This is the decathlon 10 liter trail running backpack, the eva, dick, eva and i kinda not quite sure how they pronounce the actual model. It costs thirty four nine 34.99. It comes in three different colors, blue kind of a burgundy red and a gray and and in my opinion, its probably one of the best budget, trail running packs. You can get certainly my favorite, because when i started getting serious into trail running about three four years ago, this was the pack. I started with not this exact one, but the earlier version of this and since then theyve improved it. It looks a lot better and uh theyve kind of just upgraded the quality of it a bit and if it wasnt for the fact that i needed a larger pack to carry cameras and stuff when im running the mountains, i probably wouldnt have upgraded to the saddlemen Advanced skin 12, which is an amazing bag, if youre going to be going out all day and you car a lot of stuff, that is a really really good bag, but it costs nearly 100 pounds for most people. Something like this. If youre just getting the trailer and youre getting started, this will probably do everything you need now lets actually answer the question: why would you actually want a pack for trail running if you find this video useful, its really helpful, if you like it, and if you Want to see other videos like this, please feel free to subscribe.

A pack like this has got two main objectives. One is the curry hydration, you know your water, so you dont, you know dehydrate and die. I i on the trails and secondly, to carry your essential items now, a lot of you may be familiar with those camel pack style bags that had the water bladder in the back, the kind of hose comes around the front. This is quite different than that. This is more of a vest that wraps around your body. It uses elastic and straps to kind of stay very close to you, so it means when youre running and youre moving. You dont get the same bounce and jiggle that you. Why does this always sound? Like a bra, oh you have to cut that, so you dont get the same bunch and jiggle. Let me jiggle the wrong word, so it just keeps everything a lot more steady when youre when youre running um. The other advantage of this type of vest um over the cable pack style bag, is that you have the option to cry in your hydration and soft flasks on the front here. Ill just show you this, so this vest will carry two 500 mil soft flasks which go in the front here, one in there and another one will go down in here. Theres somebody walking past her. So a vest like this is designed to carry soft flasks in the front one liter in the front. Now it does also have the ability to put a reservoir in the back.

You can put an extra liter in there. She could carry a full two liters with this. I never do that. I just always carry bottles in the front and bring a water filter with me. If i think, im gon na need more water, but potentially you could carry two liters with this. Now the advantages of carrying water on your front like this versus the back, are less jiggle theres a jiggle. Again i can you have to deal with a pipe flailing around and get in the way you dont have to deal with the dribble its easier to drink. From um and you dont end up the bottles in the front here stay a lot cooler, so you dont end up drinking water, thats, pretty much your own body temperature, which is just not what you want when youre in the middle of a long run. You really need refreshed, so thats, a big big advantage of this type of vest over something like a camel pack. So, as you can see on the front here, its designed with loads of loads of pockets, loads of loads of storage, the idea is that this kind of vest as much as possible you shouldnt, have to stop uh to get things out or to put them on. I mean on the front here: ive got my water bottle, theres a pocket for that. I could put something down here: ive got running rat um. I keep my phone in this pocket, usually and also in this pocket at the front very, very handily, an emergency whistle which is often a requirement if youre doing certain types of mountain races, help help and assistance will be on the way it.

It is louder than that, but theres people here i dont want to like have dont want to accidentally like call in mountain rescue and for me whats, very important to be able to carry my gopro. I keep my gopro down in this front pocket down here, reach in open that and ive got my gopro. I want to put it away just pull that open slide it down in and if its worried is jiggling, pretty much theres a lip here that i can loop on and that secures it in place theres another one on the other side where id sometimes keep a Bath for gloves, or something like that or i might keep like batteries um and then youve also got you – can see. Ive got running poles attached to me here, theres a couple elasticated loops, so i could have a pole on either side here. Keeps it nice and see if i want to take my pulls out its quite simple: just do that. Do that and ive got my and ive got my running pole put that back and then thats it back on. I can carry two pulls on this now. The way this fits is that youve got straps on the front which have an elasticated bit here, which is stretchy and then just like a normal um id like a normal strap to tighten so its a little bit like the chest, strap um on a normal backpack, Except it runs all the way down and that lets you just snugly, tighten everything up and gives you a little bit of leeway.

If your girth increases throughout the year, then on the back, ive got this. This really really handy pocket around. Do this stick my hands in and i can get out whatever i need, so i keep a buff in their gloves or sometimes i might stick a spare water bottle on the back of that. If i dont want to put it in the front, put the stuff away, i just really quickly put it in so ive got access to all of that stuff, while im on the go without having to stop ill. Just take it off and show you the back of it now this nice big pocket. Now you can see here the material of this, so you have a nice material. You can see this zip. This zip has um like a weather seal on it, so this back pouch is, i would definitely wouldnt, say its 100 waterproof, but its certainly weather resistant. Although if ive got anything that really needs to be dry, i would typically put it in like a dry bag. Just to be safe but um a light shower and youll be fine ill. Look at that in a second, but in the top here, just behind youve got this mesh on the back and then behind the mesh is where you see theres the water bladder that you can hang in there. I normally dont have that. I just brought that to show you, because i normally just use the soft flasks on the front open this up and then on the inside here ive got my jacket.

You can get quite a lot like 10 liters of storage space ive got my jacket. Ive got headphones, ive got a knife for some reason: um ive got a spare t, shirt ive got an emergency bevy bag and just like all the essentials, you would need, while youre on the trail and then also up in the top here, theres little zip pockets And in there is thats where keep the car key, so the car key is nice against my back and double zipped in so im, not gon na use it the material – and this is stretchy – see that so that allows you to put like different volumes of stuff. In it, i can take my jacket stuff it in trying to make it bulge here a bit shell show you better and you can see how the fabric stretches the fit. Whatever you put in it. You can get a surprisingly large amount of stuff in the back of this, so for most people, thats more than enough storage and then to put it on just swing it over your shoulder, like you, would a normal backpack and do yup the buckles at the front And just tighten up where you feel it might be a little bit less, and that is that, is it the evade dvd id, probably not pronounce that right at all the decathlon 10 liter trail running backpack. I think for most people, if youre just getting in the trail running for the first time, this kind of pack, this pack will do pretty much everything you need, but yeah its hard to argue with 34.

99 versus nearly 100 pounds for the salomon. Although one thing i need to mention, or generally forgot was that the soft flasks do not come with this and they cost a tenner um, which is quite reasonable, considering that the salmon ones cost 20 quid each. So if you buy the salmon one and two flasks youre into nearly 140 pounds, whereas if you buy this with two flasks youre talking 55, so thats me for this video hope you enjoyed it. If you found it useful feel free to like it feel free to subscribe, and maybe, if youre writing about it running the northern ireland ill catch you in the trails bye, bye, okay, just keep running on the spot for a bit. So it sounds like youre running away. I can feel it yeah, but you have to go back and get the phone now. Thats true shot this entire video on the iphone 13 pro on the selfie camera, which actually has got booger im impressed.