We are looking towards saima x23w quadcopter, so let’s get started. First of all, i will show you what comes inside the box. So this is the quadcopter itself user manual, which is main thing in this kind of drone. As you can see that, on the back side, you get qr code so that you can connect wi fi from this drone and record the footage directly into your mobile phone and as you can see, that there are a lot of instructions in the manual. So we will keep this aside now. You will get extra for propellers spare propellers and the battery itself. It is 500 milliamp hour battery. So we will keep this aside and charger to charge the battery, obviously the transmitter and mobile holder so that you can get the clear footage from your drone directly into the mobile phone which will be holding here. So let me just remove it now. We will look towards the transmitter, so, on the back side of the transmitter, you have to remove this screw and insert four double a batteries and on the top, these are just dummy, antennas and four buttons out of which two are useless and two are useful. On the front side, you only get two gimbals and one power button. There are no dream buttons and anything. So we will look its functions later now. We will look towards the drone, as you can see, that the drone is pretty tiny and on the front side of the drone you get camera on the top.

You get power button. Prop guards are pre installed, they are not removable and battery door. Where you put this battery in there like this, and it will auto lock it in place with the help of this small notch, i hope you can see it. Yes, this small notch and the battery will take around 130 minutes to charge and flight time is about 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the weather condition. This is not good drone if you’re looking towards the outside means. This is not too good for outdoor and you can just hover inside your house and have fun with it. Now we will look at the functions of this transmitter. Sorry, i just forgot to mention you guys on the bottom side of the drone. It gets very hot because there is the vtx, the video camera. Sorry, video transmitter that works on 2.4 gigahertz and the receiver is also work on 2.4 gigahertz. So they may interrupt each other, and that is the reason why the bottom get very hot and i will show you how to power this on. After inserting the battery, you have to hold and press and hold this power button for two seconds, and your quadcopter will turn on this. Quadcopter have parameter in it means altitude hold function, so we will keep this aside. I am letting this drone turn on because we will pair it with the transmitter once you power this on, take the throttle stick up and down both the lights from the quadcopter and the transmitter will get stable.

You can have one press one key take off, and this is, for the 360 degree flip and 360 degree flip have a safety feature. Another drone. If you just press this button and leave it and move the directional stick or the forward backward stick, it will do the flips, but you have to hold this button in this case of the quadcopter and move the sticks towards desired direction. So it will do the flip, so you may wonder why there are no trim buttons or does this thing have trim or not? Yes, it have trims. So to do so, you have to press and hold this joystick and move the sticks. The one which you want to change the direction, so, if your quad is going forward, we have to correct it press and hold this button. The joystick and take this back as you can see it just give sounds, and that is the trim function of it. This is the minus point or drawback of the quadcopter, that if you are in a flight and trying to set the trims, then that won’t work here so to fly the drone you can use either one key takeoff or take the both gimbals at the bottom corner. Like so, and as you can see that propeller on the quadcopter starts to spin, so we are not flying today, so this was the basic function and another thing is, if you just take total key or thermal stick up and once it gets back to the center.

The propellers will start to spin again and to cancel it. You have to do the same process. This thing have only two speeds. If you press this joystick once it will go to the high speed and press this again, it will go to the low speed it. This drone don’t have any return to home function, but it has headless mode to enable the headless mode. You have to press and hold this joystick downwards and there will be five or six peeps from the transmitter and from the light from the quadcopter will starts to flash once in a while, as you can see in the video to cancel it out, repeat the same Process just press and hold it will just give you the bigger, sound, bigger tone, and this was for the quadcopter. Now we will look towards the propeller quality. Sorry i just take this part at last, so that the propellers are flexible, but not super crash proof. If you just crash it from the propellers will broke from this part only yes, i hope it is focused yeah. Only this much will get damaged, and that is the weakest point. As you can see, only this much, the remaining part is getting curved, so that’s it and most of the drones comes with a screwdriver so that you can remove the blades or propellers from the quadcopter. If they get broken, then only you can replace them with the help of a screwdriver, because there is a small screw inside here.

You may know that thing so that’s it for today’s video.