight test, i noticed one thing about this particular quad. It felt light and it felt fast. So the 3.5 inch props are pretty forgiving, even with the camera on board and its nice, because when you do come around from those high tree dives or things like that, this quad is not heavy feeling, which is great um. If youre going to freestyle this one, you can even probably expect like six minutes flight time. If youre gon na long distance fly this one throw the 1100 on there and i, i honestly think you could get like 10 minutes flight time out of this quad. So um it says on the website. You guys can get like maybe 13 minutes, but i dont think so so the way i fly im getting probably seven minutes on the average but im kind of high on the throttle. Now i do like that this quad features braced arms very similar to the racer x series. The x knight series comes from racer x and racing in the front and the back, so this one should be pretty durable in a forward crash.

However, you go in, it should be extra durable and it looks like we have three mil unibody bottom plate. Weve got covered up wires going to each motor and it looks like the flight control is from a 45, because the usb port is back here on the left side of the quad in the rear, and you have plenty of room for the caddix vista. The wiring goes up front to the polar and so far, im really liking. The polar because out here in oregon weve had a lot of rain recently and this polars really coming in handy, because ive had a lot of overcast days and this one. You can fly all the way up into the darkest part of the day, even as the sun is going down it, you dont notice. The difference between before the sun was open and when its down, because this camera is nice, its a starlight camera and again its the first starlight camera that has dji hd available on it, and you can crank this up to 700 milliwatt. If youre not familiar with vista by now – which most of you are thats, pretty high its pretty intense and you have options on here to run tbs crossfire. So if you really want to send this one out there, you can do that. Elrs is also an option and you can solder up an x lrs, actually an x s, r on there as well so thats.

What im running today, you can do inverted sbus as well for xm, plus the newer receivers that have been updated. But this video on this camera is 720p and you can record at 60 frames per second, which is super cool, the esc and flight controller on here. This is the beta fpv f4 aio, and we have 20 amp bl heli escs on here, thats a four in one. All in one stack, you can see how its just one layer there and that will handle three to four s. If youre a beginner, you can start out on like a 3s 850 on this quad. If you want it to be kind of more docile and forgiving, but if you want that extra power and that freestyle kind of capability kind of like a race car, you want the 4s on there. It just really wakes the quad up a lot and im happy that this one is compatible with most of my small batteries. The motors on here are the 1404 3800 kv motors two bolt configuration on the top of these props, and we have four bolts on the bottom and id like to see that they just did an extra detail in this quad and put some tpu bumpers here. Tpu plate in the back for holding your immortal t, if you decide to do crossfire off the back, you can do the crossfire mini as well. The nano mini antenna – and i had this routed up through here – it has a spot where you can bring it through.

This direction or have it down out through the back but its kind of nice, because we have a top mount battery, which is great for freestyle, but this quad overall it didnt give me any problems. I flew it several times and it felt biggest. The biggest thing that i have to say about this quad is that it felt flowy the tune on here is good. I didnt see a lot of shutter on the the bottom end of my dives and it seems to freestyle or fly straight lines and track really well so um. I think overall, this ones a good buy. I wouldnt be scared of the x night series. Theyve theyve done me well, so more reviews guys coming up on the channel you can check out our latest giveaway coming up for october within the next couple days were going to announce the big giveaway for october. So, congratulations again to pilot shark hanger for winning the fema x8 mini guys, get your comments in on this video and youll be entered in for octobers giveaway x night. Three five! You guys can check this one out in the link down below its this ones. Gon na get two thumbs up for all the performance and the flight time on this.